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Screenshot of the chrome://media-engagement internal page Developer switches. As a developer, you may want to change Chrome autoplay policy behavior locally to test your website depending on user engagement. You can disable entirely the autoplay policy by using an internal switch with chrome.exe --autoplay-policy=no-user-gesture-required. This. Developer Recommendations: Web Audio API. The Web Audio API will be included in the Autoplay policy with M70 (October 2018). Generally, in Chrome developers can no longer assume that audio is allowed to play when a user first arrives at a site, and should assume that playback may be blocked until a user first interacts with the site through a user activation (a click or a tap) How to autoplay a video using HTML 5 in Chrome. admin. HTML5, Uncategorized, Web Design. Chrome is a great browser but sometimes it has a lot of security features that end up conflicting with your code and what you're trying to do. For example, they added a feature that won't play a video on a website if the sound is enabled Click the three dots in the top right corner. 2. Click Settings. 3. Click the Menu button. 4. Click About Chrome. 5. Here, you'll learn if your browser is up to date or needs to be updated Open Google Chrome on your computer. Click the three vertical dots icon in Chrome's top right corner. In the menu that appears, click the Settings option. The Settings page will now load as a new..

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  1. Allow, Block, or Limit Media Autoplay in Microsoft Edge. 1 Open Microsoft Edge. 2 Click/tap on the Settings and more (Alt+F) 3 dots menu icon, and click/tap on Settings. (see screenshot below) 3 Click/tap on Cookies and site permissions on the left side, and click/tap on Media autoplay on the right side. (see screenshot below) If you do not see.
  2. How to enable HTML audio and video autoplay with sound, in Chrome and other browsers, in 2019. Chrome no longer allows audio autoplay and video autoplay with sound. I expect other browsers to follow suit in the near future. I totally understand that video ads with sound that start playing out of nowhere are super annoying. They are the reason.
  3. Open the YouTube app on your TV. Go to Settings . Scroll to Autoplay. Select the options to turn Autoplay On or Off. Autoplay while casting to your TV. If you've connected your TV to your phone or tablet, you can use your device to control Autoplay. Connect your mobile device to your TV device and pick a video to play
  4. How To Re-enable Autoplay in Chrome 2020https://youtu.be/reu7-Sr_wIwIn this video, I will be showing you how to re-enable autoplay in Chrome. It is unfortuna..
  5. g autoplay videos.. Yahoo is a pain with it. but i visit it for some news titles.. with adblocker running, i got them to stop on my phone using the 'play only when on wifi' option i guess but at home its tough luck
  6. The Autoplay Policy launched in Chrome 66 for audio and video elements and is effectively blocking roughly half of unwanted media autoplays in Chrome. For the Web Audio API, the autoplay policy launched in Chrome 71. This affects web games, some WebRTC applications, and other web pages using audio features
  7. • Quick add-on enable/disable (left-dblclick) • Play/Pause context menu item will show for covered video elements (ctrl+right-click to ensure default context) Release Notes: ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Version 1.9.3 1/6/2021 • Improved jwplayer handling. Version 1.9.1 14/3/2021 • Improved youtube handling

Allows developers to selectively enable and disable use of autoplay through the feature policy HTTP header or the allow attribute. By default we will allow autoplay on same origin iframes. If developers have cross origin iframes they will be able to enable autoplay on those frames by enabling the autoplay feature Install Java For Chrome on Windows. Having said all of the above, there is still a workaround for you to try and re-enable java on your Chrome browser. This trick is especially for people who prefer Google Chrome over other browsers. One way to enable Java in a newer Chrome browser is to install the IE Tab chrome extension Since Adobe is no longer supporting Flash, they are blocking and disabling all Flash content beginning January 12 2021 from web browsers including Chrome. For IT folks, this causes big problems when managing, maintaining, or dealing with older systems that use Adobe Flash, such as older versions of VMware vSphere , vCenter/vCSA , and VMware. If you don't have browsing history, Chrome allows autoplay for over 1,000 sites where we see that the highest percentage of visitors play media with sound. As you browse the web, that list changes as Chrome learns and enables autoplay on sites where you play media with sound during most of your visits, and disables it on sites where you don't But in the context of autoplay, Google has tried to serve both users and publishers since at least 2016, when Chrome 53 debuted and brought with it a change: Instead of disabling video autoplay, the update would allow it to play, but without sound

That means, as of April 2021, there's no way to block autoplay media in Chrome on mobile devices, including Android, iOS, and iPadOS. Stop Autoplaying Videos on Mozilla Firefox. Unlike Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox offers you built-in options to disable autoplay media on both desktops and mobile Enable or Disable AutoPlay in Settings. Open the Settings app, and click on the Devices icon. Click on AutoPlay on the left side, and switch on/off Use AutoPlay for all media and devices.. With this switched off, you will never see the AutoPlay window pop up. However, you can also leave AutoPlay on, and customize how it. Global Chrome Flags. In this section, we have mentioned Chrome Flags which are common and available on both desktop and smartphone devices, be it Windows, Android, macOS, Linux or Chrome OS.They can be found on the chrome://flags page on any of the platforms. 1. Quieter Notification. We know how notifications have become almost a nuisance on Google Chrome Google Chrome has begun to automatically block autoplay videos based on your preferences, cutting down on noise. However, this feature may be working too well on games, and has been rolled back Firefox gives you four options when it comes to adjusting your autoplay settings. Here's a rundown of each: Block audio: Firefox will prevent autoplay for all media with sound, just like Chrome mutes autoplay videos by default. Block audio and video: Firefox will prevent autoplay for all media, including video and audio

edge://flags. Search for the flag named Autoplay Limit Default Setting . Click the dropdown menu next to the flag, and select Enabled . Select Restart at the bottom to relaunch the browser. Limit is now the default value for media auto-play in Edge. You can confirm this by going into Edge's settings > Cookies and site permissions > Media autoplay Try These Useful Fixes and Solutions to Disable Autoplay Videos:. Here, in this article we will discuss a few methods to disable Autoplay Videos on popular browsers including Firefox and Google Chrome, so without wasting any time let's get started

On the address bar in Chrome, type chrome://flags/#enable-npapi. In the Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows box, click Enable. Exit and then restart Chrome. Reopen the Silverlight page Chrome includes a built-in spell checker, which is a very useful feature. The Google Chrome spell checker is set by default to the language of your operating system, but you can easily add different add languages and switch between multiple languages based on your preferences. How to Enable Spell Checker in Google Chrome

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  1. The different advertisement uses autoplay to display advertisement in autoplay video format which annoy many visitors. So due to this google change, the autoplay policy and many other browsers also follow the google chrome autoplay policy.So autoplay not working even in HTML
  2. In chrome you must go to chrome://flags then go down about 3 screens to. Disable gesture requirement for media playback. Android. Disable user gesture requirement for playing media elements. Activating this will allow autoplay to work. disable-gesture-requirement-for-media-playback. Enable
  3. Top 10 Chrome Flags you should consider enabling in July 2021. Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers out there. It's an excellent option whether you're using a Chromebook, Android.
  4. Select Address Autocomplete for Specific Countries. youtu.be/Tq8rb2... If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer
  5. to be enabled on the browser. As of Safari version 12.0, the autoplay is automatically disabled and needs to be adjusted in order for the test to function as intended. BEFORE CLICKING THE BEGIN TESTING BUTTON IN BLUE, PLEASE ENABLE THE AUTOPLAY SETTING. To change autoplay settings, please follow the instructions below
  6. Google Chrome used to have a disable autoplay videos setting to address this, but Alphabet Inc. is primarily an advertiser and owns the world's largest video site, so it soon went back on that.
  7. 21 May 2021 How to Enable or Disable Media Autoplay in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 Microsoft Edge is a new web browser that is available across the Windows 10 device family. It is designed for Windows 10 to be faster, safer, and compatible with the modern Web. Starting with.

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Open a video and click the PiP button. Visit a YouTube video for testing and either press the PiP icon next to your search bar or press Alt + P to activate picture-in-picture. You'll see the. To allow auto-playing on other sites, you need to head to that site,then click click Safari > Settings for This Website in the menu bar. This will bring up a window that allows you to toggle site-specific preferences, including autoplaying videos. Click the dropdown next to Auto-play and you'll have three choices: Allow All Auto-Play.

All browsers changed their auto-play policies in 2018. If videos are set to autoplay, it will be muted on desktop. On mobiles, it will not autoplay at all in most cases. Video autoplay was very good to convert visitors into buyers on landing pages. But there are alternative creative ways to encourage people to play them 1. Go to youtube.com and log into your account, if necessary. 2. Play a video by clicking on it. 3. In the video player, click the Settings button — it's the gear icon in the bottom toolbar of.

The simplest way to automatically play content is to add the autoplay attribute to your <audio> or <video> element. This sets the autoplay property on the element to true, and when autoplay is true, the media will automatically begin to play as soon as possible after the following have occurred:. The page is allowed to use autoplay functionality; The element has been created during page loa Muted autoplay is always allowed on Google Chrome. In order to enable muted autoplay of the Dailymotion player, ensure that the embedded player has both the autoplay and mute settings enabled (autoplay=1&mute=1). On Safari Desktop, autoplay can be enabled by updating the autoplay setting for the website embedding the player accordingly. If this.

How To Re-enable Chrome Autoplay Video and Audio on Computer. At any time, you want to go back to the default option, you will be able to easily re-enable Chrome autoplay video on your computer. Step #1. Open Chrome on your computer and type chrome://flags Then search for Autoplay Policy. Once you have found it, click on the submenu Enable Auto-play? 01-18-2021, 10:12 PM. So for a little while now, something has been preventing me from watching Vudu a lot. It takes a lot of refreshes sometimes and sometimes I even have to give up and use the Vudu app on my TV to watch content How to enable Developer Mode: Turn on your Chromebook. Press and hold the Esc key, refresh key, and the power button at the same time. When the Chrome OS is missing or damaged. Please insert.

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media.autoplay.blocking_policy Enable the Firefox Preference of media.autoplay.blocking_policy; Then in the results, click on the edit icon of the setting and then change its value to 0 (if want to disable AutoPlay) or 1 (if want to enable AutoPlay). Again, in the Search Preference Name, search for the following: media.block-autoplay-until-in. Method 2. In the second method, we will enable ActiveX by adding it as a Chrome extension. First, you'll have to download and install the plug-in externally. Download the file here. Click on the.

Autoplay recordings are identified with your review history and should enable you to find increasingly incredible videos. You can stop auto-play on YouTube on the off chance that you think that its obtrusive or in the event that you essentially aren't keen on observing more recordings. Here are the steps to take in other to disable these feature Some good news! Based on a few simple tests, it looks like enabling a flag (chrome://flags) in Chrome's latest development release stops HTML5 video autoplay.I tested on 61.0.3135.5 dev.I first saw it in the Canary build maybe two weeks ago, but I didn't test it In this version, you can re-enable it from the command line using either the --enable-ftp command line flag or the --enable-features=FtpProtocol flag. Chrome 87 - FTP support will be disabled by. Note: To manually enable Flash Player on Chrome, go to the Content Settings, select Detect, and run important plugin content. The workaround is just a temporary measure though as Adobe's end-of-life of Flash gets ever closer and encourages content creators to migrate existing Flash content to new open formats

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  1. Chrome updated their Autoplay Policies in April 2018. Usually, If the video is muted, then autoplay will be allowed. The video is also allowed to autoplay with sound, depending on the users' Media Engagement Index(MEI), previous interaction with the domain or the user has added the website to their home screen on their mobile
  2. Here's a quick guide on how to disable and enable AutoPlay via the Windows 10 Settings menu: Press Windows key + R to open up a Run box. Then, type ms-settings:autoplay and hit Enter to open the AutoPlay tab of the Devices section inside the Windows 10 Settings menu. In the AutoPlay section, enable or disable the toggle under Use.
  3. To change your autoplay settings in Safari for MLB.TV, please take the following steps: In Safari, go to Settings for This Website. Go to the right of Auto-Play, and click the pop-up menu to choose your preferred option: Allow All Auto-Play; Stop Media with Sound; Never Auto-Play; Need more info? Please click here

Sharing a block of text you've found online is a hassle, especially if it's hard to find on a particularly long webpage. By enabling this flag, you can create a link that takes you directly to. Tap Settings to configure the in-app settings. Tap on the second option in the list, the one labelled Autoplay. Tap Autoplay, it will be the second item in the settings list. To toggle autoplay on or off, simply tap the slider so the setting is disabled or enabled as preferred. If the setting is enabled, then a few seconds. 1. Open Google Chrome and then hit the there-dot icon in the top right corner to enter Settings. 2. In Chrome Settings, scroll down to expand Advanced, and then find out Co ntent settings > Plug-ins > Disable individual plug-ins > Java > Enable. As you can see, Java is enabled in Google Chrome Windows 10, 8, 7, or Mac How to enable Nearby Share. Open Chrome on your Chromebook and type chrome://flags in the address bar. When the flags window appears, type Nearby in the search box. The Nearby Sharing option. Enable Adobe Flash Player on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Make sure to create a restore point just in case something goes wrong. Method 1: Enable Adobe Flash Player on Chrome. 1. Open Google Chrome then navigate to the following URL in the address bar

Many months ago, Microsoft Edge received the ability to manage media autoplay on different websites. Those who annoyed by the flood of automatically playing videos can disable media autoplay in Edge's settings. This feature is off by default, so users need to enable it manually The main new feature in Waterfox G3.1.0 is support for installing Chrome Web Store and Opera Web Store extensions. The implementation is still ongoing but users may visit the stores using Waterfox to install extensions directly. Extension pages displays a add to Waterfox button that may be used to install the extensions 20 Best Chrome Flags in 2021 There are some flags that are mobile-only whereas others that work on both desktop and mobile. So, for ease of access, I have categorized the list into Desktop, Mobile , and both How to Block Video Autoplay on the New Microsoft Edge. Open Microsoft Edge. Type edge://flags/ into the address bar and hit Enter. Next, search for Show block option in autoplay settings and select the Enabled option from the drop-down menu next to the flag. Click the Restart button to relaunch Microsoft Edge Disable HTML5 Autoplay disables HTML5 audio and video autoplaying. In addition to removing the HTML autoplay attribute from media elements, Disable HTML5 Autoplay also hooks into the media's JavaScript API. This allows for restrictions on media control and simulation of expected behavior to ensure that all pages behave normally

Fun custom cursors for Chrome™. Use a large collection of free cursors or upload your own. Custom Cursor for Chrome™. 27,318. Ad. Added. A new friend in every tab. Tabby Cat. 5,037 Enable the Reader Mode flag in Chrome. If you've never perused the list of experimental features for Chrome, you can access them easily. Simply enter chrome://flags/ into the address bar in Chrome. Heed the warning at the very top that you're viewing experimental features that may affect your data and security when using Chrome How to enable NPAPI plugins in my Firefox browser. Seeing how easy it was to enable this add-on in Chrome browsers, now we will show you the steps you must follow to enable NPAPI plugins in my Firefox browser . Unlike in the Chrome browser, the NPAPI plugins in Firefox have only been removed for a short time and only 3 years have passed Stop autoplay videos in Opera. Opera is based on Chromium, so the same instructions for Chrome apply. Open Opera and select the menu icon and then Settings. Show Advanced settings and select Content settings. Select Flash and Ask First for Flash. To block HTML5 videos in Opera you need the same plugin as in Chrome Transition the current Flash settings to a single On/Off toggle. If On, Chrome run consistently with HTML5 by Default (i.e. prompting users to enable Flash Player on a per site basis), if Off Flash Player will be blocked. In effect, this change is removing a UI option to always allow Flash Player to run without prompting

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  1. Older versions of Google Chrome. In earlier versions of Google Chrome, you had the #autoplay-policy experiment where you could disable autoplay. But that flag will be missing in recent Chrome releases as the feature/experiment has been removed since 2018
  2. Now, create here two subkets, Google and Google\Chrome. Create a new 32-Bit DWORD value IncognitoModeAvailability in the right side panel. Finally, set the value data to 1. Relaunch the Chrome browser. The New Incognito Window option will disappear from the Chrome menu. You have now disabled the Incognito Window of Chrome
  3. The walkthrough below will show you exactly how to disable autoplay video and audio in the Google Chrome web browser. This goes beyond muting a tab or browser window in Chrome that is playing audio or video, as it actively prevents any Chrome browser tab or window from starting the media playing in the first place.Once activated, you must manually start playing audio or video in Google Chrome.
  4. This displays the list of Chrome flags available, you can check for flags by scrolling or by searching from the rectangular search bar with a magnifying icon at the top displaying search flags, or even you can use Ctrl+F to find the page. Just type the Chrome flag you want to enable and you will find a drop-down list box beside it

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As of April 2018, the latest version of Google Chrome, (ver. 66), no longer auto-plays videos or players with audio unless you have interacted with the actual page first. When you land on a homepage, the player won't auto-play unless you click through to an actual listen page. This quote is taken straight from Google This new Microsoft Edge runs on the same Chromium web engine as the Google Chrome browser, offering you best in class web compatibility and performance. The new Chromium based Microsoft Edge is supported on all versions of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server (2016 and above), Windows Server (2008 R2 to 2012 R2), and macOS Chrome autoplays even with autostart=false My website has an embedded mp3 with setting autostart=false. If I open the webpage with Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox, the false command is recognized and there is no autostart When you watch TV shows with multiple episodes, you can choose whether to automatically play the next episode. From a web browser, go to your Account page.. Open the Profile & Parental Controls settings for the profile you want to manage.. Change the Playback settings.. Check or uncheck the option to Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices.. Select Save

Upgrade the YouTube app. #1. Clear the YouTube App Cache. If you encounter the YouTube autoplay button gone issue on your mobile device, you can clear the YouTube app cache and then check whether the issue is solved. Here is a guide: Go to Settings > Apps > Apps. Scroll down to find YouTube and tap it to open it Settings for Disabling Video Auto-Play in Firefox. Firefox is offering a built-in setting to disable video Auto-play in it. To disable, type about:config in the address bar and then search for media.autoplay.embed and right click on it to toggle the setting to false. Also read: What You Ought to Know About Microsoft Edge Turn off Auto-Play Videos on Safar The features that are found in that part of Chrome are generally usable for the most part. But just keep in mind that they are still being developed, so they are not quite perfect. How to block.

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Chrome. There's no built-in facility to kill animated-GIF playback on Google's browser. Go back into settings to turn auto-play back on, or just pick Default to get whatever the poster. Allow: Keeps media autoplay enabled, letting sites control video playback in the foreground.; Limit: Disables media autoplay when videos are muted, but when clicking anywhere on the website will enable autoplay again.; Block: Prevents videos from playing automatically until you interact with the video.; Wrapping Up. That's it. This is how you can stop autoplay videos on Microsoft Edge. Chrome 66 rolls out: Autoplay video silenced by default plus 62 bugs fixed. Chrome 66 mutes audio on autoplay video by default unless a user tends to watch video on a site with sound on 3. Type 'Show block option in autoplay settings' and set it to 'Enable'. 4. Copy edge://settings/profiles and paste it to the browser's address bar. 5. Type 'Media autoplay' click it. 6. Set it to 'Block'. 7. Restart your computer, and when it boots up, check to see whether or not the problem has been resolved. I hope this helps

Now, in the GPO editor console, go to the Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Google -> Google Chrome -> Extensions. Enable the policy Configure the list of force-installed extensions. Click the Show button and add a line for each extension that you want to install. Use the following format How to Disable or Block 'Autoplay Videos' in Google Chrome on Android?Step 1: Open Google Chrome App.Step 2: Tap on 'Three Dots' at the top right, and then tap on 'Settings.'Step 3: Scroll down, and then Tap on 'Site Settings' in 'Advanced Menu.'Step 4: Scroll down, amd then tap on 'Media.'Step 5: Tap on 'Autoplay.' After that, turn off the switcher next to Autoplay by tapping on it.Note: If. With the release of Chrome 66 late last month, Google introduced new autoplay restrictions on both mobile and desktop Chrome.Sites could only start video and audio automatically if they had a high. Chrome will pause videos, ads and other auto-play media content until you're ready. Video content loaded in a background tab will no longer play automatically until you visit the tab. Chrome will continue to load media content in the background. For example, if you middle click a YouTube video it won't play right away but Chrome will begin. Now check if you can play sound on your chrome browser. Conclusion. As you can see, you can easily fix Chrome sound not working issue. As these steps are simple, you can try them now without making any damage to your system. And if all the methods above are not working then you can try reinstalling Chrome browser

'Starting in Chrome 64, autoplay will be allowed when either the media won't play sound, or the user has indicated an interest,' according to Google Software Engineer Mounir Lamouri Auto-Play in Safari and Chrome. The latest update of Safari (v11) has changed how audio is handled in the browser. Auto-Playing audio has been disabled by default meaning an action from the listener (for example, clicking a play button) is now required in order to play audio. This means that your Mixlr livepage will no longer automatically play. Chrome 64 will take the controls to the next level. By this version, Google's browser will allow autoplay to occur only when users want media to play. This suggests that Chrome 64 will allow users to disable autoplay altogether which seems to contradict the earlier statement that silent videos will continue to autoplay

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note. the following projects marked with an asterisk * are net-based works that feature sound that autoplays. modern versions of chrome have diabled autoplay by default. as a result, chrome users will not hear the audio elements critical to these pieces. to experience them as they were intended, either view them in firefox, or enable audio autoplay in chrome There is also a dedicated option buried deep in the Settings on YouTube's mobile app.Go to Settings > Autoplay to toggle it. Sometimes, turning the option off and back on again also helps Launch Chrome Beta or Dev, and head to the following address. Click on the drop-down menu next to the highlighted Enable Picture-in-Picture flag and select Enable. Similarly, head to the following address now and enable the flag: Enable the use of SurfaceLayer objects for videos. Click on the RELAUNCH NOW button at the bottom and you should be. 1. After opening the site whose settings you wish to change, right click on the URL bar. 2. Select Settings for This Website. 3. Click on the field next to Auto-Play. 4. Select one of the options

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On devices with the Latest Hulu app, you can manage Autoplay from your account settings: Select the Account icon, then choose Settings. Toggle Autoplay on/off. On devices with the Classic Hulu app, you can enable/disable Autoplay during playback: Press down to show the playback bar. Press up to open the Settings menu The preference media.autoplay.default should show up, and its value should be 0, which will permit autoplaying videos. Double-click the value and change it to one of the following: 1: Block all autoplay videos 2: Get asked on a by-domain basis about whether or not to autoplay videos Conclusion. It's a time of flux for autoplaying videos online, as Chrome and Firefox look for the best. Disable Autoplay Videos in Chrome on Android. Android makes disabling autoplay videos simple. First, launch Chrome on your phone or tablet and go to Settings > Site Settings. Next, scroll down the.

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The Autoplay feature in Music is not enabled be default. So if you want that continuous flow of songs, you'll need to turn it on. When you open your queue and see your Playing Next list, you'll notice the Autoplay icon (infinity loop). Tap it to enable this mode. You'll know that Autoplay mode is on when the background of the icon is. Chrome 71 includes Duet UI tweaks, changes to autoplay, new APIs, and more [APK Download] Chrome 70 was a relatively minor release (at least when it came to user-facing changes), and it seems like. Only Firefox and Chrome presently are able to do so. Willing and able. In that msdn thread, when you find the phrase hydro encephalitis which that 47000 rep-point MVP called a poster there, it means water on the brains. There seems to be a certain mindset among these MVPs which predisposes them to denying the autoplay issue, Lisa On the Content Settings Page click Sound. On the sound settings Page, in the Allow section click the Add button. This will let you input the URL for the LMS as an exception to the Autoplay rule, allowing this particular site to automatically play sound/videos on pages. Once you've input the URL, click Add


The second solution, enable the Mute option. Some web browsers, including Google Chrome, only support autoplay video if the audio is muted. Even if your video contains no audio, you keep needing to enable the Mute option to make it autoplay on Google Chrome and some browsers How to disable auto-play on Flash content in Chrome. A menu of options will appear from which you can choose to enable Flash until the session closes (that is, until you close this window.

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Available for Chrome and Opera, 'Disable HTML5 Autoplay' is a nifty browser extension that lets you block automatic audio and video before it has even started playing. In addition to Chrome. But, here is what you can do to block auto-play videos in your browser for what works at the time of this writing. Firefox In the address bar, type : about:config (click through the void warranty.

Chrome Click the menu icon on the upper-right corner and select Settings. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Show advanced settings link The first option lets you stop autoplay for embedded videos. This option is active by default. The second option is related to auto playing embedded videos with JavaScript. Some websites use JS to start auto playing YouTube embedded videos. You can disable this feature by unchecking this option. Option 3 is for stopping autoplay in playlist mode To turn off Autoplay on a PC, do the following: Open the browser of your choice, go to YouTube and make sure you are logged in to your Google Account. Play any video. On the right side of the screen, you will see suggested videos and you'll notice autoplay option. Click on the switch next to the option to disable it