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High Quality Affordable Seeds, Delivered Fast - Non-GMO, Heirlooms, Organics & More. Vegetable, Herb, Flower, Grain, Cover Crop, Microgreens, Sprouts, Wheatgrass & Mor Compare Prices on Heirloom Corn Seeds in Home & Garden Corn Seeds - Strawberry Popcorn. 100 days. Heirloom Corn, 1800's. Very unique! Strawberry Popcorn plants bear 2-3 inch strawberry shaped ears with deep red kernels. This dwarf corn variety grows to 4ft in height. Strawberry... Regular price. $3.99

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We currently offer over 700 varieties of Heirloom, open-pollinated, non-gmo & non-hybrid seeds. . Mary has signed the Safe Seed pledge & the Declaration of Seed Freedom Rare and heirloom corn varieties, non-GMO seeds. Includes sweet corn, dent, flint and flour corn Order online our Heirloom seeds in Canada. Non treated, Non GMO seeds. Old World and Open Pollinated. We test the germination rate and purity of all our seeds before shipping Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds. Growers of organic heirloom and organic farm selected seeds. Open-Pollinated & Non-GMO seeds for the home and market gardener nationwide. Family owned farm. Friendly service. All of our offerings are Certified Organic by Pro-Cert. 1 West Coast Seeds specialize in Heirloom and Organic seeds, offering over 800 varieties of untreated, non-GMO, non-GEO, open-pollinated and hybrid seeds as well as a wide range of gardening supplies. Manitoba Heritage Harvest Seed . Heritage Harvest Seed specializes in rare and endangered heirloom seeds. All Seeds are non-GMO, open-pollinated.

Flint corn typically has hard seed coats that with rounded, smooth, kernels consisting of soft starch covered by horny starch [1]. Many Indian corn types are flint type. They are well suited for making good quality corn meal or ground and used for livestock feed. Flour corn is composed almost completely of soft starch with thin seed coats Pencil Cob Corn. 75-100 days. This old-fashioned shoepeg corn produces long, thin ears with white kernels. A multipurpose corn, it can be eaten as a roasting or creaming corn in its milk stage and used for hominy, grits and cornmeal when left to dry.. Our Heirloom Seeds Are. Original, Open Pollinated, GMO Free, Untreated, Natural, and Grown in Lethbridge, Alberta. Online Store. Reusable Packaging. We package all of our products in a waterproof, resealable, and reusable bag. Our intent is that you use this package to collect your own seeds for next season

Heirloom sweet corn is packed with that great corn flavor balanced with enough sweet to make it extra special. Just make sure your pot is boiling before you pick it because that sweetness fades quickly in these special heirloom varieties. Look for the carrot for the Annie's Favorites Heirloom Seeds, also called Heritage Seeds, are open pollinated varieties that are usually at least 50 years old. Heirloom seeds have much more genetic diversity than modern varieties and are well known for exceptional taste, aroma and higher nutrient content. Go to the top of the page Sweet Corn Golden Bantam. $ 3.99. Number of seeds included: 60-80. description to come. Type of seed: Heirloom / Open Pollinated (OP) / Non hybrid. Sweet Corn Golden Bantam quantity. Add to cart. Categories: Cereals, Corn Rare Heirloom Seeds| Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. 2022 Whole Seed Catalog BIGGER THAN EVER! Pre-Order $10. Fall Garden Planting! READ THE BLOG! Japanese Giant Red Mustard $3.00. Pusa Gulabi Radish $4.00 Pusa Jamuni Radish $4.00. Black Nebula Carrot $3.50 Dazzling Blue Kale $3.00. Vulcan Swiss Chard $2.50

Rare and heirloom corn varieties. Sweet corn, dent corn, popcorn and flint corn. All our varieties are open pollinated, untreated and non-GMO. Grown in Nova Scotia, Canada Rainbow Seeds of New Brunswick, Canada 5763 King Street - rural route 114 Riverside-Albert, NB - E4H-4A7 Canada Organic, heirloom and Non-GMO vegetable, herb and flower seeds for gardeners and farmers. We are located on Wolfe Island, near Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Our online store ships Canada-wide with a focus on Ontario growers; supplying open-pollinated, regionally-adapted seed. Short seasons. Productivity. Flavour

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  1. Welcome to The Heirloom Seed Store featuring Franchi Old World Italian Seeds! As 4 th generation Farmers and Purveyors of Franchi Seeds, these are the ONLY seeds we sell. We use them on our farm and now you can grow them too! We have over 500 varieties of Italian Heirloom, NON GMO seeds that produce healthy plants providing great tasting food
  2. A 1904 seed catalog states superior in quality to any other. Here is the other heirloom variety that you might need a stepladder for, as it could grow to 10 feet tall! In 2016despite heavy rains, it pulled off a fine harvest and stalks were only 8-9ft. tall. Best heirloom sweet corn. 90 day
  3. Heirloom Organic Corn Seeds Glass Gem Corn Zea Mays Non | Etsy Creates stunning, translucent, multi-colored jewel like kernels, each with its own sparkle. Unlike anything you have ever seen! Glass Gem is a flint corn and can be ground up to make corn meal or popped
  4. Shop hundreds of Heirloom seed varieties! Shop Organic NON-GMO Heirloom Vegetable Garden Seeds to Order Online Now. 100% RAW & Un-treated Non-Genetically Modified NON GMO, Non-Hybrid, OP, Heirloom
  5. Vintage and delicious! Heirloom seeds and plants are old-time favorites that produce plants with the same traits planting after planting, season after season, generation after generation. Some heirlooms date back 100 years or more
  6. But not to worry, True Leaf Market carries both heirloom and hybrid corn seed varieties, all of which are non-GMO! Some favorites corn seeds include the succulent Serendipity, the bi-color Ambrosia, or the heirloom Golden Bantam 8 and 12 . We proudly offer a wide line of corn seeds from smaller quantities to bulk, wholesale pricing

Best standard variety for overwintering due to high cold tolerance. 68 Days. Select Packet $4.75 1,000 Seeds $8.90 5,000 Seeds $38.25 25,000 Seeds $169.25 100,000 Seeds $613.00 Packet / $4.75. Quantity Among the sweetest open pollinated corns out there! Ears are small (up to 6 inches), but productively borne on compact 4 foot tall stalks, especially if plants are spaced widely. A very popular variety in it’s heyday of the early 1900’s. Seeds grown in Nova Scotia, Canada. Untreated and non-GMO

heirloom tomato seeds, non-gmo tomato seeds, organic tomato seeds, rare tomatoes, rare seeds, purple tomato, yellow tomato, orange tomato, green tomat Lowest Prices & Free Shipping On The Finest & Freshest Vegetable Seeds. Save & Get Free Shipping On Vegetable & Other Heirloom Seeds at Eden Brothers Select Size : 40g - 160+ Seeds. C$2.99. Add to Cart. Produces ears 18 cm (7) long with 1 to 2 meter stalks. As we are located next to the ocean we use a row shaper to raise the soil and make the soil non-compacted. This allows the roots to become very well established. For fertilizer we use horse manure lightly spread over the rows

Striped Japonica Corn - Organic. 85-100 days. This japanese heirloom was first introduced in 1890. It has pink and yellow striped leaves, dark purple tassels, and burgundy kernels. A real show stopper! Minimum of 50 seeds per packet. PLANTING.. Corn is wind pollinated and, especially for smaller plots, should be planted in blocks, rather than long rows. Seeds should be planted 2-3 per hole, about 1-2 inches deep. Plantings should be approximately 12-15 inches apart, and rows should be 30-36 inches apart

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Heirloom Vegetable Seeds > Corn > Open Pollinated Corn NOTE: All of the descriptions on this website, including the days to maturity, are based on data from varietal trials conducted in specific locations Founded in 1986, Prairie Garden Seeds is a small, family-operated seed company based in Saskatchewan, Canada, operated by daughter-father team, Rachelle Ternier and Jim Ternier. Learn more about us

Lots of herb seed that are 5 kg or less, or for flower seed, tree or shrub seed, true potato seed, ginseng, seeds of aquatic plants or onion/garlic multiplier sets. Lots of 5 kg or less for large seeded crop kinds, such as peas, wheat, soybeans and corn 3. Plant 4 to 6 corn seeds in each mound in a 6 inch square. Protect from birds with netting until seedlings are 4 inches tall. 4. When the corn is 6 inches tall, it's time to plant the beans and squash. First, weed the entire patch. Then plant 4 bean seeds in each corn mound. They should be 3 inches apart from the corn plants. 5 Importing small packet seed into Canada. Seeds in small packets, intended primarily for home gardens, and imported by home gardeners or by commercial businesses, must comply with the requirements of the Seeds Act and Seeds Regulations.Imported seed must not contain Canadian prohibited noxious weed seeds and must meet the minimum standards for other weed and crop seed as prescribed by the Seeds. Corn (2) Cress (1) Cucumber (4) Heirloom (38) Moderate Water (130) Edible Flower (29) 145 seed(s) Flowers View All. Flowers to savors. SEEDS OF CHANGE™ ORGANIC CRACKERJACK MARIGOLD FLOWER SEEDS SEEDS OF CHANGE™ ORGANIC CUT AND COME AGAIN MIX ZINNIA FLOWER SEEDS

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Scroll down to see seeds for sale! Corn, or maize, evolved from a Mexican grass called teosinte. Dating back 8,700 years to the Central Balsas River Valley in southern Mexico, teosinte only contained a few kernels inside a rock hard casing, so It took hundreds of years and much effort for farmers to transform this 'grass' into our present day juicy ears of corn We are proud to provide the very highest quality selection of seeds, and to maintain that quality through rigorous testing. Our independent, government-certified seed laboratory conducts regular, intensive trials to ensure that our seeds meet or exceed the Canada Number One germination rate. West Coast Seeds only offers non-GMO, non-GEO seeds. Broom Corn . A tall annual grass that looks like a corn plant but makes fan-shaped seed heads instead of ears. The seeds mature in the autumn in a multitude of colors, shades of red, black, amber and brown. Easy to grow in full sun. Uses. The edible seeds can be sprouted, cooked, popped, or ground into flour

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A 1904 seed catalog states superior in quality to any other. Here is the other heirloom variety that you might need a stepladder for, as it could grow to 10 feet tall! In 2016despite heavy rains, it pulled off a fine harvest and stalks were only 8-9ft. tall. Best heirloom sweet corn. 90 day Heirloom, Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO seeds. Not Available for 2021. Historical evidence shows corn was grown from South and Central America to the southern reaches of what is now Canada, and across the breadth of the United States. History, Color, and Flavor for Your Garden This ancient, heirloom corn is far more than simply a traditional food. Any general inquiries regarding the importation of seed into Canada can be directed by sending an email to the Seed Section. The National Import Service Centre (Toronto) contact information is: 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. (Eastern Time) Telephone: 1-800-835-4486 (Canada or U.S.A. We ship our USA grown, Non-GMO Heirloom seeds across the United States. Our quality seed is delivered in the Urban Garden Seeds, heat-sealed, mylar lined kraft paper packaging. It's beautiful and practical. We've taken the Safe Seed Pledge & do not support Monsanto Heirloom plants are understood to grow from seeds handed down from one generation to the next. If you have a patch of well-drained soil, you've got most of what it takes to grow heirloom corn . Many old-line, open-pollinated heirloom varieties are surprisingly easy to grow and provide delicious produce, perfect for eating fresh, canning or.

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Heirloom Corn Varieties. All varieties listed below can be combined, except where noted. Oaxacan Green Dent. Oaxacan Green Dent (75 to 100 days; rows) An ancient corn of the Zapotec people of southern Mexico, it's traditionally used to make green-flour tamales. Ground Oaxacan Green also adds color and flavor to homemade tortillas, polenta. You'll find heirloom, open-pollinated vegetable seeds along with fruit and tree seeds, live plants and more on their site. Orders are shipping via Canada Post, and with the increase in demand. Heirloom Corn Heirloom corns offer a wide choice of plant types, color and taste. Heirloom Corns, Popcorn's and Flour Corns include Black . Mexican, Hopi Blue Flint, Hopi Yellow and . Mandan Bride as well as others Click or tap any of the images to shop online for organically-grown heirloom vegetable, herb and flower seeds. NEW: Fresh stock just came in for some of our most popular items and we still have an amazing supply of heirloom tomato seed. As well, we have a tribute collection of specialty TOMATOES and BEANS that were collected by an avid seed saver Located near Ann Arbor, Michigan, our seeds are adapted to the Great Lakes region, Midwest, and beyond. • Heirloom • Sustainably Grown • Non-GMO. See all of our certified organic seeds here. Growing Instructions - see the Growing tab on the page for each seed variety

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Todd's Seeds specializes in organic, Heirloom, non-gmo, open pollinated, chemical free, vegetable, sprouting and flower seeds for home gardeners, sprouters and microgreen growers. We offer the best possible pricing we can for vegetable, flower and sprouting seeds State-LICENSED seed distributor. As a licensed seed dealer, Heirloom Organics has the skill and knowledge to select the RIGHT varieties for your survival garden. Shipping Seeds since 1997. Our owners have been in Organics for over 30 years and shipping seeds for over 16 years! Just seeds. No books, tapes, radio shows, or other solutions Aimers Organic Seed is your top source for imported Certified Organic Seed in Canada. Our mission is to search for the best seed available from Certified Organic producers, who meet Canadian Seed standards. Aimers organic seeds are imported from the United States and packaged in Canada. We hold our Organic Seed Processor Certification from The Centre for Systems Integration (CSI). CSI is a.

Corn Seed - Bulk corn seed for wildlife, garden or row crop plantings. Many varieties of corn seed including dwarf corn, sweet corn, white corn, yellow dent, Indian corn, cob corn, yellow, silver king, silver queen and many other corn seed varieties Shop a wide variety of heirloom vegetable seeds from Thomas Jefferson's revolutionary gardens at Monticello. Our vegetable seeds include Purple Calabash Tomato, Alpine Strawberry, Tennis Ball Lettuce, and much more. Heirloom seeds are open-pollinated and have been in cultivation for at least fifty years How to Plant Glass Gem Corn Greg Schoen, the botanist who ultimately created the Glass Gem corn varieties, recommends growing them in rows that are 30 inches apart. In each row, leave a gap of 6-12 inches. He says that you can also cluster 3-4 seeds in a hole, and leave a gap between clusters of 3-

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Heirloom Peaches & Cream Corn Seeds. Corn is an American icon! A staple for Native Americans, quickly embraced by early settlers, Corn is easy to grow and fun to harvest and eat! White and yellow sweet corns are most commonly planted for home use and these sweet varieties require a lot of water! Make sure you plant your seeds in fertile soil. Our bulk Heirloom seed is packaged in heavy-duty, plastic, resealable moisture resistant pouches to help protect seeds during shipping and storage. For the home gardener, we offer retail packets that are colorful and informative for many of our varieties. Showing 1-12 of 133 results Seeds of Diversity Canada: Box 36 Stn Q, Toronto, Ontario M4T 2L7 905-372-8983, toll free 1-866-509-7333 www.seeds.ca mail@seeds.ca A grassroots seed exchange whose members offer seeds and bulbs of heirloom and scarce varieties of vegetables fruits grains herbs and flowers. Memberships: Regular $30 Low Income $25 US $35 US$. Overseas $50 Cdn Reid's Yellow Dent Field Corn Seed - This open pollinated yellow dent variety is the most popular field corn in the country. Reid's was developed by Robert Reid in 1847 and further improved by his son James L. Reid from 1870 to 1900. In 1877 James Reid harvested a yield of 120 bushels an acre making this variety especially famous. The average yield at that time was around 25 to 30 bushels per. Lamb's Lettuce Corn Salad Seeds 1465. Heirloom Vegetable. A popular European salad green. Dark green leaves form a low growing fancy rosette that is best harvested when young and before flowers appear. Leaves can be blanched (covered to prevent exposure to light) for three days before picking to reduce bitterness. Its vaguely [

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Corn (Maize) - Corn seeds are perfect for growing in home gardens. Shop and find a variety of tastes and colors from sweet corn. Find a range of popular sweet corn seeds and hybrids available at Burpee.com. Burpe With some 1,500 heirloom fruits and vegetables under cultivation, Appalachia is the most diverse foodshed in the U.S., Canada and northern Mexico. Among them is a beloved corn called Bloody Butcher Matchbox Garden & Seed Co. 120+ Certified organic, open pollinated and heirloom seeds for vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Bedding plants, CSA, and farmers market FREE Shipping on All Seed Orders Over $12 to U.S. & Canada 2021 Catalog. x. Premium Heirloom Seeds. Whether you are growing for market, or your own home, MIgardener is pleased to provide over 700 rare and unique vegetable, fruit, and flower seeds. Premium quality and always heirloom and organic

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95-110 days. Grow your own popcorn with this value priced heirloom strain. Just as easy to grow as sweet corn, but leave popcorn on the stock until the corn is fully mature (husks turn brown). Then harvest and allow the ears to dry further. When the kernels easily rub off the cob they are ready to store or pop Heirloom/Heritage SeedCatalogue. Heirloom/Heritage Seed. Catalogue. Thank you for your interest in Heritage Harvest Seed! Over the years we have become Canada's largest supplier of heirloom seed. Unfortunately, we do not ship outside of Canada! Please feel free to browse our website for info & images His original seed mentor is Dan Jason of Salt Spring Seeds, who founded the Seed and Plant Sanctuary for Canada, a charitable organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of heirloom.

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This channel from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. explores and celebrates the rich history of heirloom seeds and plant varieties and offers expert guidance on growing, saving and savoring heirlooms. For miniature or baby corn, plant seeds 2 to 4 inches apart and harvest as silks emerge from the ear, or harvest secondary ears from normally spaced plantings, allowing the main ear to fully mature. Also try hybrids specifically bred for early baby corn harvest. Heirloom seeds are the gardeners choice for seed-saving from year-to-year for vegetable seeds free shipping. Set of 20 Vegetable Seeds Perfect for Your Home or Survival Garden 20 Varieties-Seeds are Heirloom-Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid! USA Grown. by B&KM Farms-20 Different Varieties. 20 Variety Seed Pack. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 79

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Park Seed offers a mix of annual and perennial flower seeds, so you can design the garden of your dreams in the colors, scents and sizes you most love. The annuals provide a continuous display of flowers throughout the season, while each perennial is meant to be enjoyed year after year as they grow Thank you for shopping with Heirloom Seed Vault. NOTE: If you have issues during the checkout process please call us. We are here to help. 9:00 am - 6:00 pm MT Toll Free anywhere in North America. Tel. 1-833-OLD-SEED (1-833-653-7333) Spring Promo. Free Shipping on all orders over 10 seed packages Conventional, Heirlooms & Organics - Vegetable, Flower & Herb Seeds. Take the guesswork out of planning your garden. Pre-configured seed packet collections Squash was planted in rows outside to separate from the neighbor's field. Four squash seeds were planted in pairs into opposite sides of a 15 diameter hill. Delicious sweet corn recipes. Companions: squash, pole beans, sunflowers, pumpkins, peas, cucumbers, potatoes, marigold. Inhibitors: tomatoes. 1 of 3 A grower of sprouting seeds for the home grower and commercial markets. Parkside, SK. NARAMATA SEED COMPANY. Rare heirloom veggies, tiny & excellent farm. Naramata, BC. NICOLA VALLEY PRODUCE. Specializing in heritage varieties of seed garlic, organically grown with PACS certification. Merritt, BC

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It is famous for sweet roasting ears, corn meal and grits. In the Charleston area of South Carolina it now has a cult following in many restaurants. Our seed came from Glen Roberts and the great folks at the Carolina Gold Rice Foundation. Jimmy Red is a 105-115 day corn and has a 10-12 inch ear on 8-10 feet tall plants The right seed portfolio, placed on the right acre paves the way for the best year ever. At Southern States Cooperative, we're your connection to the most trusted brands of seed; including top-performing FS InVISION Seed Corn, FS HiSOY Soybeans and FS InSPIRE Wheat, delivering proven hybrids and varieties that promise the highest profit potential at harvest Regarding seed born bean disease, soak seeds in 20 percent bleach solution for 15-30 minutes and dry before planting to kill exterior pathogens. Dry seed enough to shatter when banged with a hammer, then freeze for three days to kill weevil eggs. Delicious bean recipes. Companions All: celery, corn, squash. Bush: cucumbers, strawberries Seed packets were sized to grow enough food for the year. While many companies have downsized their seed packets, Burrell Seed Growers, LLC still packs the same amount of seed that they did 119 years ago. In most cases, at least double what you get elsewhere. Heirloom corn, bean and pea packets have 1/4 to 1/3 cup of seed each pepper seed , california wonder pepper seeds, heirloom, organic non-gmo seeds, delicious large peppers. regular price $1 99 $1.99. pepper, early jalapeno chille , heirloom, organic non-gmo seeds, spicy great fresh. regular price $1 99 $1.99. serrano pepper, red chilli, heirloom, organic non-gmo seeds

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Seeds should germinate in 7-10 days. If it rains after planting and corn does not emerge, just re-plant the area. Starting. Do not soak corn seeds prior to planting. Plant 2-5cm (1-2″) deep (shallower for sh2 seed or in cool soil). Sow seeds around 7.5cm (3″) apart, in rows 60-90cm (24-36″) apart OHIO HEIRLOOM SEEDS. 4054 Reed Road. Columbus, Ohio 43220 (614) 554-465 Hickory King White Corn Seeds (115 days) Large wide deep kernels on small white cobs. 8-9 long ears. Grows in a wide variety of soils. Very tight husks help keep out corn worms. Excellent root structure, but remember to plant them on 8-10 centers so they can help support each other in high winds. Each plant can easily average a pound of dry.

Not all that long ago, seeds for heirloom vegetables were hard to find. Fortunately, that is changing. Several seed companies now specialize in heirloom vegetables. Others offer a mix of old-timers and modern varieties. As hopeful as this trend is, many heirloom vegetable varieties are threatened and may soon become extinct Home > Vegetable Garden Seeds > Corn > OPEN POLLINATED HEIRLOOM Estimated Maturity: 110 days One of the most popular open pollinated yellow varieties grown in the country. Trucker's Favorite Corn. OPEN POLLINATED HEIRLOOM Estimated Maturity: 115 days Field dent corn that is excellent for roasting in the milk stage, frying or used as a dent

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1 (800) 552-1027. Mon.-Fri. (8AM-5PM) Sat. (9AM-12PM) Sun. (Closed) The Farm. 18724 Hancock Farm Rd. Dade City, FL 33523. Hancock Seed has been constantly introducing innovative ideas and custom seed solutions for our customers since 1978. Read more to find out how Farmer Direct brings you the best seed at the best prices Corn Seed Planting Information: Corn likes hot summers. Corn should be planted in specific patterns and distances, and separated by rows. Plant seeds directly in the garden. Plant your seeds 2 weeks after last frost date and when soil has warmed up. Corn needs warm soil to germinate. The seeds may rot if the soil is too cool The Zapotec Indians have grown this gorgeous heirloom in Oaxaca for centuries. The blue-green kernels range from sage to malachite. Oaxacan Green makes a spectacular ornamental and it also turns into wonderful flour. The nutty flavor makes delicious green tortillas or corn bread.Oaxacan Green produces ears from 6 to 10 long on sturdy, drought-tolerant 7' plants Hickory King White Corn is an heirloom field corn variety with super-sized plants, ears and kernels. This white, open-pollinated variety produces plants that can get as large as 12-13′ tall. Each plant will produce two large ears, usually around 9-10″ in length. Ears have tight husks which do a great job of protecting the ears from corn. The Cottage Gardener Heirloom Seedhouse. 3,784 likes · 2 talking about this. The Cottage Gardener is an heirloom seedhouse in southern Ontario, Canada. We save rare and endangered seeds & create..

Canada is known for the heirloom (or heritage) wheat variety Red Fife. It is Canada's oldest wheat and traces back to 1842. As the story goes, the seed was shipped from Europe to Peterborough, Ontario farmer David Fife. By the 1860s, Red Fife was distributed and grown across Canada. Red Fife was gradually replaced by varieties of wheat. This Italian heirloom is also known as 'Dinosaur Kale' because of the texture of the leaves. The heavily wrinkled 3 wide leaves have a mild flavor and are good steamed or boiled. Baby leaves can be harvested as soon as 30 days, to be used raw in salad, while mature leaves are ready in 60 days. Starting at $2.75 USD Other Seeds A'Bunadh Seeds * (Canada) Adams Grain * * Agricultural Alumni Seed Improvement Association, Inc. Albert Lea Seed * American Organic * Baird Seed Company Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds BASS Hybrids Beck's Superior Hybrids, Inc. / Great Harvest Organics * Blue River Organic Seed * * Botanical Interests, Inc. * * Byron Seeds, LLC * Camp. MIGardener (Port Huron, MI) MIgardener is a small, Michigan seed company that has over 700 rare and unique vegetable, fruit, and flower seeds. All of their stock is heirloom and organic grown by small family farms—and most seed packets cost only $2 Sugar Shacks Seeds British Columbia, Canada. A lot of their seeds are heirloom, open-pollinated. You can rest assured that you will never receive any GMO or treated seeds. Email: lorelieandpaul@shaw.ca. Eagleridge Seeds British Columbia, Canada. They specialize in rare organic heirloom seeds since 1995 and completely non-GMO

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Heirlooms are pretty amazing! We believe that heirloom is the way to a more sustainable and delicious future, and we are proud to be supporting family farmers who grow heirloom corn. bird. Others Also Loved. Cheddar Cheese Balls. 4-Pack: $16. 4.9 star rating 310 Reviews. 4 bags Buy Organic & Non-GMO Seeds directly from the grower. Lettuce Tomatoes Peppers Garlic Corn Beans. SeedWise.com is the marketplace for organic & non-gmo seeds and plants. Direct from the grower, you can buy organic seeds, heirloom seeds, and open pollinated seeds The terms hybrid, heirloom, and genetically modified (GMO) get tossed about a lot today and nowhere more so than in the garden—specifically, the vegetable garden.In plants, the terms refer to how the plants are reproduced: whether by simple seed saving, by cross-pollinating two different species, or by introducing foreign genes