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ROOM OF SIZE 7M X 6M, HOW MUCH WILL IT COST TO HAVE THE WOODEN FLOOR ON, Its simple. He said it costs N450 for 1 sq.m, so for your 7m by 6m room, which is 42 sq.m (7 times 6), it will cost you 42 times 450 = 42*450=N18,900.00. Re: Cost Of Floor And Wall Tiles Needed Urgently: by MRMoneyE ( m ): 1:47am On Oct 29, 2010 How many 40×40 tiles are in a carton. And how much is a carton of the cheapest tiles for the living room. Reply. Femi. 9pieces, and the cheapest you can get is 6000 naira. Reply. Deymor tiles design. It's contains 12 piece's of tiles and the normal price is # 2,300. Reply. muideen usamot Now You need to know how many tiles makes up a packet for this class of tiles. How Many Tiles are there in a carton for 600 x 600 tiles? For a 600 x 600 Tiles, There are 4 pieces in a carton So if Your Room is of the same dimension as 2.5m x 2.4m, having a total area of 6m2

250*400 15pcs in a carton@1.5sqm(wall tiles) 200*300 25pcs in a carton @1.5sqm(wall tiles,outdated) This is just the standard sizes, but not ,limited to above only. We have Nigerian, Chinese, Spanish and Italian tiles dorminant in the Nigerian mkt. Prices and quality differs. If you need any of the above tiles, irrespective of colour,size etc. So if you are asking for cost of doing that, then cost of tiles for ceramics tiles per pack is about 3500 to 5000naira per 1.44sqm. So you will need about 13packs. Then if you consider vinyl tiles, that will have about 3.18sqm per pack. And it goes for 2,700 to 3,000 naira per pack

Now since the area of one tile is 0.16m2, there are 12 tiles in one packet Therefore the total area in one packet of tile would be 12 x 0.16 = 1.92m2 Now in one Packet of tile, we have 1.92m2 How many packet Of Tiles will be just enough for my room measuring 6m2? In Order to know this, quickly divide 6 by 1.92 (6/1.92 = 3.125 The price of a 30 × 30 pack of ceramic tile ranges from N1,200 - N1,500 while a 40 x 40 ceramic tile pack cost around N1,400 - N1,750. Porcelain Tiles (more durable but expensive) One problem with ceramic tiles aside from being porous is that they chip off easily and are not very durable Call /Watsapp us today on 08169606527. Email. tokpalanwa@gmail.com or cornerstonetiles01@gmail.com. If affordable quality is what you need when looking for a reputable distributor for floor tiles, Wall tiles, Marble, Granite and house finishing materials You might be wondering how costly is a square block of floor tiles? Don't worry too much, just scroll down the page and see a very comprehensive price list of floor tiles in Nigeria's building market: Vitrified Tiles Prices in Nigeria. 30×30 pack === N1,000 - N1,500; 40×40 pack === N1,200 - N1,500; 30×60 pack === N1, 450 - N1, 60

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Cost of porcelain tiles in Nigeria. A 30 x 30 packet of polished porcelain tile costs around N2,500 - N2,750, while a 40 x 40 packet of the same type is priced between N2,700 - N3,000 in Nigeria. The unpolished type of porcelain is a little less expensive Next article Current Prices of Floor Tiles in Nigeria (July, 2021) Ibukun Italoye. https://nigerianinfopedia.com.ng. Ibukun is a professional Nigerian blogger and former contributor on Nigerian Infopedia. 3 COMMENTS. Omon January 12, 2021 at 12:11 pm. I need 300 bag can u sell for me with company price THE CURRENT PRICE OF tiles IN NIGERIA. According to their market description of size and types, here are the prices of the tiles in the NIGERIA market: THE POLISHED PORCELAIN TILE PRICE. 30 X 30 pack is between N2,500 to N2,750. 40 x 40 pack is between N2,700 to N3000. THE UNPOLISHED PORCELAIN TILE PRICE. 30 x 60 pack is between N3, 500 to N4500

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Carpets & Tiles On Jumia. We have a broad selection of carpet and tiles all of different makes and different brands. Carpets could be made of wool or made of leather. Also, they can either be bought for the whole home or office or for just a particular part of the home. Tiles, on the other hand, range from ceramics to glass and to woods Hi, I need you to reply as soon as possible, how much is your maize per kg. How many tons can you supply in a short notice? How many days will it take you to supply me in Oyo State? It urgent. Reply. Opeyemi Adewumi. Thanks a lot. Reply. Tutu. Please do you have any one from mile 12 that can supply tomatoes, yam and onions within Lagos

Kotec brick tile is sold for N8000 per sq meter where one carton is equal to one square meter. The old English brick tile is a recent entry into the Nigerian brick market, it is made here in Nigeria from clay material and fired under high temperature kilns to give a brick tile with burnt face appeal. The price of old English brick tile is N8500. And talking about too much profit, a Samsung Galaxy S5 is manufactured for less than $300 and retailed at company stores for $700+ depending on the region, Google Glass cost less than $200 to manufacture yet costs a whooping $1500; and and my favorite is the ISPs that make as much as 1000% on SMS charges irrespective of region With much love in my heart for all my readers, i would like to talk about one important element of the home which is tile and today, i will be taking us through the process of calculating how many Cartons of Tiles i would need for my room, apartment or home N2,700 per meter. Step-tile aluminium. N2,400 per meter. N2,800 per meter. Metcoppo aluminium. N2,500 per meter. N2,900 per meter. Aluminium roofing sheets are relatively expensive. Although they are not the most expensive roofing sheets in the market, they maintain their rank as one of the most reliable and overall efficient roofing sheets Although they are ok, there are other ceiling materials that offer much more class and beauty. See Prices of Other Building Materials in Nigeria. 1500L Water Tank Prices in Nigeria (July 2021) Cost of Borehole Drilling in Nigeria in 2021; Prices of Security Doors in Nigeria (2021) Prices of Land in Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria (2021

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Prices of Steel Rods (Reinforcements) in Nigeria (2021) Steel rods, also known as reinforcements, are very important components used in the construction of buildings. They are mostly used to receive load and transfer it across different points Ceramic tiles 40 x 40 pack - 1,400 NGN to 1,750 NGN Unpolished Porcelain 40 x 40 - 2,500 NGN to 3,000 NGN Unpolished Porcelain 30 x 60 - 3,500 NGN to 4,000 NG Ceramic tiles prices per piece. 30 × 30 pack === N1,200 - N1,500; Wall tiles prices per piece. 8 × 12 === N500 - N650; 25 × 40 === N1,000 - N1,250; Current Prices of Nails in Nigeria 2021. Nails are also essential and they are of various kinds. Nails are used to join wood together, for setting PVC's and for roofing and other. HOW MUCH IS A PACK OF TILES asked by AYANDOYIN FASILAT, 1 month ago. Is a 16ft roofing height not too much for a 4 bedroom duplex please, using stone coated sheets? asked by Ng, 1 month ago. indorama-graduate-trainee-past-question asked by stephen ndianaAbasi, 2 months ago. Cliper coil maintaince asked by Godwin Drew, 2 months ago

Building Materials List and Prices in Nigeria: CEMENT - BLOCK WORK. PRICE. Dangote Cement per 50kg bag (42.5grade) 1,950.00. Dangote Cement per truck load (600 bags) 1,170,000.00. Sand crete block 9 x 9 x 18. 180.00 This material cist 2,300 per square meter and he set up tile design cost about 3,500 nairas per square meter. Swiss Roofing Sheets: Come to most elegant and most expensive, this roofing sheet will be mention, it is not commonly found in Nigeria, it is hardly used because it is not a pocket-friendly type of roof Cost of building materials in Nigeria(2018) vary although it is higher by 15% than imported building materials.Nigerians overseas can benefit from the market survey to estimate a budget for construction cost at home.This market survey provides details in relation to brand, size, and price which can be used to make adequate planning towards upcoming building projects in the country by been. also read: the current price of floor tiles in nigeria For example, one may get a dealer that can calculate a square meter of Aluminum with 0.8mm thickness for N8000, so if you sum up the total square meters that your roof has; assuming it to be 150 square meters, then the price would be just N8000 X 150 Square meters = N1, 200, 000

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Brick tiles, 3.5x10cm, fancy and good for outdoor wall, available in different shades of red, environmental friendly indoor and outdoor brick size: 60x240x9mm packaging: 50pcs/carton covers 0.72sqm wa... Lagos State, Mushin, 2 hrs ago - Building Materials - Bricks 1. Bricks For Wall ₦ 8,000. South african bricks for wall and pillars. Chief Editor 0 Comments price of corrugated roofing sheets, roof tiles, roofing materials, roofing sheets price in nigeria, types of roofing sheets Roofing is the peak of any building. In most cases, it consists of a wooden structure overlaid by an impermeable covering material known as the roofing sheet Cost of Transportation and Installation. This is necessary to arrive at a standard price of kitchen cabinets in Nigeria. Delivery and installation (Lump sum) = NGN 50,000. The total cost of delivery and installation = NGN 50,000

The tile calculator lets you know how many tiles you will need based on the size of the tile and the square footage of the area you are tiling. This number is the exact amount you will need, but it is recommended that you add an additional 10% because some tiles will need to be cut Price range of South Korea stone coated step tile roofing sheet/sqm. ₦2,000 Price range of Sunrise 0.55mm stone coated roofing sheet /sqm₦2950 - ₦3,100 CEILIN After including dual aperture camera in the Samsung Galaxy S9 series, it's only natural for the Galaxy Note 9 to pack this feature as well. From what we have learned so far, one of the cameras will be a 12-megapixel one with f/1.5-2.4 aperture and the other one will be a 12-megapixel one as well with f/2.4 aperture m2 ₦1650 ALUMINIUM SHEET FITTINGS S/N DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF MATERIALS UNIT AMOUNT RIDGE CAP A 3.5mm gauge ridge cap, 3m by 40cm (8 by 8 by 10ft) Nr ₦1,050 B 3.5mm gauge ridge cap, 3m by 30cm (6 by 6 by 10ft Nr ₦950 C 4mm gauge ridge cap, 3m by 40cm (8 by 8 by 10ft Nr ₦1,700 D 4mm gauge ridge cap, 3m by 30cm (6 by 6 by 10ft Nr ₦1,350.

Subway Tile. Online: $8.00. At the low end, expect to pay about $2.60 per square foot for white subway tile, 3 x 6. For this carton, which comprises 12.5 square feet, expect to pay up to $5.52 in shipping per square foot. This brings the total cost to around $8.00 per square foot. In Store: $3.65 FARAD Our Prices are for a carton of brick tiles which covers one sq meter and the prices are for the brick tiles only, installers usually charge like N1000 per sq meter installation while transport to LEKKI will depend on how many cartons you eventually buy but usually, tranport is not expensive, you will pick up from our Lekki dealer

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Gbc Exol Tile & Joint Cleaner (Antibacterial) - 4Liter. ₦ 4,600. Add To Cart. Gbc Antibacterial Exol Tile & Joint Cleaner - 4L. ₦ 4,500. ₦ 5,900. 24%. 5 out of 5 (1) Add To Cart. DEEP ACTION Floor Cleaning Liquid Detergent: Home Clean-4litre Pack. ₦ 4,000. ₦ 8,500. 53%. Add To Cart. Gbc Exol Tile & Joint Cleaner (Antibacterial) - 1L. Johnson Tiles 45 x 45cm Desert Clay Lappato Ceramic Floor Tile - Carton 6. (0) $39. Per Carton. more. Add To Cart. Compare. Special Order. Johnson Tiles 500 x 500mm Taupe Matt Jura Stone Ceramic Floor Tile - 6 Pack Portland cement is not the product to choose for laying concrete or cinder block. Mortar is basically cement with additives to to make it more adhesive and plastic and is the product designed for laying brick or block. Mortar, when mixed in a 3 to.. Free shipping on millions of items. Get the best of Shopping and Entertainment with Prime. Enjoy low prices and great deals on the largest selection of everyday essentials and other products, including fashion, home, beauty, electronics, Alexa Devices, sporting goods, toys, automotive, pets, baby, books, video games, musical instruments, office supplies, and more Generally speaking, 3.5Million naira should get you from foundation to roofing. Not taking into consideration, size and design, and location. Roofing here means, normal long span aluminium sheets. No parapet construction. This cost also not includ..

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Baron Bathrooms is Nigeria Bathroom & Toilet Accessories Supply Company in Lagos. We supply bathroom accessories, showers, water closets and bathroom suites for hotels, homes & office. When it comes to supplying of bathrooms fittings we know a thing or two How to calculate the number of blocks in a building using the area method, what is area of a window, what is the area of door, how to calculate the area of a building, how to calculate the area of a door how to calculate the number of blocks in one door, building contractorsecrets.com, what is the number of blocks required to build in nigeria, blocks in nigeria, how much is a block in nigeria.

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  5. What is wall screeding - Floor screeds even on a concrete slab are laid each time a developer has finished the slab concrete. Nevertheless this is after all other building elements are complete. If youre in grime constructing a new building or indeed planning renovations one thing that is to be questioned and a vital point of focus is a flooring

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  2. Cost of building materials in Nigeria vary based on the quality of product, brand of the ELEPHANT SUPASET CEMENT: 50kg 1 bag cost NGN 2,500 used when casting a building to make concrete for the decking and it's known to be expensive. Unpolished Porcelain floor tiles Price: 40 x 40 pack: N2, 500 - N3, 000
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  4. Lay down tiles from the center out. Position the next tiles right against the edge of the four tiles you have in the center and work your way out to the edges of the room. Work on filling in each quadrant before moving onto the next one. Make sure to place the tiles so that each side fits snugly against the side of the tiles next to it
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  6. Unpolished Porcelain floor tiles Price. 40 x 40 pack: ₦2, 500 - ₦3, 000. 30 x 60 pack: ₦3, 500 - ₦4, 000. Kindly share your 2021 market survey experience of the cost of building materials in Nigeria (2021) ranging from cement, steel rods, nails, blocks, laterites, granites and other building materials with other PropertyPro readers

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explore a great selection of genuine akt at the best price in nigeria price in naira enjoy cash on delivery - order now!. akt 18w led ceiling surface mounted led panel light akt. ₦ 3700. ₦ 8500. 6%. add to cart. akt 5 pieces of 40watts akt half spiral energy-saving bulb - pin b22 x5. ₦ 7100. add to cart. akt full carton of 50 ice block making machine nairaland. Simply complete the form below, click submit, you will get the price list and a HM Machinery representative will contact you within one business day. Please also feel free to contact us by email or phone. ( * Denotes a required field) Mark and cut each tile, leaving as gap bewenn the tile and the wall of 5-10mm if there is going to be skirting boards put in over the tiles or a gap of 2mm if it is going to be a finished edge. Once all the cuts have been made, you can mix up some more adhesive and lay the cut tiles in the same way as the tiles, using tiles spacers and washing. Dr. Ngozi Ezike is a board-certified internist and pediatrician in Chicago, Illinois. She is the director of the Illinois Department of Public Health. She previously served as medical director at the Juvenile Detention Center, the largest juvenile detention facility in Cook country Composite tile is a quite new roofing material and a kind of metal tile. It has a multilayer structure; it is a 0.5 mm thick steel sheet, coated with zinc and aluminum. Acrylic polymer coating with stone chippings is applied to one of the surfaces

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  5. PropertyPro.ng is Nigerian real estate and property listing website with property and houses in Nigeria for rent and for sale. We are the online real estate destination for property sales and rentals in Nigeria with properties including homes, houses, land, shops, offices and other commercial properties to buy or rent
  6. A tile splash is installed above the worktops. The provision of tiles is by the customer, and the estimate is based on the assumption that the walls are flat and ready for tiling. £280: £250-£350: 1-2 days: Medium Tile kitchen: For Kitchen sizes up to 10′ 10 x 10′ 7 (3.30m x 3.22m). A tile splash is installed above the worktops

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