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Food packaged in PFAS-containing materials, processed with equipment that used PFAS, or grown in PFAS-contaminated soil or water. Commercial household products , including stain- and water-repellent fabrics, nonstick products (e.g., Teflon), polishes, waxes, paints, cleaning products, and fire-fighting foams (a major source of groundwater. PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are the toxic Teflon chemical found in non-stick pans, cleaning products, paints, food packaging, firefighting foam, among countless other products. The chemicals, estimated to be in the drinking water of over 110 million people Americans, are linked to cancers and low infant birth rates PFAS Contamination of Water Exposure to PFAS What are PFAS? Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are very stable manmade chemicals that have properties that allow them to repel both water and oil. The different PFAS have different lengths and/or differ in their properties at one end, which can change the toxicity of the chemicals PFAS contamination may be in drinking water, food, indoor dust, some consumer products, and workplaces. Most non worker exposures occur through drinking contaminated water or eating food that contains PFAS. Although some types of PFAS are no longer used, some products may still contain PFAS

We come into contact with PFAS through the things we buy like furniture and clothing, but according to the EPA, most drinking water contamination results from living near facilities that handle.. What You Can Do About PFAS Contamination Turns out America's drinking water woes expand far beyond lead. A class of common chemicals used in everything from nonstick pans and stain-treated carpets, clothing and furniture to fast-food packaging is a source of widespread contamination in certain pockets of the United States The extent of American communities' confirmed contamination with the highly toxic fluorinated compounds known as PFAS continues to grow at an alarming rate. As of January 2021, 2,337 locations in 49 states are known to have PFAS contamination. The latest update of this interactive map documents PFAS pollution in public and private water systems

PFAS are used in a staggering array of consumer products and commercial applications. Decades of heavy use have resulted in contamination of water, soil and the blood of people and animals in the farthest corners of the world. PFAS are incredibly persistent, never breaking down in the environment and remaining in our bodies for years A group of substances known as PFAS chemicals are behind a variety of everyday conveniences that make our lives a little bit easier. They line pizza boxes and fast-food packaging so grease doesn't.. The chemicals from the JCI facility contaminated the area's drinking water. Polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, are a group of man-made chemicals found in products such as household cleaners, paint and firefighting foam that are linked to infertility in women, stunted developmental growth, and kidney and testicular cancers Wicked Local Burlington residents will soon receive a mailing from the town Department of Public Works regarding the presence of PFAS, also known as forever chemicals, recently found in town..

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PFAS in Local Drinking Water Laboratory tests confirm that drinking water in cities across Massachusetts is contaminated with toxic chemicals known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) at levels exceeding what independent specialists consider safe for human consumption. As of 12/1/2019, 46% of homes we tested were positive for PFAS PFAS is among the most widely used class of chemicals in the world, and the particles don't biodegrade. That means they can accumulate in the environment and animals, including humans. A 2015 study.. Parts of the Cape Fear River near Fayetteville, N.C., are contaminated with a PFAS compound called GenX. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is surveying residents in the.

What is PFAS contamination, exactly? All types of PFOA and PFOS are typically odorless and tasteless. They're also invisible to the human eye, which means you won't be able to see from looking whether your water sources contain PFAS. For this reason, the best way to tell if your drinking water systems contain PFAS is to test for the chemicals PFAS has been confirmed in the groundwater at more than 300 military installations where firefighting foams made with PFAS were used. Congress directed the DOD to end the use of these PFAS-based foams in 2020, but efforts to clean up legacy contamination at these bases has not yet been undertaken PFAS chemicals are linked to birth defects, infertility, developmental delays and some cancers. The DoD began widespread testing for contamination in drinking water at its facilities in 2016,.. PFAS, including PFOA and PFOS, are not listed as CERCLA hazardous substances, but in some circumstances could be responded to as CERCLA pollutants or contaminants. EPA is beginning the necessary steps to propose designating PFOA and PFOS as hazardous substances through one of the available statutory mechanisms, including potentially.

Fairfield residents planning to file civil suit in connection with PFAS contamination. FAIRFIELD, Maine (WABI) - Back in February, we told you about dangerously high levels of PFAS chemicals found. PFASs are a component of many of the firefighting foams used by the military, airport authorities, and local fire and rescue agencies. It is these foams that are most often implicated when PFAS is found in groundwater or in the environment. The Problem with PFAS PFAS forever chemicals may seep into Colorado's water from 501 sites, analysis finds Environmental Working Group analyzed federal data on industries that make, use and discharge PFAS as. Toxic chemicals known as PFAS have been in the news for the last several years due to their harmful health impacts and widespread contamination of drinking water sources across the country. PFAS can now be found in everyday products like waterproof jackets and nonstick pans

French Island, near the city of La Crosse, is also facing widespread contamination. The PFAS on the island are believed to have come from the La Crosse Regional Airport, which used firefighting.. PFAS may increase cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia in pregnant women, and risk of kidney or testicular cancer, as well as decrease infant birth weight and vaccine response. The PFAS family of forever chemicals are under constant investigation as regulators and environmental professionals alike work to better understand these chemicals and their impacts on the environment. While it is important to understand the fate and transport of these compounds, it is also important to understand their origin. The chemistry of PFAS was discovere PFAS report marks hundreds of potential contamination sites in PA. A new report marks nearly 30,000 sites across the U.S.—including hundreds in Pennsylvania—that may be leaching a class of. The Carlson Law Firm is currently investigating complaints of water pollution from perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) near military installations. Contaminated water on U.S. military installations stretches from sea to shining sea and into the waters of the Pacific

The release of these chemicals into the environment during training and emergency responses is a major source of PFAS contamination of ground water on military bases. Concerns have recently been raised from communities surrounding bases about whether PFAS-contaminated ground water on military bases may be affecting off-base water supplies Learn more. Human exposure to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) is a public health concern that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH) and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) are helping our local, territorial, tribal, state, and federal partners. PFAS have also been found in fish, shellfish, vegetables and other grown in contaminated soil or water. The Environmental Working Group health advocates have created a US map of detections of PFAS. What is clear is that PFAS contamination is an environmental and growing health issue, but what is less clear is how to address and manage this issue. Photo: PFAS compounds have been discovered in fire-fighting foams. The importance of PFAS Processes to commercially produce PFAS were first developed in the 1940s. In the 1950s, 3M began manufacturing PFOA and PFOS, two types of PFAS, for product applications because of their ability to repel water, protect surfaces, resist heat and many other useful properties. In the 1960s, the United States Navy developed life-saving firefighting.

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  1. ation detected the toxic chemical in all 50 samples tested, and at levels nearly 2,000 times higher than the level some.
  2. ation is a public health concern that federal and state health officials are interested in studying further, according to the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.
  3. ation - background What are PFAS? Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are extremely stable chemical compounds. Their stability gives them very useful properties for multiple industrial uses, including in firefighting foams (known as 'aqueous film-for
  4. ation, Location. The recent discovery of PFAS conta
  5. PFAS, which stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, is a group of man-made chemicals that can be found in a range of household and industrial materials from cosmetics to chrome plating
  6. ation. It's likely heard them referred to as forever chemicals. Research suggests PFAS could cause cancer and other serious diseases

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PFAS contamination and health effects. PFAS chemicals have been used since the 1950s to provide grease, water and oil resistant properties to consumer products. Common uses include non-stick coating on cookware, water-repellent clothing, stain-resistant fabrics and carpets, firefighting foams, and even some cosmetics. Wrongfully disposing of. Department of Defense's Use of PFAS . In the 1970s, the Department of Defense (DoD) began using AFFF to fight fuel fires. DoD later recognized that the release of PFAS into the environment during training and emergency responses for firefighting is a major source of contamination in the groundwater on military bases PFAS can be readily absorbed through ingestion, (e.g., by drinking contaminated groundwater or eating fish exposed to the chemicals) and inhalation - and can even enter the body through the skin. Further, it has been established that PFAS can pass through breast milk and cross the placenta from mother to fetus during pregnancy PFAS chemicals are known as forever chemicals, a family of potentially thousands of synthetic chemicals that are extremely persistent in the environment and in our bodies

Based on UCMR3 data, PFAS were detected in 20 public water systems, located in 11 NC counties, Knappe said, underscoring the extent of contamination. Liam O'Fallon, director of the NIEHS Partnerships for Environmental Public Health program, noted the extent of the PFAS problem. While the overall focus has been on exposures south of. However, due to the chemicals' persistence in the environment, drinking water can become contaminated with long-chain PFAS (eight or more carbon atoms in a molecule), a group that includes PFOA. A s residents struggle to make sense of PFAS contamination and other industrial pollutants, one thing is clear: They are beginning to view exposure as a collective experience. Like Ruth and John, many once ignored the smoke that periodically drifts from the Fire Technology Center. It now signals a threat to community well-being PFAS contaminated foam was first discovered on Van Etten Lake in July 2017 when a group of high school students participating in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) summer program hosted by Michigan State University and Dow of Midland, encountered foam as they prepared to sample Van Etten Lake surface water for PFAS

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  1. ation from use of PFAS-laden AFFF foam at the closed base in the Upper Peninsula is widespread across three plane crash sites, several building fire suppression systems, stormwater basins.
  2. PFAS have been associated with higher likelihood of diabetes, obesity and asthma, Birnbaum added, conditions which can also make it more dangerous to contract COVID-19. If you live in an area.
  3. ation of soil and water. The purpose of these tests was either as part of a defined research program, or to deter
  4. ation is a threat to public health and Michigan families have waited long enough for help, Stabenow said, adding, These bills will bring faster relief by investing in clean up, setting deadlines, and requiring the Department of Defense to remediate conta

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Papas said more PFAS contamination has been revealed in recent year, and he called for swift regulation. This is a real, present danger to the folks I represent, Pappas said, calling for a. PFAS Contamination Lawsuit - Hiring a PFAS Contamination Lawyer. If you or a loved one are suffering damages after being exposed to PFAS, you might be entitled to a PFAS Contamination Lawsuit. At TorHoerman Law, we offer free, zero-obligation consultations for all potential PFAS contamination lawsuit clients The DNR's website that tracks environmental cleanups shows PFAS contamination has been found at nearly 80 sites statewide, including in La Crosse, Superior, Madison and most recently Eau Claire Effected communities have formed the Great Lakes PFAS Action Network. They are Amos to connect the towns across the state struggling with contamination by telling them what resources are available.

How did the PFAS get into the meat? Ben: There are many possible routes, but the most common route is through groundwater contaminated by industrial release. When PFAS is released into the groundwater, it can be taken up by the plants that are fed to the animals. Or the animals may directly ingest water from a contaminated well PFAS contamination in Tasmania. In Australia, PFAS is found in higher concentrations around sites where PFAS-containing products such as firefighting foams, have been used. These include certain Defence sites, airports, firefighting training grounds and some heavy industrial sites Prevent further PFAS contamination of food and drinking water. In 2018, the Washington State Legislature took action to restrict some uses of PFAS that have contributed to contamination of our food and water. One law restricts PFAS in paper food wrappers, if safer alternatives are available (ESHB 2658)

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PFAS Class Action Lawsuit Ends in $17 Million Settlement. In January 2021, Tyco Fire Products agreed to pay a $17.5 million settlement for PFAS contamination in groundwater for the people of Peshtigo, Wisconsin. The settlement pays out approximately $60,000 to $70,000 per homeowner for private well-water contamination with PFAS PFAS in Pennsylvania Exposure can occur when fish caught in waters contaminated with PFAS are eaten, foods packaged in PFAS coated materials are consumed, soil and dust polluted with PFAS are unintentionally ingested, or products made with PFAS chemicals are handled

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Aviation and PFAS - What's the Connection? If you have been following the news, you have probably heard about PFAS contamination at both civilian and military aviation facilities. Do you know how the two are connected? It comes down to the firefighting foam PFAS water contamination is typically associated with areas in close proximity to a specific facility, for example: An industrial site where PFAS were used to manufacture other products Locations used for firefighting, such as oil refineries and airfields, often have contaminated water supplies, since PFAS were heavily used in fire-fighting foam The National PFAS Contamination Coalition is a network of grassroots groups fighting PFAS contamination in communities across the country, formed following the June 2017 PFAS conference in Boston, MA. The coalition has grown to represent 18 groups in 16 states across the country. See more at pfasproject.net

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PFAS Assessment and Mitigation. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been widely used in the United States in a variety of applications, and there are concerns about widespread contamination, environmental risks and human health implications. Two PFAS compounds with known human health risks have been voluntarily phased out, but there. Gov. Janet Mills has also earmarked $40 million for addressing the PFAS issue in Maine. Some industry groups believe that Maine's proposed new limits to PFAS contamination — 20 parts per. Delaware County sues chemical makers over PFAS contamination at three fire facilities. The Delaware County D.A. has filed a civil complaint against chemical manufacturers for what it says is their role in contaminating a local fire station and two training facilities. FILE - Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer at a press. The EPA is assessing PFAS contamination in groundwater at the Viva Energy fuel terminal in Port Lincoln. EPA first advised of a potential contamination issue in December 2016. WA. Rendezvous Road, in Vasse near Busselton PFAS has been found in groundwater under properties on Rendezvous Road, from a former landfill site

The Los Angeles Times reviewed hundreds of pages of Pentagon documents and found California has more bases contaminated with the chemicals, known as PFAS, than any other state — at least 21 that. Combating PFAS contamination in Michigan. Michigan continues to lead the nation in devoting state resources to protect the public from per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) which are contaminating drinking water nationwide More:Natick faces PFAS water contamination; so does Wayland Prior elevated readings at Springvale included 21 in the Tonka filtration system and 24 in the H & T filtration system Nonetheless, CR senior scientist Michael Hansen, PhD, says the PFAS Action Act is a solid foundation to actively assess the contamination problem and begin tackling it head-on. If Congress fails to act soon, we run the risk of reaching the point of no return in being able to adequately address PFAS contamination, Hansen says

The suit alleges the companies intentionally used PFAS throughout Somerset and Kennebec counties despite knowing its health risks. The plaintiffs are asking for a jury trial. Sappi Paper Mill strongly denies its paper mill is a source of PFAS contamination PFAS report marks hundreds of potential contamination sites in PA A new report marks nearly 30,000 areas of potential PFAS pollution, including hundreds of sites in Pennsylvania. Author: fox43.co Remediation approaches to the emerging PFAS contamination problem nationally and worldwide probably won't focus in one place, said Rusinek at Michigan State. All of these technologies have little. PFAS Contamination at Webster Field. Webster Field occupies a peninsula between St. Inigoes Creek and the St. Mary's River, a tributary of the Potomac. The Webster Outlying Field annex is home to the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, along with Coast Guard Station St. Inigoes, and a component of the Maryland Army National Guard Non-polymer PFAS can build up in blood protein of animals, and is not always removed quickly. This means that predators eating PFAS-contaminated food will have higher levels in their bloodstream, and concentrations can increase up the food chain

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PFAS contamination above the EPA's provisional health advisory level was originally reported in five public drinking water wells near New Castle in 2014. But a consultant report to state environmental regulators this spring showed the untreated water in 11 wells exceeded the EPA's current advisory level as of 2019 In some instances, if you consume too much fish from PFAS-contaminated waters, you may exceed the Tolerable Daily Intakes for PFOS, PFOA and PFHxS. Where fishing waters are near a PFAS contaminated site, the investigating agency or the state or territory government will provide advice on whether eating the fish is safe PFAS Contamination at American Airbases in Germany. Telling people in a church in Kaiserslautern, Germany their water is poisoned. By Pat Elder, July 8, 2019. Fire-fighting foams used on air bases by the U.S. military are poisoning water systems throughout Germany. The foam spray, used in routine fire drills, is made of a carcinogenic material.

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  1. ation in Groundwater and Drinking Water in the Huron River Watershed. The map below shows all known (and some suspected) PFAS sites in the Huron River Watershed. The map will be updated periodically as new data is available. Since 2018, the Michigan PFAS Action Response Team (MPART) has coordinated PFAS sampling in public drinking.
  2. ation; so does Wayland Natick Town Meeting approved $3 million to fight PFAS. Funds will pay for an additional building at the Springvale plant that will house.
  3. ation in the state is in Marinette and Peshtigo, where Tyco Fire Products tested firefighting foam for years outdoors before the practice was ended in 2017
  4. ation has been found at more than 70 sites statewide within the cities of Madison, Marinette, Superior and La Crosse. Gov. Tony Evers has proposed more than $20 million in his two-year budget for addressing PFAS pollution
  5. ation is so high that it's deemed not safe to eat even a single fish from the watershed. It's a relief, she said, that the Lake Superior consumption advisory doesn't put the lake's smelt completely off-limits. One meal's-worth, she said, is still enough to get people out there on the water..
  6. ation under a bill that recently passed the state Assembly, according to a memo from the Wisconsin Legislative Council. But, the state's largest business lobby said that would be an improper interpretation of the legislation
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The PFAS (per- and poly- fluoroalkyl substances) National Environmental Management Plan (PFAS NEMP) establishes a practical basis for nationally consistent environmental guidance and standards for managing PFAS contamination. The plan has been developed by all jurisdictions and recognises the need for implementation of best practice regulation.

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