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LESSON PLAN FOR INVERSE FUNCTIONS . Name: Janie McMillin Title of Lesson: Inverse Functions Description of Class: High school class, Pre-Calculus TEKS Addressed: (b) Introduction. (1) In Precalculus, students continue to build on the K-8, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry foundations as they expand their understanding through other mathematical experiences Algebra functions lessons with lots of worked examples and practice problems. Very easy to understand!Prealgebra exponent lessons, examples and practice problems Algebra Lessons at Cool math .com - Inverse Functions This Lesson (INVERSE FUNCTIONS) was created by by Theo(11373) : View Source, Show About Theo: This lesson provides a brief overview of INVERSE FUNCTIONS. If you're not familiar with functions, please see the lesson on FUNCTIONS. SUMMARY OF FUNCTIONS AND FUNCTIONAL NOTATIO let's think about what functions really do and then we'll think about the idea of an inverse of a function so let's start with a pretty straightforward function let's say I have f of X is equal to 2x plus 4 and so if I take F of 2 f of 2 is going to be equal to 2 times 2 plus 4 which is 4 plus 4 which is 8 I can take F of 3 F of 3 which is 2 times 3 plus 4 which is equal to 10 all right 6 plus.

Verify inverse functions. Determine the domain and range of an inverse function, and restrict the domain of a function to make it one-to-one. Find or evaluate the inverse of a function. Use the graph of a one-to-one function to graph its inverse function on the same axes Pre-AP Algebra 2 Lesson 1-3 - Inverse Functions Objectives: Students will be able to determine the inverse of a function given a table, graph, or equation.Students will determine the domain and range of the inverse function. Materials: Do Now; special note-taking templates; overheads for direct instruction; pair work; homework Time Activity 10 min Homework Revie Goal #2 - Find Inverse of nonlinear functions. Objectives: Have students be able to describe the steps for finding the inverse of a relation. Materials: Overhead projector, graphing calculator, and Smart Board. Introduction: Lesson Opener Activity. Using transparency 7-4 and have students match each composition of functions on the left with a.

This inverse functions lesson plan will help you find connections with your students. With the real world context, students understand this concept well by the end of class. I love working on the ideas of computers, maps, and math puzzles. Be sure to stay to the end for your free copy of the inverse functions worksheet set Concept #1: The domain of a function f is the range of its inverse function f − 1 and the range of the function f is the domain of its inverse function f − 1 (Wilson, 2007). Concept #2: f − 1(f(x)) = x. In layman's terms, the inverse function undoes whatever the function does (Bayazit & Gray, 2004) function and its inverse. Objectives: At the end of this student lesson, students will be able to: find the inverse of a given function; describe the inverse relations and functions using graphs, tables, and algebraic methods; TAKS™ Objectives Supported

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  1. Find the inverse of each functions. 11) f(x)=(x − 2)5 +3 13) g(x)= 4 x +2 15) f(x)= − 2x − 2 x +2 17) f(x)= 10 − x 5 19) g(x)= − (x − 1)3 21) f(x)=(x − 3)3 23) g(x)= x x − 1 25) f(x)= x − 1 x +1 27) g(x)= 8 − 5x 4 29) g(x)= − 5x +1 31) g(x)= − 1+ x3 33) h(x)= 4− 4x 3√ 2 35) f(x)= x +1 x +2 37) f(x)= 7− 3x x − 2.
  2. Resume the Inverse Functions video lesson, and pause at 4:00. Work a few more guided problems to find inverse functions with students, and then give them one to work with a partner as you.
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  4. Lesson Overview: This activity teaches students how to graph a function's inverse when given the original function. The activity walks students through a series of discrete and continuous functions for which students will have to identify the domain and range, as well as the domai
  5. This is a KS4 lesson on inverse functions. It is for students from Year 10 who are preparing for GCSE. This page includes a lesson covering 'an inverse function' as well as a 15-question worksheet, which is printable, editable and sendable. About inverse functions


Inverse functions are two functions that do exactly opposite things. Check out this lesson to learn about how to write inverse functions, find inverse functions, and predict whether or not they exist The class starts with students reviewing composition of functions. This problem along with yesterday's closure will help introduce the definition of an inverse function.. The closure problem from yesterday gave students an opportunity to see that inverse functions have a composition that comes out to x. The bell work is not obvious since most students do not see that these 2 linear functions. Composite Functions and Inverse Functions. For Students 8th - 12th. In this function worksheet, students complete five lessons all with exercise sets, examples, and definitions, and one set of miscellaneous exercises. The concepts covers include: composite functions, inverse functions, Get Free Access See Review 1 minutes. This Homework begins with a variety of linear and power functions. The students are asked to find the inverse for each one. The goal of this portion is to reinforce the skill learned in the lesson. The final two problems give the students a real life scenario involving two unknown quantities that are related

GCSE 9-1 Inverse Functions. Successfully delivered to a top set Year 10. Includes answers and explanatory slides Videos and Practice Problems of Selected Topics. Derivatives of inverse functions from equation (5:03) Given and let be the inverse function of. Notice that. Find .; Derivatives of inverse sine function (4:55) Deriving the formula of inverse sine function, .; Derivatives of inverse cosine function (3:43) Deriving the formula of inverse cosine function, Lesson Narrative. This lesson introduces students to inverse functions. The idea is developed through several contextual problems that each requires reversing a process and using outputs as inputs. In the warm-up and the first activity, students encounter the idea of inverse functions as they use Caesar shift ciphers to encode and decode messages Elements of the inverse of a function are determined by (a, b) f. º (b, a) INV of. f. The graph of a function and its inverse are symmetric to the line . y = x. The inverse of . f. is a function only if . f. is a one-to-one function. To prove two functions are inverses of one another, show their composition is the identity function: f $ f. 1.

Inverse Trignometric Function 10 | Bansal Classes. Home. Courses. Bull's Eye Engineering. BE 1 (2021-22) BE 2 (2021-22) BE 2020. Bull's Eye Medical. BM (2021-22 This lesson includes a video link, a warm-up, notes, and homework. The concepts covered are: • Inverse functions defined. • Inverse functions reflect over the line y=x. • Domain and range. • Create an inverse function given a function. • Composition of inverse functions (equal x) Students enjoy this way of learning because they figure. Learning Intentions (Objectives) Students will explore inverse functions both graphically and algebraically and determine their features and explicitly find the inverse function if one exists. Standards Addressed in this Lesson California Common Core State Standards for Mathematics Lesson 5 Components Explore (Function Reflections) Try This Inverse functions are taught through a linear lens in Algebra 1 and reviewed in this lesson. Inverse functions are very important in AP Calculus, so additional time is spent to ensure that students have a solid base in the conceptual understanding

Note: T here are questions for the students included within this lesson plan. Any expected answers are listed within parenthesis. INTRODUCTION:. Today our lesson is about Inverse Functions. But first, let's review some compositions of functions. [many students in College Algebra have trouble understanding the concept of function composition so it will be good to review some more examples and. Lesson 27 Inverse Function 6 The last type of function we work with to find an inverse is rational functions. Previously we saw that the inverse of a square root function is a quadratic function, and vice versa the inverse of a quadratic function is a square root function. With rational functions, the inverse will still be This lesson covers how to find the inverse of a function. Learning Objectives. Vocabulary Lesson 28 Domain and Range of an Inverse Function 2 Remember from Lesson 18 there are two ways the domain of a function can be restricted. One way is to have a function that is defined by a fraction, and the other is to have a function that is defined by a square root. When a function is defined by a fraction, the denominator of tha inverse functions. In Example 1, you can use the equation solved for x to write the inverse of f by switching the roles of x and y. f(x) = 2x + 3 original function g(x) = x − 3 — 2 inverse function Because inverse functions interchange the input and output values of the original function, the domain and range are also interchanged

Inverse Functions. An inverse function goes the other way! Let us start with an example: Here we have the function f(x) = 2x+3, written as a flow diagram: The Inverse Function goes the other way: So the inverse of: 2x+3 is: (y-3)/2 . The inverse is usually shown by putting a little -1 after the function name, like this: f-1 (y) We say f. Key Steps in Finding the Inverse of a Linear Function. y y. y y in the equation. x x. {f^ { - 1}}\left ( x \right) f −1 (x) to get the inverse function. Sometimes, it is helpful to use the domain and range of the original function to identify the correct inverse function out of two possibilities

Lesson FUNCTIONS. This lesson will give a brief overview of functions. Inverse functions are not covered here. There will be a separate lesson on them that will be titled INVERSE FUNCTIONS. If you want a detailed tutorial on functions and inverse functions with lots of examples and practice problems, go there 2.6 - Inverse of a Function Inverse of a function: ·The inverse of a function f is denoted as f-1 ·The function and its inverse have the property that if f(a) = b, then f-1(b) = a ·So if f(5) = 13, then f-1(13) = 5. ·More simply put: The inverse of a function has all the same points a

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Find an equation for the inverse for each of the following relations. 3. y 3x 2 4. y 5x 7 5. y 12x 3 6. y 8x 16 7. x 5 3 2 y 8. x 5 4 3 y 9. x 10 8 5 y 10. x 8 2 1 y 11. y x2 5 12. y x 2 4 13. y (x 3) 14. y (x 6)2 15. y x 2, y t 0 16. y x 5, y t 0 17. y x 8, y t 8 18. y x 7, y t 7 Verifying Inverses Verify that f and g are inverse functions. 19 This lesson includes a guided notes handout, practice worksheets, an exit ticket, and a next-day warm-up problem. Students will graph and write the inverse of linear functions algebraically. Students will use the composition of functions to determine whether or not two functions are inverses of each.. Lesson 3-4 Inverse Functions and Relations 153 The inverse of f(x) is a function. f(x) O x The inverse of g(x) is not a function. g(x) O x Graphing Calculator Tip You can differentiate the appearance of your graphs by highlighting the symbol in front of each equation in the Y= list and pressing to select line (\), thick (\), or dot ( ). ENTE Inverse Functions Summary This is an introductory lesson on the inverses of functions. Students will compare functions and discover what makes an inverse function. Main Core Tie Secondary Mathematics III Strand: FUNCTIONS - Building Functions (F.BF) Standard F.BF.4 Time Frame 1 class periods of 90 minutes each Group Size Small Groups Life Skill

The equation is a function if its graph passes the Vertical Line Test (VLT). The VLT states that if any vertical line can be drawn and touches the graph at more than 1 point, the graph is not a function. Determine the Inverse of a Function; To determine the inverse of a function, simply switch the x and y variables Inverse Functions. When we say an inverse function reverses the process, that's exactly what it does. Take the following function: The process defined by that function is to take an input, multiply it by three, than add two. Now if we wanted to reverse that process we would need take an input, subtract 2 and than divide by three Functions. Three lessons including an introduction to using function notation, inverse functions and composite functions. Introduction to function notation aims to familiarise students with f (x) and looks at substitution of values. Complete differentiated lesson with examples and questions to display on the whiteboard. Answers included Inverse Functions and Relations LESSON 6 • Find the inverse of a function or relation. • Determine whether two functions or relations are inverses. Vocabulary • inverse relation • inverse function . Example 1 Find an Inverse Relatio Students will be able to. recognize the notation for the inverse function: generally the inverse of a function, , is , recognize that if an invertible function, , maps an input, , to an output, , then maps the variable, , to , recognize the conditions for which a function is invertible and be able to state the domain and range of an inverse function

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INVERSE FUNCTIONS Lesson 7.3 Page 152 . INVERSE OPERATIONS An inverse operation is an operation that undoes what has already been done. Example 10 10+5= Original Operation Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division Square Square root Inverse Operation Subtraction Addition Divisio Inverse Functions. In this mathematics lesson students learn how to find the inverse of a function using function machines. As learning progresses students use transposition of formulae and recognise inverse functions as a reflection of its original in y = x. All students should be able to use function machines to find an inverse function

Lesson 6.4 - Inverse Trigonometric Functions The graphs of cosine, sine, and tangent all fail the horizontal line test. However, we can restrict their domains—that is, only consider a piece of each graph—to create useful inverse functions. Inverse cosine function: y cos 1 x arccos x Think of cos 1x as the angle whose cosine is x If we could do that, we could get equation of inverse function. Example 1. Find the inverse function of a function f ( x) = 5 x + 2. First we'll write this equation as if f ( x) = y. y = 5 x + 2. Now we'll solve this equation with unknown x. x = y − 2 5. From here we get that: f − 1 ( y) = y − 2 5 Inverse Functions (Lesson 1.8 Day 2) Unit 1 - Day 12. Unit 1 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14 Day 15.

Definition 5.2 : Suppose f and g are two functions such that. (g ∘ f)(x) = x for all x in the domain of f and. (f ∘ g)(x) = x for all x in the domain of g. then f and g are said to be inverses of each other. The functions f and g are said to be invertible. We now formalize the concept that inverse functions exchange inputs and outputs Lesson 18: Inverse Functions . Classwork . Businesses must track the value of their assets over time. When a business buys equipment, the value of the equipment is reduced over time. For example, electric companies provide trucks for their workers when they go out into the field t

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pc_4.4_practice_solutions.pdf: File Size: 389 kb: Download File. Corrective Assignmen Packet. calc_3.3_packet.pdf. File Size: 934 kb. File Type: pdf. Download File. Want to save money on printing? Support us and buy the Calculus workbook with all the packets in one nice spiral bound book

Inverse Relationships. In Exploring Function Reflections, when two functions are reflected over the line \(y=x\) , then the point \((a,b)\) from one function and the point \((b,a)\) from the second function form a line segment perpendicular to the line \(y=x\) and the points are equidistant to the line \(y=x\). If both curves are functions (they pass the vertical line test), then this. Lesson 16: Inverse Trigonometric Functions 1. Section 3.5 Inverse Trigonometric Functions V63.0121.027, Calculus I October 29, 2009 Announcements . . . . . . 2. What functions are invertible? In order for f−1 to be a function, there must be only one a in D corresponding to each b in E.. Inverse Functions. An inverse function is a function which does the reverse of a given function. More formally, if f f is a function with domain X X, then f −1 f − 1 is its inverse function if and only if f −1(f (x)) = x f − 1 ( f ( x)) = x for every x ∈ X x ∈ X. y = f (x): indicates a function y1 = f (x1): indicates we must.

Lesson Six: Inverse Trigonometric Functions. Key Concepts Function Domain Range y = arcsin x if and only if sin y = x -1 < x < 1 y = arccos x if and only if cos y = x -1 < x < 1 y = arctan x if and only if tan y = x : Graphs of Inverse Trigonometric Functions . Click here for a GSP file containing the above graphs. Use the tabs at the bottom to. Derivatives of Inverse Functions. In this lesson, we determine how to find the derivative of the inverse function, even in cases where we cannot write the inverse function in the form. Given a function, find the inverse function, calculate its derivative, and relate this to the derivative of the original function

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  1. Sometimes the original and inverse equations will both be functions. In this case, the two equations are called inverse functions. This lesson is reserved for simple inverse equations. You will discover more complex inverse functions in future mathematics courses. Work through an example of finding a linear function's inverse by watching this.
  2. Lesson 7 - Inverse Trigonometric Functions.ppt - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site
  3. Aug 4, 2019 - Resources for inverse functions. See more ideas about inverse functions, algebra, function
  4. Save time preparing your next lesson with this Inverse Functions Worksheet and Resources. Featuring lesson ideas, a presentation, and a practice worksheet. This teacher-made Inverse Functions resources pack features real-life examples making the task of finding and using inverse functions more engaging to your GCSE higher students
  5. and Tmax you will define the inverse relation so it is a function, also. Explore the inverse of the sine function by simultaneously graphing.

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  1. One way to denote this inverse is by writing the prefix Arc in front of the function. So Arc sine is the inverse of sine. Arc cosine is the inverse of cosine. And Arc tangent is the inverse of tangent. Another way of denoting this inverse is to write in power of -1 immediately following the function. So sine to the -1 (x) is the inverse of.
  2. • I can understand the difference between and inverse relation and an inverse function. • I can find the inverse of a function. • I can use compositions to verify two functions are inverses. • I can apply inverse functions to real world situations. Lesson 4.7 ~ Inverse Functions OBJECTIVES
  3. g algebraic operations. In either case, it comes down to the basic notion that the inverse of a function reverses the x and y coordinates. In other words, for every ordered pair in a function there will be an ordered pair in the inverse function
  4. Students use inverse functions to solve trigonometric equations. Lesson Notes Students studied inverse functions in Module 3 and came to the realization that not every function has an inverse that is also a function. Students considered how to restrict the domain of a function to produce an invertible function (F-BF.B.4d). This lesson builds on.

Finding the inverse from a graph. Your textbook probably went on at length about how the inverse is a reflection in the line y = x.What it was trying to say was that you could take your function, draw the line y = x (which is the bottom-left to top-right diagonal), put a two-sided mirror on this line, and you could see the inverse reflected in the mirror Download Ebook Study Guide Inverse Linear Functions Study Guide Inverse Linear Functions Inverse function. Two functions, f and g, are inverses of each other when the composition f [ g ( x )] and g [ f ( x )] are both the identity function. That is, f [ g ( x )] = g [ f ( x )] = x. Figure 1. Symmetrical sets of points. Example 3. Study Guide. Inverse functions are a composition of reverse actions that undo the actions of the original function. Inverse functions have real-world applications, but also students will use this concept in future math classes such as Pre-Calculus, where students will find inverse trigonometric functions

Lesson 7-7: Inverse Relations and Functions. Review: A function is a relation in which each element of the domain is paired with exactly one element in the range. Identity Function: g(x) = x is an identity function over the real numbers. That is, given any real number a, the function maps a onto itself i.e g(a) = a. For example g(2) = 2 Lesson Objectives Find the inverse of a function from numeric/tabular, graphic or algebraic data Compose a function with its inverse to develop the identity function Understand inverses as transformations 9/20/14 HL1 Math - Santowski Write the inverse function. What is the regular price for an item that is on sale for $38.40? Practice B For use with the lesson Use Inverse Functions 3-44 Algebra 2 Chapter Resource Book Lesson 3.4 Lesson 3.

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Finding the Inverse of a Polynomial Function. Two functions f f and g g are inverse functions if for every coordinate pair in f, (a, b), f, (a, b), there exists a corresponding coordinate pair in the inverse function, g, (b, a). g, (b, a). In other words, the coordinate pairs of the inverse functions have the input and output interchanged In mathematics, an inverse function is a function that undoes the action of another function. For example, addition and multiplication are the inverse of subtraction and division, respectively. The inverse of a function can be viewed as reflecting the original function over the line y = x. In simple words, the inverse function is obtained by.

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For the inverse trigonometric functions, see Topic 19 of Trigonometry.. The graph of an inverse function. The graph of the inverse of a function f(x) can be found as follows: . Reflect the graph about the x-axis, then rotate it 90° counterclockwise (If we take the graph on the left to be the right-hand branch of y = x 2, then the graph on the right is its inverse, y = . Precalculus Notes Lesson 1.9: Inverse Functions Part 1 Definition of an Inverse Function Let f and g be two functions such that ( ()) for every x in the domain of g and ( ()) for every x in the domain of f. Then, g is the inverse function of f MA 15400 Lesson 16 Section 7.6 The Inverse Trigonometric Functions 2 Summary: arcsin is defined in a range of , 2 2 π π − and domain of [ 1,1] THE CUNY HSE CURRICULUM FRAMEWORK • MATH UNIT 1: INTRODUCING FUNCTIONS 35 unit • 1 lesson use different operations. You might try add 9, then subtract 4 and finally multiply by 3. 8 Finally, play a round with a two-step rule. Try something simple, but not too easy—like multiply by 4, plus 2 inverse function and state any restrictions on its domain. g(x) = í3x4 + 6 x2 ± x 62/87,21 The graph of g(x) = í3x4 + 6 x2 ± x below shows that it is possible to find a horizontal line that intersects the graph of g(x) more than once. Therefore, you can conclude that an inverse function does not exist. f(x) = 4 x5 ± 8x4 62/87,2

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Lesson 8: Inverse Functions Investigate: How Can You Determine The Inverse Of A Function? 1. )Sketch the graph of the function (= 2 and its inverse. a. Start by looking at points on the graph of the function. Thinking of an inverse in terms of a reverse operation, complete the table by switching the x- and y-coordinates of each point 1-7 Assignment - Inverse Relations and Functions. 1-7 Bell Work - Inverse Relations and Functions. 1-7 Exit Quiz -Inverse Relations and Functions. 1-7 Guided Notes SE - Inverse Relations and Functions. 1-7 Guided Notes TE - Inverse Relations and Functions. 1-7 Lesson Plan - Inverse Relations and Functions

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The inverse function theorem allows us to compute derivatives of inverse functions without using the limit definition of the derivative. We can use the inverse function theorem to develop differentiation formulas for the inverse trigonometric functions Inverse Trignometric Function 09 | Bansal Classes. Home. Courses. Bull's Eye Engineering. BE 1 (2021-22) BE 2 (2021-22) BE 2020. Bull's Eye Medical. BM (2021-22 Inverse Functions. Videos and lessons with examples and solutions to help High School students learn how to find inverse functions. Solve an equation of the form f (x) = c for a simple function f that has an inverse and write an expression for the inverse. For example, f (x) =2x3 or f (x) = (x+1)/ (xֱ) for x ≠ 1

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Inverse Trig Functions Inverse: the angle whose (trig function) is x Let's Talk About Inverses! PowerPoint Presentation What About Cosine? What About Tangent? Sin, Cos, Tan - Inverses When evaluating the inverse sine function, it helps to remember the phrase the arcsine of x is the angle (or number) whose sine is x Video: Equation of tangent line for inverse function; Switching Variables; Section 4: Derivatives of all Inverse Trig Functions; Inverse Trig Derivatives; Video: Inverse Trig Derivatives, Example 1; Video: Inverse Trig Derivatives, Example 2; Quiz: Inverse Trig Derivatives NEXT. PREV. 8.4 Composite and Inverse Functions The Composition of Functions The composition of the function f with g is denoted by f g and is defined by the equation (f g)(x)=f(g(x)) The domain of the composite function f g is the set of all x such that 1. x is in the domain of g and 2. g(x) is in the domain of f.. Lesson 7-6 Function Operations. Lesson 7-7 Inverse Relations and Functions. Lesson 7-8 Graphing Square Root and Other Radical Function . Chapter 7 Review (Spring 2015) Chapter 7 Solutions (Spring 2015) Lesson 7.1-7.4 Review 2011 Ch. 7 Review 2011 . Chapter 8 Exponential and logarithmic Functions. Lesson 8-1 Exploring Exponential Model

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The Lesson. A function and its inverse function can be plotted on a graph. If the function is plotted as y = f (x), we can reflect it in the line y = x to plot the inverse function y = f−1(x). Every point on a function with Cartesian coordinates (x, y) becomes the point (y, x) on the inverse function: the coordinates are swapped around Students will practice work with inverse functions including identifying the inverse functions, graphing inverses and more. Example Questions. Directions: Find the inverse of each function. Challenge Problems. Part II . Resources. Inverse Function; Relations and Functions-- everything you might want to know. 2 Algebra 2 - 2.2.4 Guided Notes Unit 2 Topic 2 Inverse Functions Apply Lesson Objectives Learners can: Apply understanding of inverse functions to solve real-world problems Vocabulary: composite function, inverse function Let's imagine that we are building a house (For a preview, watch DE video on page 2 of the lesson) Let C=cost and a=area Lot cost: Cost per square foot of the area: Area.

This lesson explains the inverse properties of a logarithmic function. Click Create Assignment to assign this modality to your LMS. We have a new and improved read on this topic View What did you learn from this lesson.docx from ALGEBRA 2 at Harvard University. 1. What did you learn from this lesson? 2. Can you explain the process on how to find the inverse of a function? 3 Unit 1 - Linear Functions Lesson #1: Parent Functions and Transformations: Vertical & Horizontal Shifts and Reflections Lesson #2: Parent Functions and Transformations: Stretches, Shrinks, Domain & Range Lesson #3: Modeling with Linear Equations Lesson #4: Linear Regression and Correlation Coefficient Lesson #5: Solving Linear Systems: Two Variables Lesson #6 Part A: Solving Linear Systems

Sinusoidal Functions Graph, or identify the graph of, a sinusoidal function. Write an equation for a given sine or cosine graph. Determine the amplitude, period, phase shift, vertical shift, and range of sinusoidal functions. Inverse Functions Evaluate expressions containing inverse trig functions. Identify the graphs of the inverse trig functions pc_10.4_solutions.pdf: File Size: 744 kb: File Type: Download File. Corrective Assignmen Pre-AP Algebra 2 Lesson 2 - Using inverse functions to find the range; Graphing the logarithmic function Objectives: Students will be able to find the range of f by finding the domain of f-1.Students will be able to graph the logarithmic function by graphing the inverse of the exponential function Get Free NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 2 Inverse Trigonometric Functions. Class 12 Maths Inverse Trigonometric Functions Ex 2.1, Ex 2.2, and Miscellaneous Questions NCERT Solutions are extremely helpful while doing your homework or while preparing for the exam. Inverse Trigonometric Functions Class 12 Maths NCERT Solutions were prepared according to CBSE marking scheme and guidelines Trigonometry. Trigonometry helps you understand any topic that involves distances, angles, or waves. The trig functions (sin, cos, and tan) show up all over science and engineering. 1. Radians