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  3. 3'-4' tree (typically a 24/approx. 100-150 pound root ball) $89.95 4'-5' tree (typically a 28/approx. 250-300 pound root ball) $129.95 5'-6' tree (typically a 32/approx. 350-450 pound root ball*) $159.95 *We do not recommend purchase of the 32 root ball unless you have a skid steer or tractor to assist at your end
  4. Baby Blue Spruce Appearance. Baby Blue is a mid-sized spruce that reaches heights of between 15 and 20 feet, and usually spans anywhere from six to ten feet across. If left to grow naturally it takes on the typical pyramid shape seen in many conifers; its branches are horizontal and grow right down to the ground
  5. Baby Blue Eyes Spruce 25% OFF NEW SHIPMENT: Size: Regular Price: Sale Price: 6′ $540: $405: 6.5′ $585: $439: 7′ $735: $515: 7.5′ $788: $591: 8′ $880: $660: Fat Albert Spruce SOLD OUT: Size: Regular Price: Sale Price Blue Diamond Spruce 20% OFF NEW SHIPMENT: Size: Regular Price Sale Price: 8.5′ $680: $544: 9′ $720: $576: 9.5.
  6. Colorado Blue Spruce Tree. It's the wax on the Blue Spruce's needles that create its color, this color may vary if the wax is worn away from weather elements like snow, hot sun or other exposure. Call 866-982-0431 for Availability and Pricing. Sale price. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50

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  1. 8 - 9'. $449.00. Columnar Blue Spruce. Very upright. Columnar form. Greenish blue color. (20'h x 5'w) 6 -7'. $349.00
  2. Colorado Blue Spruce Evergreen trees for Christmas tree balled and burlaped landscape sales. Pricing for Evergreen Trees from Reiss Tree Farm: Price list is for #1 quality trees. Park quality trees have a slight imperfection, ideal for boundaries, hedge rows, etc. For the park quality tree take 10% off the regular price
  3. Norway Spruce. The Norway Spruce is a pyramidal tree that can grow to a height of about 60 feet in cultivation. It's suitable for cold climates and will thrive even through the harshest winters in the USA. On the other hand it doesn't like heat and isn't a good choice in the southern parts of the country
  4. Colorado Blue Spruce Picea pungens glauca Zone 3-8 Height 40-80' occasionally to 150 feet . Habitat. In it's native range the Colorado Blue Spruce is found in small patches on river bottoms or in stands on north facing slopes. Blue spruce do not like standing water so make sure your site is not continually wet
  5. 3.75-Gallon Colorado Blue Spruce Feature Tree in Pot (L3937) Model #NURSERY. Beautiful Trees Grow at Lowe's. If you're exploring tree options for your lawn or garden, Lowe's has you covered. On Lowes.com, you can search trees by type to find the right selections for your landscaping needs
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  7. Colorado Blue Spruce 6-8 ft ($120-$160) | Little Creek Farms Inc. Home / Colorado Blue Spruce 6-7 ft 6ft-7ft tall Colorado Blue Spruce in excellent condition for $150 each. These trees are hardy and long living, in various shades of blue to green

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Once found, the fame of this blue spruce spread quickly, and today it is one of our most widely planted landscape trees as well as the state tree of Colorado. When writing Handbook on Conifers in 1969, Henry Tuescher, curator emeritus of the Montreal Botanical Garden, called the Colorado blue spruce one of the five finest conifers Here is a partial list. Approximate cost for large shade trees is $250.00 per caliper inch measured at base of tree. Evergreen trees 13-20 feet tall are $1395.00 each. This cost includes tree, delivery, planting, initial watering and mulching and a 1-year warranty. We will also provide detailed advice on care of tree 20% Off Your Lowe's Advantage Card Purchase: Accounts Opened in Store: One-time 20% off discount is not automatic; you must ask cashier to apply discount (bar code) at time of in-store purchase.Accounts opened online, via Text-to-Apply or QR code: You will receive one-time 20% off coupon/promotional code, which may be used in store or online. Max discount is $100 with this offer Colorado Blue Spruce trees thrive best in Zones 2-8 Colorado Blue Spruce trees are medium-sized evergreen trees that can grow to around 80 - 100 ft tall, with a typical spread of about 10 - 20 ft. They are very distinctive and easily stand out from other evergreen and pine trees thanks to their silvery-blue, blue-green needles Unique Blue-Grey Foliage on a Space-Saving Evergreen Why Blue Wonder Spruce Trees? The Blue Wonder Spruce is changing the evergreen game with its eye-catching bluish grey foliage that lasts year-round. Its unique hue stands out in the landscape and complements other plants like no other, delivering rich variation that sets your home apart. And since it only grows to about 6 feet tall and 2 to.

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$250.00 per caliper inch | ex. 6 X $250.00= $1500.00 | Installation with 90 tree spade >> Colorado Blue Spruce Tree. State of MN Licensed Tree Grower Arbor Hill Tree Farm Jerry and Lisa Knutson 6520 Keats Avenue South Cottage Grove, Minnesota 55016 (651) 459-502 The Colorado Spruce is a slow growing (6-12 inches per year) evergreen that has a needle that can be green, bluish, or bluish silver that are about 1 inch long. Color can be very variable and the needles are very sharp and can really poke when mowing around larger plants. It does not shed its needles but keeps them for 10 years or longer.

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The following trees and shrubs are available in the field at various heights from 1 to 20 feet depending on variety: * Norway Spruce - $20.00 per foot height * Blue Spruce - $25.00 per foot height * White Pine - $15.00 per foot height * Eastern White Cedar - $5.00 per foot height * Austrian Pine - $20.00 per foot. Its price starts at $ 19, and the highest price is $ 69. The lower cost is due to the fact that Baby Blue is propagated by seeds, which is easier than grafting. In the middle is Fat Albert. Prices range from $ 24-175 All, I am considering having a number of blue spruce moved from one location to another on the same property. They are all ~25' tall and in good health. l am wondering what the probabilities of success and approximate cost might be? Thank you. [edit] Zone 6, sorry

More expensive varieties of trees include blue spruce, which can cost $350 or more. Larger trees can easily top $500, and these are the ones that will require equipment and professional installation, so the total cost will be exponentially higher Dwarf Alberta spruce trees may eventually reach 12 feet in height, but only over a long period of time (growing just 2-4 inches per year). They have a classic Christmas tree shape. The green needles have a tight, densely-packed growth habit that gives dwarf Alberta spruce trees a fuzzy look. Zone 4 H (4′) W (6′ stevegiguere : Calculation: local estimate for a 2 tree is approximately $250(your local estimate may vary a little) the cross section is 3.1 Base Value is 250 / 3.1= $80.64 Cross section: 15 = approx $177.5 (this would be your replacement tree size) Species class: 1.0 Condition Class: 1.0 Location Class: .85 80.64X177.5X1.0X1.0X.85 = $12,167 this is high so based on the current market I.

Weeping Blue Spruce Trees for Sale Online. Weeping Blue Spruce is a lovely dwarf weeping evergreen accent tree that will reach 6 to 8 feet in 10 years. A highly sought after tree, with bright blue fine needles, it makes a stunning visual impact on the landscape; very hardy and adaptable For example, a blue spruce can cost $350 to $500. As for the moving costs, the website also notes some companies may charge by the hour, usually $60 to $70, while some will add mileage and/or offer a fixed price for the job Potted- 1 Diameter (approx. 8-10′ tall) $125.00 Each (pick up price) | Delivery and Planting add $85.00 per tre

Blue Spruce (Picea pungens) - The Blue Spruce is a very common Spruce tree. It grows to be about 50 to 75 feet and has a spread of 10-20 feet at maturity. It has a medium growth rate and does very well in full sun conditions for most of the day It was 220 feet tall, 9 feet across and branch free 80% of its height. It was growing in a person's backyard. Similarly, a massive black locust harvested from a city park in Boston, fetched an impressive $30,000 and Boston is not alone. Many municipalities across the country short of cash are harvesting trees from city parks to manage their. 2 ½ 6' 28 560# 3 7-8' 30 720# 3 ½ 9' 34-36 1000# 4 10' 38-40 1200# *Based on American Nursery Standards. **Weight will vary due to soil and moisture content. We encourage our customers to be safe if you are planting your own tree, otherwise give Superior Garde

Moving 8 or 9 foot blue spruce is a terrible, if not impossible job without special tree digging/moving equipment. With all due respect to Ken, I think a 3 foot root ball would be on the small side if you want a really good chance of survival annlanders. 12 years ago. I'm trying to decide the best thing to do. The previous homeowners hired a landscaping company which planted a Colorado Blue Spruce tree close to the house about 10 years ago. The trunk is approximately 10 1/2 feet from the foundation, and the tree now stands about 20 feet (as high as where the roof begins. It has beautiful blue-gray foliage and a lovely compact form. This dwarf evergreen is an excellent alternative to dwarf Alberta spruce and it looks great in winter container plantings, too. Slowly reaching 6 feet in height, 'Blue Wonder' is only 3 feet wide at maturity and has a naturally dense conical form. 4

Colorado Blue Spruce. Starting at Member Price $4.99 Regular Price $6.99 . Eastern White Pine. Starting at Member Price $4.99 Regular Price $6.99 . Green Giant Arborvitae. Starting at Member Price $7.99 Regular Price $10.99 . Eastern Redcedar. Starting at Member Price $7.99 Regular Price $10.99 . Guaranteed Healthy Delivery Vickerman Colorado Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree. Vickerman. $405.94 - $3,044.88. Sale. Sold and shipped by Vickerman. a Target Plus™ partner. Free standard shipping. Choose options. 7.5ft National Christmas Tree Company Full North Valley Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree Multicolored 1-2', 4-5 yr old trees A must in every yard, the Colorado Blue Spruce were a sell-out last year and this year they're even better. Glistening, steel blue coloring and graceful conical shape. The trees are perfect for transplanting. You'll receive select, nicely branched 4 year old transplanted..

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Under 6 Feet Perfect for tabletops and secondary rooms. 6 - 6.5 Feet Designed for homes with low to average ceiling heights. 7 - 7.5 Feet Designed to fit most homes with average ceiling heights. 8 - 9 Feet Perfect to showcase in homes with high ceilings for a grand display. 10 - 14 Feet Perfect for public places or rooms with high ceilings DETAIL. Grows 10 to 15 ft. tall and wide in 10 years; 40 ft. tall, 20 ft. wide in time. Conifer; prized for foliage. This is the ideal Spruce for the small garden. Reaching just fifteen feet tall, it is excellent for front lawns in the most limited landscapes, or use as a background foliage plant behind beds and borders

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Shopping 6 easy product swaps for a plastic-free July. Mulch trees with 4 inches of organic mulch out to the dripline. Shredded tree limbs, shredded bark, pine needles and other forms of mulch can. Pyramidal and graceful when mature. Norway Spruce have beautiful spreading branches with drooping twigs. The needles persist for 3-4 years and are dark green and blunt compared to Blue Spruce. The cones on a Norway Spruce are long (4-6) purple when young (see picture below). Norway has good survival in ice storms

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Look for ways to hide your strategic pruning cuts back within the canopy, to avoid seeing harsh stub ends. Our expert team is here to help you select and purchase investment-grade evergreen trees for your landscape today! Email us at info@naturehills.com or call our Nature Hills plant experts at 888.864.7663 Picea pungens is the state tree of Colorado and Utah. The variety 'Glauca' is a Latin word that indicates a grayish-blue color and has been given to the silvery-blue forms of the species that are selected for the ornamental nursery trade. Average Size at Maturity. Reaches 10-12 ft. tall in 10 years; 40-60 ft. tall, 10-20 ft. wide with age

The Colorado spruce (P. pungens) grows from 30 to 65 feet tall in a conical shape. It has a 10- to 20-foot canopy and grows about 24 inches each year. The Colorado spruce is hardy in USDA zones 3. A truly cold-adapted tree, Black Hills Spruce is resistant to winter injury and performs well, regardless of harsh winter conditions. As well, this tree is very long-lived. In fact, some Black Hills Spruce have lived 150 to 350 years! Black Hills is an excellent variety of White Spruce with short, pointed needles Colorado spruce (Picea pungens) is commonly called blue spruce for the pale-blue cast of its needles. Blue spruce provides winter interest as well as shelter for birds and animals. It grows slowly, eventually reaching a mature height of 60 feet or more. Like most conifers, it needs little to no pruning for maintenance Montgomery Dwarf Colorado Blue Spruce - Grows Only 4 feet Tall - 1 Year Live Plant. 2.6 out of 5 stars. 16. $24.97. $24. . 97. $9.75 shipping

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Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost; 1. Small tree: each tree is four to six feet tall in a 5 gallon pot; includes transport, site preparation, equipment, and miscellaneous supplies. $75: each: 5: $376: 2. + Labor Cost: $38: per hour: 4: $152: Total Cost $106 per tree 5 $52 9-10'. $200. 34. 500. ( add $5 per foot for slower growing trees ) ( tree caliber is the width of the trunk measured 6 from the ground ) ( tree caliber, height, price, ball size and weight is an estimate only ) Evergreen Tree comparison chart. Tree price includes a fresh dug tree wrapped in burlap and wire basket (B&B tree) or a younger. Photos 6-7. Left, Gall caused by Cooley spruce adelgid. Right, Needle damage caused by mites. Photo credits: Jill O'Donnell, MSU. Why are we seeing increased decline in blue spruce trees? There are a number of factors contributing to the decline we see in blue spruce trees, including environmental changes, poor site conditions and new pathogens Tip 2 - Transplant Your Spruces Away from the House. This is an important and often-neglected point. The roots of the spruce can go deep into the ground in search of water and they can become quite strong. The trees themselves can grow as high as 60 feet and can occupy a horizontal space of 15 to 20 feet. That is the reason you need to plant.

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Estimated Cost: $30 It is fairly common for a young tree to lean if it encounters extreme weather conditions like heavy rains, ice storms, heavy snow, or strong winds or is planted in unstable soil. In cases where a small tree leans only slightly, you might not need to do anything at all Types: Scotch pine, Norway spruce and blue spruce. Cost: $25. Cohoctah Meadows, 11450 Durand Road, Cohoctah Township. 517-552-1663 e-mail prmaws@aol.com. Hours: Saturday and Sunday 9-5 2 ½ - 3 hours from connecticut. 1 hour from philadelphia pa. 2 hours 15 minutes from lancaster pa. 1 hour from manhattan ny. 1 ½ hours from long island ny. 1 hour 15 minutes from westchester n I am also considering trimming about 10 - 20 feet of the branches from the bottom of my very large spruce tree. My primary concern is the health of the tree. The reason I am considering this is two-fold: 1. I need to get more light in the area surrounding the tree so I can get a garden going, and 2

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Compare our rates with top travel sites in 10 seconds. Blue Spruce Bed & Breakfast 07.15 - 07.16.2021. 43 rates from. 43 rates from. 28$. per night. CHECK. 34 deals from. 34 deals from Rooting Habit- Young seedlings of blue spruce are shallow rooted, with roots penetrating the soil only about 6.4 cm. Even in mature trees, the root system of blue spruce is relatively shallow, compared to that of Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine, adapting it to the moist site on which it usually grows Average Cost of Tree Maintenance in Parker. There are a variety of factors that contribute to the overall cost of trimming or pruning a tree. Smaller trees cost less than larger ones, for example. Keeping an Amur Maple in shape might only cost $200 or so, but trimming a 100-foot blue spruce might cost $740 or more 6.5-Foot Pre-Lit Madison Pine White Artificial Christmas Tree ($39) at Walmart. This white tree is impressive, particularly for the reasonable cost. (And we love one reviewer whose children call this the birthday cake tree.) Choose white with clear lights, or you can get this same tree with blue or multicolored lights if you prefer Spectacular Gray-Blue Foliage Blue Wonder Spruce (Picea glauca 'Blue Wonder') doesn't get lost in a sea of green landscape plants. Its stunning gray-blue foliage offers a shimmery contrast to monotone landscape palettes. Extremely cold-tolerant, Blue Wonder Spruce is also a dwarf evergreen that grows to only 6 feet tall. It delightfully graces small yards by bringing large-scale beauty to.

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Cedar Blue Atlas Weeping: 6/7' $199.99: Spruce Globosa #5 pot: $36.99 : Corylus Contorta #5 pot: $82.99: Spruce Globosa. 50% down payment due up front for installed trees. Wholesale trees paid in full upon pick up. *Note: These prices are for installations. For a list of wholesale tree prices, call 317.445.9369. Custom labor rate for digging out debris or roots and stumps is billed out at $60 per man hour It grows well while young and matures at 50-75′; 10′-20′ spread in the landscape. 4-5 feet $77. 5-6 feet $87. 6-7 feet $107. 7-8 feet $117. 8+ feet email for pricing. CONCOLOR FIR: The beautiful White (or Concolor) Fir has light-colored bark and silver blue-green needles. Tolerates most soils and drought

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Our Company and Our Commitment - Minnesota Wholesale Trees is a 40 acre tree farm located in central Minnesota, established in 2005. We are a family owned and operated tree farm. We had a vision of growing a variety of trees on the property, taking pride in the care and beauty of the trees and eventually selling at a wholesale price for other s to enjoy the trees the way we have Black Hill Spruce - Picea Densata | Zones 2 - 6 Thick pyramidal shape making an excellent privacy fence. Moderate growth rate of 8-12 per year requiring little pruning. Dark green to blue-green needles to 3/4 in length. Tolerant of the worst conditions, poor soil, tolerant of drought once established. Full sun to partial shade (4+ hours of sun) 87 Black Hills spruce and 101 Colorado Blue spruce left for sale. Trees range from 4'-6' tall and prices start at $49.. Spruce Point Tree Farm is a wholesale blue spruce tree farm in Colorado that has become a trusted source for hearty, beautiful, high-altitude Colorado blue spruce trees. Once our trees are big and healthy, we sell them to the wholesale market by the truckload in sizes ranging from 6 feet tall all the way up to 20 feet tall A popular ornamental conifers the Colorado blue spruce (or simply, blue spruce) is a truly magnificent evergreen. Silvery blue-green coloring and perfect conical shape make this tree a great landscape focal point for commercial and residential properties. It is also widely used for privacy or a windbreak and is deer resistant

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6 Foot. 7 Foot. 8 Foot. 9 Foot. 10 Foot. Blue Spruce. $60. $60. $60. N/A. N/A. Fraser Fir. $53. $59. $70. $85. $100. Douglas Fir. $44. $50. $55. N/A. N/A. A typical wreath for a door or window would cost between $17 and $30. We don't grow Douglas Firs because there are problems growing Douglas Fir and Blue Spruce on the same farm, and. COVID update: Blue Spruce Heating and Cooling has updated their hours and services. 6 reviews of Blue Spruce Heating and Cooling I can't say enough about Chris Cannata and Jeff Neveau. The blower in my furnace went out right before a major snowstorm. I was relying on my fireplace and oven to heat my house and I was worried. They tried to walk me through the process and I was up against a. Included is a foot pedal switch to control 10 different light colors and actions. Bulb Type: LED; Foliage Lushness: Lush; Tree Family: Spruce; This tree is perfect. It is beautiful and we love the different light choices. It has a nice, full shape and tops off at just 6 feet. Very satisfied.. Christina. Rochester, NY. 2019-12-08 13:13:3 Smith Evergreen is a national wholesale nursery supplier of evergreens and has been for over 65 years. We pride ourselves on survival rates and dig trees fresh for every order. All of our nursery stock is grown and nourished in some of northeastern Ohio's best clay soils, which means our customers get healthy, vibrant trees that will continue.

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Norway Spruce, white spruce tree and Blue Wonder Spruce. Prices start at : 79.95 USD / 5 GAL 2 to 3 feet . Minor elements that are not included in the three numbers listing on the front of fertilizer bags are very important considerations when choosing your fertilizer. Always, read the label on your fertilizer bag, and follow the instructions The size of the tree. As you would guess, a 12-14' tree is much more difficult to transport than a little sapling. A bigger tree takes more time to move and requires a bigger hole dug as well. The size of the crew. Depending on how big the tree is, it may take more than one person to move or plant it. Bonus

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If there is a particular variety or size of tree you are seeking, and you don't see those trees listed on our website at arborhilltrees.com, please call at 402.895.3635 or e-mail us at ArborHills@cox.net with your request - and we may be able to locate the type of trees you are looking for. Arbor Hills Tree Farm, LLC is a family owned business 4-6 inches/foot: 9: 91: Needle or broadleaf evergreen spreading shrubs: 2 ft spread: 16: 6 inches/foot of spread: 10: 124: Needle or broadleaf evergreen upright shrub: 2 ft. tall: 14: 2-4 inches/foot of height: 9: 91: Needle leaf evergreen tree: 9 ft. tall (or) 3 in caliper: 32: 6-12 inches/inch caliper above 3 caliper: 21: 86 You can find classic Douglas and Fraser firs, along with Scotch pines, blue spruce, and noble firs, too. The Home Depot's fresh trees are a little less expensive than other online retailers—a 5- to 6-foot Douglas fir costs about $100, and a Fraser fir of the same size is an even $90

Product Title. Karmas Product 6 Feet Artificial Christmas Pine Tree White Xmas Tree Realistic Snowy Branches 212 Tips Full Tree with Solid Metal Stand & Decoration. Average Rating: ( 4.7) out of 5 stars. 3. ratings, based on 3 reviews. Current Price $29.99 About OasisCraft Premium Christmas Tree OasisCraft 6.5 foot Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree features a full profile with sleek, multi-toned PVC Classic Needle foliage. Its light gray, blue-green, and moss green needles are complemented by sturdy branches in a brown hue. Compressed for shipping, the outside Christmas tree requires some time to shape the branches The Tree: Living, 25-foot blue spruce from Washington, D.C. (1931). Damaged again by the strain and heat of yearly trimming and lighting, the tree was replaced again in the spring of 1931. The new tree was replanted from the nursery of the Office of Public Buildings and Public Parks A case in point is a blue spruce growing in an 88-year-old client's yard. His neighbor wanted it cut down because he considered it an eyesore. It had spruce gall and mites and was losing needles. Welcome to Ohio Trees, buy evergreens quality direct from the grower! Ohio Trees is a locally owned evergreen tree nursery located in the heart of Carroll County, Ohio. We feature a great selection of quality trees to choose from. Delivery options and online ordering are available. We are a member of The Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association Red pine (Pinus resinosa): 80 feet tall by 40 feet wide, medium growth rate, upright form, full sun; the state tree of Minnesota.Also called Norway pine. Tannenbaum Mugo pine (Pinus mugo var. uncinata 'Tannenbaum'): 12 feet tall by 6 feet wide, slow growth rate, compact pyramidal form, full sunNorway spruce (Picea abies): 80 feet tall by 30 feet wide, medium-to-fast growth rate, pyramidal form.