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RV Load Inflation Tables TIRE LOAD LIMITS (LBS.) AT VARIOUS COLD INFLATION PRESSURES • NEVER exceed the sidewall markings for the maximum loads and inflation pressures Note: Letters in parentheses indicate the Load Range for which Bold Face loads are maximum Tire Size PSI 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 8 Tire Size PSI 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 105 110 115 120 125 130 215/75R17.5 Dual lbs. 2570 2715 2860 3000 3140 3280 3420(F) - - - - - - U.S.A. or Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd., for any damage or loss coming from any undetected errors or any misprint. LOAD AND INFLATION TABLES 73 Load & Inflation Table Application Guide. For a complete list of published load and inflation tables, refer to the following organizations: The Tire and Rim Association, Inc. The European Tyre and Rim Technical organization. For additional assistance, please contact our Consumer Relations Department by email or phone at 800-442-8696 (6:30am to.

1. Locate tire information placard to confirm OE tire size and cold inflation pressure. (The tire information placard can be found on the vehicle door edge, door jam, glove-box door, or inside of the trunk lid.) An example of a T.I.P. is shown in Figure 3. 2. Identify the standard used (TRA for P-metric, LT-metric, and flotation sizes and ETRTO fo I have the TOYO RV tire guide in front of me. The 245/70 22.5 shows 80psi for 3915 tire load in dual use so that would be 7830 load. Next down is 75psi for 3765 so that would be 7530, 75 is the minimum that they show for that tire and you should never go below that. 80 psi on the front is 3975 and 75 psi is 3810 and the lowest the chart goes So doing a little research I reviewed the Toyo psi chart for the LT225/75R16 . The chart shows pressures for these tires as low as 35# based on load . The psi shown on the tire sidewalks is 80# which I understand to be for recommended maximum load , but the Tioga door jamb sticker shows 65F/60R AND PRESSURE ON SIDEWALL RV Tires 10 WHEEL DIAMETER - 16 For RV use only, Michelin displays tire loads per axle end in the load and inflation tables, as we recommend weighing each axle end separately and using the heaviest end weight to determine the axle's cold inflation tire pres-sure. For control of your RV,it is critical the tire pressures Tire Inflation Tables. Michelin RV & Truck Tires. Goodyear RV Tires (Including ST Tires) Goodyear Truck Tires (Including 17.5 Tires) Bridgestone Truck Tires. Firestone Truck Tires. Firestone Truck TireData Book. B.F. Goodrich Truck Tires. Hankook Truck Tires

Toyo RV Tires are produced by the Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp., a company that has been operating for more than 70 years now. They explain: We offer a complete selection of premium replacement tires for nearly every make and model including light trucks, SUVs, high-performance cars, and luxury vehicles, as well as commercial trucks. Most RV tires should be filled between 40 and 80 PSI. The exact pressure depends on the load range of your tires and how much weight the RV is carrying. There are 3 methods to determine the correct tire pressure: Use the Max pressure found on the tire's sidewall.Use the values on your RV's tire information sticker.Calculate the pressure using your RV's axle weight and tire load charts RV trailer tires should normally be set to the pressure indicated on the sidewall unless it causes a severe over inflation situation (20psi over recommended inflation pressure to carry the load) often referred to as the Basketball effect. If this is the situation allow a 10-15psi safety margin above the minimum required inflation pressure. METRIC WIDE BASE Radial Tires for Trucks, Buses & Trailers Used in Normal Highway Service TIRE SIZE DESIGNATIONUSAGE Tire Load Limits (kg./lb.) at various Cold Inflation Pressures. Pressure Listed is the Minimum for the Load kPa 520 550 590 620 660 690 720 760 790 830 860 900 psi 75 80 85 90 95 100 105 110 115 120 125 130 255/70R22.5 DUAL kg. You go by the sticker in your RV (or motorhome, car, or truck). The pressure listed on the sidewall of the tire is the max cold pressure, not a recommendation for inflation. It's the most air pressure that should ever be in that tire. A tire and loading sticker showing the vehicle's original tires and their recommended PSI

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weighs more than the other, use the heaviest of the two end weights to determine the unique tire pressure for all tires on the axle. The maximum cold pressure for each axle may vary, depending on their weights. These tables are applicable for all RV axles, whether or not they are power-driven. Wheel Diameter 16 PSI 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 8 Having said that using the TOYO chart https://www.toyotires.com/media/1475/rv_inflation_tables.pdfI get 105 psi for the front using your 5% safety measure, though I would probably run 100 psi as the 100 psi rating is 4055 which is just a few pounds under your actual +5% weight Then I look at Toyo's chart which I have attached. For the front it is easy to look at the single tire row for this tire size on the chart and interpolate between 4140lbs and 4300lbs to set the pressure at 92lbs. For the rear I looked at the dual row and interpolated between 4055 lbs and 4195 lbs to arrive at a tire pressure of 103 The coach has a placard that says to inflate the front tires to 100 and the back tires each to 90 psi. 7600 lbs on the front axle or 3800/tire. If I add 10% this would be 4180 and the Toyo chart for 245/75R22.5 can bee interpolated to say I should inflate to 91.5 psi,and. 15040 lbs on the rear axle or 3760/tire. Urban All-Position Tire. The M154 is a deep all-position tire designed for regional to urban service in the highest-scrub environments, in which tread wear is the primary reason for tire removal. Users can typically expect a return on their investment in less than a year with this SmartWay-verified tire

RV trailer owners having tires with greater than 85 PSI max rating can use the manufacturer's tire load charts available below plus add a 25% margin. For trailers with max cold air pressure greater than 85 PSI, until the trailer has been weighed, never inflate less than the manufacturer label or the max cold air pressure molded on the tire To set the tire pressure properly. To ensure you're not over weight on the GVWR or either GAWR. Ideally you want corner weights (i.e., the weight on each of your 6 or 8 tires), but this is easier said than done. If you can hook up with the RV Weigh Mobile Weight Station company that specializes in corner weights for motorhomes, then go for it Always check the tire pressure. Locate your required RV tire pressure on the user manual. Add or deflate some air when needed. If storing the recreational vehicle, make sure to move it once a month at the very least. Use tire covers to protect the tire from the changing weathers and the sun. Q: How to protect RV tires Not long after the purchase we realized that we needed to replace the original tires and we purchased 6 new 265/75R/22.5 Toyo's. Being new to the DP Coach game we went along with tire shop's inflation advice of 100psi all round. Subsequently, we found this site and the discussions cocerning the proper way to set the tire pressure(s)

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Yes, Toyo M122 tires were standard on Alpine Coach motorhomes until about 2006. I replaced the steer tires on my 2001 34-foot coach at 30,000 miles in 2005, substituting the premium M147s. Replaced the rear tires with M122s at 52,000 miles in 2006. Replaced one front tire in January 2010 (M147 again) at 92,000 miles and the other in November. 4 MICHELIN® RV Tires MAINTAINING RECREATIONAL VEHICLE TIRES THE IMPORTANCE OF INFLATION PRESSURE The most critical factor in tire maintenance is proper inflation. Driving on any tire that does not have the correct inflation pressure is dangerous and will cause tire damage. Improper pressure for the weight of the vehicl

If you don't have a tire pressure/load chart for your tires (or the ones you are considering), get one from your dealer. It will show you what pressure you need to carry any specific load. Tires that carry 6175 pounds load at 120 pounds pressure may carry 5850 pounds at 110 pounds pressure Per the Toyo inflation chart I have more air than needed. Something I have noticed with these Toyo's is they run hotter than any other tire I have ever ran. Nothing crazy, but the rears where probably 100°-110° yesterday on a 83° day. The most I have on the rear axle is 7500lbs and per Toyo I have air for 8,000lbs The more advanced RV'er will use a Tire Monitoring device that monitors tire pressure in each tire and reports it to a small hand held device in the driver area. They can be set to Alarm at certain air pressure lose. Obviously, these devices are extremely useful and can save a slow leaking tire from becoming a major crisis Michelin tire dry rot and aging chart. You might think I'm lucky since my tires still look good after more than seven years on the road. Maybe I am, but I helped my luck along by taking care of my tires in a way that most people don't bother doing and it's paying off with longer tire life. Below are the recommended ways to make RV tires last. According to the chart supplied by retired at 60 psi ( the recommended front tire pressure ) a Toyo Tires has a 3020 lb load limit. At 80 psi the load limit is 3640 per tire. I will definitely lower the rear pressure to 60 psi and monitor the tire wear. Even with my RV trailer attached I will not approach the rear tire load limit at 60 psi

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TIRE INFLATION EQUATION: Tire Weight / Tire Pressure = Load Capacity Pounds per PSI. Example: At 80psi, a 265/75R16 10ply itire will carry 3,085 pounds of load. At 60 psi on a 10ply tire, the tire's load carrying capacity is reduced to 2,314 pounds per tire. If the customer runs 65 psi in a 10 ply tire, his capacity is now able to carry 2,507. Tire Inflation Charts. Posted by Eric Johnson on Jul 31st 2018. After being weighed at each tire position, use the tire inflation charts below to determine the correct psi for your tires. B.F. Goodrich Truck Tires. Bridgestone Truck Tires. Continental Truck Tires Tire Pressure. by Jessie (Kempner, Texas) Question: I just recently bought a Diesel Pusher. The recommended pressure on the tires is 110 PSI, but all the tires on RV are at 90 PSI. Should I leave them at 90 PSI? Answer: All RVs have a plate somewhere that will tell you what the manufacturer recommends for maximum tire inflation pressure. By the. These Load and Inflation Tables are intended to provide assistance when replacing tires with optional tire sizes including plus sizes that may not be listed on the vehicle's tire information placard (T.I.P) or in the owner's manual. For inflation pressure recommendations for the original equipment (OE) size, refer to the tire information placard (T.I.P.) or owner's manual Newmar Owners Club. Join Date: May 2016. Posts: 809. Tire Pressure 245 70 R 19.5. Ok Im a little confused on what to set the tire pressure at.The cold presssure reading on the tire says max 120,however the inside plate in the motorhome says 82.Which would you set it at. Also would the duel tires in the back all be set at the same tire pressure

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  1. es the pressure required for all tires ON THAT AXLE. Step #2: Get the Load Chart for your tires and find the pressure required for the weight your tires are supporting. Step #3: Adjust the pressure to the recommended pressure shown in the Load Chart table
  3. Im looking for a recommendation for replacement RV tires. I currently have 6 Toyo M147, 11R22.5, 146/143L tires mounted on my 2004 Alpine Coach. Although the tires are in good shape and ride great, theyre now 8 years old and starting to show some uneven wear on the front tire edges and a slight b..
  4. purchase a quality truck tire pressure gauge with a dual-angled head. This allows the RV owners to check the pressure of the inner and outer dual wheels. And the easier it is to check the pressure, the more that the RV owner will do it. Nothing should restrict the RV owner's ability to check their tire pressure daily when driving their RV
  5. 10. Freestar M-108 Radial Trailer Tire. Our last product on this list, the Freestar M-108 Radial Trailer Tire, is an excellent option for an RV owner looking for a new set of best RV trailer tires. Honestly, it provides many different features that are extremely useful for the best travel trailer tires to buy
  6. These RV tires are rated for a load capacity of 4,675 pounds. The rim size is 22 inches and the tire diameter is 37 inches. The load index rating is 131. In our analysis, the Toyo Toyo M-154 All-Season Radial RV Tire, -245/75R22.5 131L placed 1st when we looked at the top 3 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below
  7. Re: Goodyear G670 RV Tire Pressures. Reply #2 - June 24, 2007, 04:27:38 pm. Yahoo Message Number: 32237. Harry, in my experience, the best tire pressure is 115 lbs on the front tires and 95 on the rear. 120 on the front even on the Goodyears with the soft shoulders feels to hard and transferrers each bump in the road. Hermann

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  1. Possible malfunctions include dropping pressure and locking brakes. Keeping an Eye on Your RV Tires. To ensure you get the most out of your RV tires, which should last no less than 10 years, Dave recommends paying close attention to the statistics you can find on the sidewall of every tire, be it single or dual
  2. Checking tire inflation pressure 4 best tire pressure gauges why you how to set the tire pressure in your rv how much air should i put in my tires remended tire pressure for a mazdaHow To Read A Tire Sidewall CooperHow To Check Tire Pressure Bridgestone TiresHow Do I Check My Tire Pressure ContinentalBike Tire Read More
  3. Had to get a sightly different size (the XRV were 235/80 22.5 - these Toyo are 245/75 22.5) but in comparing specs the diameters are within 1/16 of each other, the load ratings and tire pressures are exactly the same, and the Toyo tires weigh a few pounds more - meaning there is more material used in their construction

Based on your tire size, I probably start around 38-40 and explore handling qualities from there, up and down. For heavy towing, you may find max pressure in the rear and slightly higher than normal front pressures work well. Edited June 14, 2016 by spurshot. 1 Tires - Cross Country Trip - 33' Travel Trailer. By pfd701, Wednesday at 11:51 PM. goodyear. tires. (and 1 more) Tagged with: goodyear. tires. travel trailer Manufacturer of Sumitomo brand of tires for passenger, performance, light and medium truck vehicles. Products specifications

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The 215/85R16 Continental VancoFourSeason has a diameter of 30.4, a width of 8.5, mounts on a 16 rim and has 683 revolutions per mile. It weighs 38.2 lbs, has a max load of 2680/2470 lbs, a maximum air pressure of 80 psi, a tread depth of 12/32 and should be used on a rim width of 5.5-7. See all VancoFourSeason tire sizes Write a Review The M154 is a SmartWay verified tire for big rigs and regularly running trucks in industrial sizes. It is designed to provide even wear on all of the tire's services for those jobs which create high tread wear. The deep tread of 22/32 helps enhance the Toyo M154 tire's road life. Toyo's e-balance design system allows the tire to be used until. Do RV tires really have to be replaced every 5, 6 or 7 years? How can you tell how old your tires are? How can you make them last as long as possible? Here's..

All three classes of RVs have tires that can handle various motorhome weights and sizes. Class A RV tires are meant for vehicles that are 30 to 40 feet and weigh 15,000 to 30,000 pounds. You won't find bigger tires than these. Compare those to Class B RV tires. These are smaller and cannot support nearly as much weight Tire Toyo M920 245/70R19.5 133/131N G 14 Ply Drive Commercial. Tap item to see current price. See Price. Was: $382.79. FAST 'N FREE Access Free Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Guide your guide. Table of Contents. 10 Best RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reviews 2021. 1. EEZTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System 10 Best RV Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) in 2021 The direct TPMS will be attached to the back of the tire valve. TPMS Toyota Service Guide

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Towmax does not publish tables only the tire max load. TOYO RV tire care and Load & Inflation tables. Also a good overview of info on tires including Passenger tires. Truck size (22.5) info can be found HERE. Trailer King has tire spec sheet shat show the max load and required inflation HERE. Uniroyal LT size info. They say to use the Michelin. Tire Pressure Charts by Tire Size. Tire load and inflation tables with corresponding maximum tire load capacity and tire inflation pressures for popular tire sizes. When it comes to tire inflation, tire size designation is important as it identifies the type of service and the type of vehicle for which the tire was designed

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The raised numbers of the DOT Code are placed together and often enclosed in a raised oval. The first two numbers are the week the tire was manufactured. In the example below, 35 stands for week 35.. The second two numbers are the year the tire was manufactured. In the image below, we see the 07, indicating the tire was build in 2007 Tires alone C$399. Need to order in which will take about 10 or 11 days. Fountain Tire = Goodyear RV specific at $3500 all in for 6 tires. Also been reading about balance beads = again value any comments on these, lots of folks seem to think they make a huge difference, prices seeing from $6 per tire to $15

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I'll let you decide. But here is the Air Pressure & Load Chart for a LT275/65R18. Since the tires were at 31 psi cold, and the chart does not go below 35 psi, the tires were dangerously under inflated. Probably had a load carrying capacity of around 1800 lbs., and the actual weight on each rear tire was 2,020 lbs. per the chart I posted earlier What is the right tire pressure. Since maintaining your tires is so important to your safety and your car's overall performance, it's important to know what tire pressure is right for your vehicle. Air pressure in tires is measured in pounds per square inch, or PSI; usually, the recommended pressure ranges between 30 and 35 PSI Browse our tire conversion charts by wheel size or tire diameter to find the tire conversion you're looking for. Every tire size is listed with its metric measurements and inch size equivalent. If the tire conversion charts aren't for you don't forget to try out our tire calculators for individual tire conversions

The 215/85R16 Toyo Open Country A/T II has a diameter of 30.4, a width of 8.5, mounts on a 16 rim and has 683 revolutions per mile. It weighs 41 lbs, has a max load of 2680/2470 lbs, a maximum air pressure of 80 psi, a tread depth of 15.4/32 and should be used on a rim width of 5.5-7. See all Open Country A/T II tire sizes Tire Reviews [+ The tire placard tells you the maximum vehicle load, the cold tire pressure, and the tire size recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Air pressures may be different for front and rear tires. If your vehicle no longer is equipped with the OE size tires, consult your Toyo dealer for proper inflation information This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful

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Jack from RV Tires shares information about RV Tires.com How do you get the best value and discusses how you can avoid dangerous incidents with your tires? Jack shares his insight on how to be safe, buy great tires and the best warranty in the business. So, view the video and contact us with any questions Scion Tires and Wheels for the tC. Assetto Gara $172* Each of the four options will work with your 225/45-18 Original Equipment tires and accept the O.E. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors. If you prefer the look a wider tire, both 235/45-18 and 245/40-18 are compatible sizes. The 235/45-18 won't provide enough

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Thank You Michelin for this informative Video.This video is provided to every owner of a Motorhome on a New Freightliner ChassisEnjoy and Travel Safewww.bel.. Moderate underinflated tyre is a tyre in the range 20-49 kPa (0.2-0.49 Bar or 2.90-7.11 psi) under the recommended pressure. These definitions are based on Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 138 ( THE ROLE OF TYRE PRESSURE IN VEHICLE SAFETY,INJURY and ENVIRONMENT )

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Toyo Tire Canada Inc. offers a comprehensive TRUCK TIRE LIMITED WARRANTY AND CASING POLICY. Limited Warranty Manual - Medium Truck Tires; For additional assistance, please contact our Consumer Relations Department by email or phone. 1-877-682-TOYO (8696 Built for a wide range of vehicles, from CUVs to luxury SUVs. Toyo premium tires provide the ideal combination of refined performance, low noise and luxurious ride quality in a tire that lasts. Proxes tires deliver world-class performance through technologically advanced design features and unique, attractive tread patterns Many RV tire reviews indicate that this tire is chosen by drivers of commercial trucks due to its excellent grip and handling on both wet and dry roads. Whatever weather conditions a delivery company might encounter, this tire can handle it. Cost: This RV tire has a starting price of $163/tire. 7. Thunderer 225/70R19.5 Mid Siz The M154 ensures great durability. The reinforced high-tensile, open-cord construction maintains the tire's optimal shape under the driving and road pressure affecting the model. The stronger internal structure does not allow the tire to deform under the driving pressure affecting the model

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Our warranty is yet another reason why Toyo Tires is the right choice. Contact your local Toyo Tires Regional Sales Representative for additional details. For casings of an eligible tire within the warranty period, Toyo Tires will do the following: If the casing of an eligible tire with at least 2/32 remaining tread depth become Toyo Tires Australia has a wide range of premium tyres to suit your vehicle, whether it's a 4WD, SUV, passenger or performance car, bus, light or heavy truck TOYO M143 Radial Tire - 245/70R19.5 136N 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 Leao LLA78 All-Season Commercial All Position Radial Tire-235/75R17.5 235/75/17.5 235/75-17.5 141/140J Load Range H LRH 16-Ply BSW Black Side Wal Sam's Club created an easy-to-use online Tire Search tool to help you find the perfect set of tires online. Whether you drive a car, truck or SUV, all you need to do is add the year of your vehicle, the make and model of your vehicle and your vehicle's tire size. If you're not sure what your tire size is, there are two simple ways to find it