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conducted by OEM /maintenance contractor. A check list is attached to help in Risk assessment as Annexure 1: Checklist to Risk Assessment before Lift maintenance work. 6.1.5. For Risk assessment (HIRA /JSA) and lift maintenance , person including lift technician & engineers involved in lift works shall refer to the installation, operatio Risk Assessment for Lifting by Crane - Lifting operations risk assessment: While the information in hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk control measures are not exhaustive, the manual provides practical guidance for the safe operation of the crane, provided that the crane is used in accordance with the designers/manufacturer's recommendation for which the crane is designed and. Passenger/Services Lifts - Risk Assessment Template No. 17 (List additional hazards, risks and controls particular to your school using Template No.74) If there is one or more High Risk (H) actions needed, then the risk of injury could be high and immediate action should be taken. Medium Risk (M) actions should be dealt with as soon as possible work. It remains the responsibility of the company concerned to conduct its own risk assessment and provide the right preventive measures. Your business as a contractor or subcontractor and your life as a worker depend o Contractors undertaking installation work should also conduct a risk assessment prior to starting work and identify the hazards in the installation work taking into consideration the configuration of the lift shaft

HAZARD & RISK ASSESSMENT - ACCESS EQUIPMENT - VERTICAL MAST LIFTS Issue 2 -08/09/2011 Electric Push Around Vertical Masts or Electric Drivable Vertical Masts. Operator Requirements Purpose For Which Equipment Is Designed Operator(s) must be trained and competent to For safely elevating men, materials and tools to work at heigh Based on established risk assessment principles, the standard identifies where hazards can occur and, from a risk analysis viewpoint, illustrates these with proposed corrective actions. the standard recognises circumstances will vary between countries and from one lift to another. it provides a comprehensive check-list of such hazard 5. Safe System of Work of Lift Installation Works Page 11 6. Planning of Lift Installation Works Page 12 7. Provision and Maintenance of Temporary Works, Protective Measures, Plant and Equipment Page 17 8. Risk Assessment and Method Statement Page 23 9. Specific Precautions for Lift Installation Page 24 10 RISK ASSESSMENT. ACTIVITY: Installation of Glazing at Low Level. SITE: DATE: MAIN HAZARDS. Tripping when carrying panels. Falls from trestle scaffold. Dropping a panel . CONTROL MEASURES. Keep work area clear of rubbish. Lift panels evenly, no sudden movements. Ensure trestle scaffolds are even. Use only 110v tools. INFORMATION TO EMPLOYEE

the form of a toolbox talk, in accordance with the method statement and Risk assessment. This will ensure that all members of the team are aware of the sequence of works and the hazards present. • The Slinger/Signaller (SS) under the supervision of the lift supervisor will then check the condition of the lifting accessories for any defects APPENDIX 2 CONTROL SHEETS & FORMS The Royal Bank of Scotland Mentor Services RISK ASSESSMENT - SPECIFIC ACTIVITY/SITUATION CS - 3.2.1 - 005 WORKPLACE / ACTIVITY / EQUIPMENT BEING ASSESSED: Installation of Cladding to Exterior of Buildings - 18 to 27 Victoria Road REVIEW TIMESCALE: Annual PERSONS AT RISK- AFFECTED BY ACTIVITY: Installers NUMBER Risk Assessments Version Issue Date Mobile Scaffold Towers 3 May 2013 Working on Scaffolds 3 May 2013 Excavations 3 May 2013 to know weight of materials to be raised before commencement of lift. 10. If driver of crane cannot see load during whole of lifting operation, additional slinger/bankers will be used Risk Assessment & Method Statement Site / Depot / Office: Chelsea To Battersea RA / MS No: 01 Name of Author (print & sign): R.M.Scherdel Date: 18.4.16 Name of Approver1 (print & sign): P.Cull Date: Activity Title: Segmental shaft construction (7.5m and 5m ID diameter) Drive Shaft RA / MS Revisions / Confirmation of Review or Changes

The risk assessment investigates potential hazards associated with operation, maintenance, servicing, inspection, transportation and storage of the subject plant. To assist, HAULOTTE provides Operators and Maintenance manuals for the product which provides information regarding residual risks Risk Assessment for Shoring & Piling Operations 1. Introduction This safety guidance contains a generic list of possible hazards that may be present when planning and executing excavation and shoring related operations including piling. The list is not site specific however, nor does it attempt to be exhaustive Whilst the information in hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control measures is not exhaustive, Terex believes that the manual provides practical guidance for the safe operation of the crane, provided that the crane is used in accordance with the designers/manufacturer's recommendation for which the plant is designed and. Lifts, escalators and moving walkways. Lifts, escalators and moving walkways are used in many locations across NSW. These however can contribute to serious injury if not maintained. People with management or control of lifts, escalators and moving walkways have duties to ensure they operate safety and are regularly inspected and maintained Install the counter weight frame and insert into the counter weight guide rails and support the frame on to the buffer. CAR INSTALLATION: Lift the car platform into the shaft by the hoist and slide correctly it into the car guide rails. Support the platform on to the car buffers and make sure the platform is in level

Lift Installation Electromechanic: Apply risk assessments and implement risk control measures. Follow method statements in relation to specific work activities work responsibly in safety-critical environments. Risk Assessment, method statements and manufacturer instructions in relation to either installation, or service and repair.. Example risk assessment for maintenance work in a factory lorry or a lift truck. Good pedestrian/vehicle separate door for pedestrians to factory, marked walkways, railings installation. Fitter, contractors and relevant others discuss electrical safet

RISK ASSESSMENT SUMMARY Reference Numbers RA/1 - Pipework Installation RA/2 - Installing Ductwork RA/2A - Removing Ductwork RA/3 - Installing Gas Boiler √RA/4 - General Manual Handling of Materials/Equipment √RA/5 - Brazing and Bronze Welding, including use of oxy-acetylene RA/6 - Electric Arc Welding (Not in Confined Space Passenger lifts used by people at work. Passenger lifts and combined goods / passenger lifts in workplaces (eg offices and factories) which are primarily used by people at work, are subject to periodic thorough examination and inspection, as required by LOLER and PUWER.Guidance for lift owners and others responsible for the examination and testing of lifts is available in: Thorough examination. Risk Assessment -Construction Activities for Allawuna Farm Landfill Prepared by Bowman & Associates Pty Ltd Page 5 of 14 Table 4 below describes some of the typical risks that have been identified during the design phase, their impacts, assessed levels of risk and control measures that have been taken to mitigate them t Generic Risk Assessment 2.3 - Rescues from lifts and escalators 7 Machine room doors will normally be secured shut and they should only be forced open when keys are not available and access is required to meet the Incident Commander's objective. In the case of space saver lifts - known as a machine room less lift - the control functions.

Installation of bus bar starts from Main distribution board. During the installation. chain block (1-2 tons) will be used to lift the bus bar & its component to its proper position as per the approved drawing. During the installation process workers involved wears appropriate safety protection A full site-specific risk assessment must be undertaken before any work commences. Where contractors require assistance to develop and record such a risk assessment and the safe methods of operation to mitigate these risks, our safety partner Paramount Safety Systems will be happy to help. You can contact Paramount using the details provided below 4.15 Risk Assessment 35 4.16 Safe system of work 37 4.17 Fire safety measures in carrying out lift works or escalator works in buildings with occupants 5.2 Matters relating to installation of lifts or escalators 52 Type approval prior to commencement of installation works 52 Building works 53 Notification for commencement o PLATFORM LIFT CIBES A5000 (400/500 KG) The lift is delivered in ready-made modules with everything you need for installation, including a lift shaft made of steel or glass panels, which is assembled as the lift is built. The Cibes A5000 does not need a concrete lift shaft. The electrics of the lift are all plug & play, to ensure fast and easy.

Generic risk assessment 2.3: rescues from lifts and escalators Ref: ISBN 9780117540255 PDF , 2.29MB , 29 pages This file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology safe and intended functioning of the installation and its components following the completion of the installation and throughout its life cycle. Plant lift, lifting platform, escalator or moving walk to be maintained. Risk assessment comprehensive estimation of the probability and the degree of possible. Method Statement & Risk Assessment . Installation of Outfall Extension . Saltburn . Cromarty Firth . Date(s): Details of changes to the risk assessment, method statement or emergency plan are to be logged as Additional equipment Air Lift System/Underwater welding rig/ Underwater MP 'Specific' risk assessments are required by certain regulations. These regulations may contain a specific reference to the requirement for risk assessment or may refer to the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations for this requirement. It is difficult to assess the risk of a process unless a clear idea of logical steps is available. Risk assessment matrix A document that assists in quantifying risk Routine lifts Generally, these are lifts that are carried out on a regular basis that require no detailed engineering planning and which have been previously subject to a generic risk assessment and lift plan as appropriate, but see 4 and 4.2.

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Installation, use and maintenance, risk assessment manual lift s and forklift s; • care not to drag or push goods when in contact with the warehouse's Installation, use and maintenance, risk assessment manual, Slot-in shelves system Light Bi-Bloc. Installation, Operation and Examination of Passenger and Goods Lifts. This Safety Alert is issued by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) for the attention of those who have any responsibility for the safety of lifts including employers, property managers, facility managers and lift installation, maintenance or inspection companies METHOD STATEMENT & RISK ASSESSMENT th. Project: Superdrug - Unit 10, Regent Way, Hamilton, Scotland. Hi-Ab Operator: Slinger Banksman: A/C Installation Engineers: Genie Lift Hi-Ab equipped. 0.7 The ISO 22559 series of documents provides a process for assessment of conformity of lift systems, lift components or lift functions with the safety requirements specified in ISO 22559-1.It includes a structured methodology for establishing, documenting and demonstrating that necessary and appropriate protective measures are taken to eliminate hazards or sufficiently mitigate risks jobsite risk assessment A complete jobsite risk assessment should be performed prior to using the plant. To assist with this effort, Genie provides operators and service manuals which identifies some of the common residual risks for the plant. Every employer, user, and operator should review these residual risks and implement th

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  1. Title: Stairlift risk assessment_330243 Author: Megan Pinnell Last modified by: Megan Pinnell Created Date: 12/11/2015 10:45:00 AM Company: Newport City Counci
  2. imum clearances from overhead power lines. 7b. Barricade work areas. 7c. Insulate power lines. 7d. Look Up and Live (before and during operation
  3. Risk Description: Lifting heavy materials during the installation of cabinets, countertops and moldings can cause injury to muscles, nerves, discs and ligaments of the low back. Non-specific low back pain is not the result of a fall or some other acute traumatic injury, so it can be difficult to identify a specific event that led to the injury
  4. • Risk assessment tool contains instructions, risk assessment form, and a summary sheet. Forklift -pedestrian aisle risk assessments should be completed for each identified Installation of Physical Barriers Between Forklift and Pedestrian Aisles 3. Identification of Pedestrian Crosswalks 4. Installation of Gates at Pedestrian Crosswalk
  5. Job Description: Install, fix and maintain elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and other lifts Entry level education: High school diploma or equivalent, Apprenticeship program Median Pay: 77k/annum Job growth: 25% (Much faster than average) Source: United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistic
  6. 8.5 Risk Assessment and Safe Work Procedures Before carrying out any operation with a crane, a risk assessment must be undertaken. The assessment shall be in writing and shall take into account the following: i. The task to be carried out; ii. The range of methods by which the task can be done and the appropriateness of using th

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  1. Free Rewire Electrical Installation Risk Assessment Template. View basket Fork Lift Truck Operations Risk Assessment has been added to your basket. Sale! £4.99 £0.00. This document template can be edited, and is provided for download in a Microsoft Word Document. Once downloaded you are free to edit, save, print and use the Risk.
  2. Welcome to our download center. We provide professionally developed method statements, ITP's, checklists, risk assessments and other project quality, safety, planning and management related documents.. Our documents are provided in editable formats i.e. MS Word & MS Excel files. In order to understand what we can provide you can download and open one of our free construction method statement.
  3. Understanding Offshore Lifting Operations And Engineering Analysis. Offshore lifting is a common operation in offshore construction or installation projects at sea. In this article, we will discuss offshore lifting operations and associated engineering analysis, safety precautionary measures, contingency plans, and challenges involved in lifting
  4. Risk Description: Lifting heavy materials during the installation of heating and air conditioning duct hangers and ductwork can cause injury to muscles, nerves, discs and ligaments of the low back. Non-specific low back pain is not the result of a fall or some other acute traumatic injury, so it can be difficult to identify a specific event.
  5. Risk ranking is firstly performed based on the unmitigated risk for each hazard, and then the level of risk is re- evaluated after taking into consideration of the existing prevention/mitigation measures and controls. Figure 6.3 TPL SHE Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM) RISK MATRIX Very Likely - 5 5 10 15 20 25 Likely - 4 4 8 12 16 2
  6. Risk: The likelihood (probability) which can lead to potential negative consequences. Risk Assessment: A systematic and structured process whereby hazards present in a workplace, or arising from workplace activity, are identified, risks assessed / evaluated, and decisions prioritized in order to reduce risks to acceptable levels

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Croner-i is a comprehensive knowledge and resource platform that enables professionals to stay ahead of change in their industry, with legislation, trends and best practice. Call 0800 231 5199 to learn more. Mike Sopp examines the hazards associated with escalator equipment, maintenance requirements and how to take appropriate safety measures End of risk assessment. Generic method statement for the supply, installation and commissioning or IT equipment. Ideal's method statement has been developed to provide a safe system of work for our engineers when installing and commissioning IT equipment, working either off site, where the customer has indicated appropriate measures have been taken to manage health and safety risks for. ASSESS THE RISK (What could happen) R . I . S . K. CONTROLS THAT WILL BE USED (Safe Work Procedures) competent to use this : Operation of EWP ( Scissor lift Type) • Commissioning,Installation,Erection & Maintenance: Operator not licensed, trained or qualified to Operate Machine could result in the machine being used in an unsafe condition.

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This Scissor Lift Risk Assessment template will guide you through the important areas to consider in managing the risks associated with using a scissor lift. This Risk Assessment template has been pre-completed by our health and safety specialists to give you a good indication of the hazards associated with the activity, along with the risks. Mobile crane risk assessment example: What overhead crane operators always need to keep in mind is that they are responsible for the safety of other people. This is why they must be trained and authorized before they start using the crane. Part of their training includes knowing what the crane's characteristics are Clinical factors to consider regarding stairlifts are sitting tolerance, stability, transferability, cognitive ability and risk of seizures on the stairlift, however, these considerations apply to through-floor-lifts as well. Environmental factors to consider with stairlifts are space on the stairs at the top, bottom and going past Yes, we do install elevator installation in old and existing buildings. Firstly, we visit the site and do the lift installation risk assessment checklist. Then we will proceed based on the result. We have done our projects in CSI English Wesley Church, Mannady - which was constructed in 1861, more than 150-years-old building

Risk Assessment ACTIVITY Fire Alarm Installation Document Ref Doc Revision Doc Rev Date 1 Flying Masonry Bits PPE - Gloves, goggles and safety boots / Equipment guards and safe areas of 12 work Electricity 20 All portable appliances tested and in date - unsafe ones removed /Isolate services if considered necessary. Know electrical runs in. designed, and installed to prevent any risk of bottoming out. When the risk of bottoming out is present, consider options that would limit the fall distance, such as using a shorter lanyard, not using a shock absorber and limiting your free fall distance, or using a retractable lifeline. Method 1: Using scaffolding to install rail Ceiling Mounted Work Station Bridge Crane and Monorail Installation Manual. Download. e9276b36-eb6e-608c-bd72-ff000019dfa3. Fixed Gantry Crane Manual. Download. a5e07936-eb6e-608c-bd72-ff000019dfa3. Free Standing Articulating Jib Crane Installation Manual. Download. 12196b36-eb6e-608c-bd72-ff000019dfa3 A site specific risk assessment was referred to as a Job Safety Analysis (JSA).; Over time this evolved into a Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA) at the focus on environmental impacts increased.; With the change of legislations and Workplace health and Safety (WHS) harmonisation across Australia JSA's and JSEA's have evolved to be know as Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS

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Risk assessment and lifting and carrying. Filters. In this feature, Mike Everley focuses primarily on the lifting and carrying aspect of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992. Contact us to discuss your requirements A method statement should be developed in conjunction with a risk assessment and together these demonstrate a safe system of work. The method statement needs to be Mobile crane for the installation of trusses, roof ladder, fixed scaffold for access. 6. Crane Hire Company will raise trusses individual, as per their lift plan. 7. The. the Mac Tool. Below is a brief summary of a five-step risk assessment process which can be used to assess individual manual handling tasks. Examples of completed manual handling risk assessments are detailed in the next section of this guide. Page 8 Guide on Manual Handling Risk Assessment in the Manufacturing Sector Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4. Health and Safety, Risk Assessment Surveyor Mr Safety and Mr Health h. Health and Safety - auditor Mr Health 4.0 Training / Competence All personnel have received training in the Safe Use of Work Equipment; Provision and use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. PASMA Mr 1 th17 Edition Electrical Installations Mr Superviso

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  1. 4.2 Risk assessments . Risk Assessments are carried out as required by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and related Approved Code of Practice (ACOP). The Risk Assessment method is based upon numeric rating, as detailed in the Risk Category Table
  2. Hazard Alert: Working Safely with Scissor Lifts Subject: Scissor lifts provide a safe and reliable platform for workers to perform job tasks when used according to the manufacturer s instructions. When not used properly, scissor lifts can present a serious hazard to workers. Employers are responsible for keepin g workers safe
  3. This paper proposed an risk assessment method focusing on all the subjective and objective factors such as the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, use, inspection elements, an weighted coefficient for considering the influence of different elements to the risk has been obtained by using the statistical experts opinions, then the.
  4. The baseline risk assessment based on Occupational Health and Safety issues relevant to the supply and installation of a backup electric generator, automatic mains failure panel, and diesel trailer. Executive Summary A baseline risk assessment is required which identifies possible hazards and the risks involved with the work to be undertaken
  5. Overhead crane risk assessment 1. Overhead Crane Risk Assessment Lifting operation, as a huge and complicated systems engineering, involves every aspects of enterprise production. This paper will briefly introduce some common problems and control procedures during operation for occupational safety and health
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Risk Factors - Operative Assessment Method Statement - Gutter Clearing with Space Vac System Notes Please note included with each piece of equipment there are detailed instruction manuals for the safe care and use of the Vacuum, Generator and Camera system, these should also be fully read and understood prior to any use of the machines Conduct design review meetings and risk planning workshops at intervals defined in this guide and document the results of the reviews with required actions. Attend and participate in design review meetings and risk planning workshops. Check that the Key Process Activities outlined in this guide are utilised The annulus gas lift risk was. The relative differences between the four annulus safety systems in terms of how they influence the overall risk level of the platform were determined. The total risk for the installations with gas lifted wells was merged with the platform QRA results and measured against the installation risk acceptance criteria. Installation risk assessments; Provision of method statements and other reports; Comprehensive installation and testing; Ongoing annual maintenance contracts; Decades of lift installation experience. All new lift installation projects at Shard Lifts are carried out by fully qualified lift engineers, many of whom have decades of experience in. RISK ASSESSMENT & METHOD STATEMENT - Example 1 Customer Someone Ltd Site Any Building, Any town, AB12 3CD Contact Name(s) Site Manager Customer Order No. 000000000000 No. of pages Eleven Description of work Replacement AHU on xxxx Building Date Issued 03/02/17 Date(s) of Work 01/03/17 to 28/03/1

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Fibre Optic Cable Installation. Client: University Of Bath (646268-711695) Location: Claverham Down Road, Bath, BA2 7AY a risk assessment must be carried out for hazards and control measures implemented to manage any risk. Some covers may require two persons to lift mainly being those located in the carriageway, if assistance is not. Transformer Installation Method. Prior to installation, the foundation will be checked for cleanliness and level. The unit will be inspected prior to shifting to site for any mechanical and structural damage during transportation. The name plate will be checked against equipment data sheet to confirm conformity with the approval Slings used to lift the materials must be checked for damages and defects. Slings shall not be shortened with knots and bolts or other makeshift devices. Slings should not be kinked and should not be loaded in excess of their safe working load. ATTACHMENTS A. Appendices Appendix A: HSE Risk Assessment for Installation of Cable trays.

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lifting points, a lift not previously conducted, night operation, engineered lifts (e.g. requiring special rigging or lifts outside the load chart), awkward items of unknown centre of gravity or be low to medium frequency tasks with a medium to high levels of risk. Overhead Crane Means a Bridge Crane or Gantry Cran 25 APPENDIX 6 Health and Safety Risk Assessments - continuation sheet Assessment Reference No HSS/OFFICE/O4 Continuation sheet number: 2 SECTION 2 continued: Risk Controls Hazard Existing controls to reduce risk Risk Level (tick one) Further action needed to reduce risks No. Hazard Description High Med Low (provide timescales and initials of person responsible fo Caldwell Construction Risk Assessment and Method Statement Form Version: Oct 2017 Page 2 of 13 Lifting Operations STANDARD CONTROL MEASURES ACTION BY 3 1 The lift is planned before any lifting activities take place using the lift plan contained within the document. Kier Living and CCL Supervision RISK ASSESSMENT QPP147 (Contents/Introduction) Page 1 (Revised Mar 07) As manufacturer of plant in Australia, Terex Lifting Pty. Ltd. is providing this information, regarding hazard identification, risk assessment and recommendations on risk control measures to be taken 1) Traveler and Unit CC will review COVID-19 risk at the planned destination(s), as well as along the travel route:-- Official travel: review DoD & DAF Installation Travel Restriction Criteria Results to see if destination location(s) is/are and/or installations are listed as meeting the conditions to lift travel restrictions

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POINT OF WORK RISK ASSESSMENT Apply the point of work risk assessment process and verify that the conditions you are presented with are adequately understood: Refer to the POWRA manual for guidance on frequent lifting, application of your training, potential hazard information and recommended control measures Below is a basic summary particular. B. Installation B.1 Installation of Earthing and Bonding: B.1.1 Bolted Connection. Circuit Wiring shall have a green/yellow colored insulated earth continuity cable connecting the earth bus or earth terminal in switchboards, switchgear, motor control centers, and panel boards to the motor, equipment, outlet and other devices by earthing lugs Lift only one sheet at a time. Rotate hanging tasks and other installation tasks (mak-ing cutouts, taping, installing trim) and schedule fre-quent rest breaks to reduce overexertion hazards. Use a drywall lift or drywall jacks to place and hold a sheet for ceiling installation or to place heavier sheets It is always advisable that a method statement and risk assessment is carried out prior to any pallet racking installation project. It is likely that you racking installation will fall within the Construction Design and Management 2007 Regulations and it is important to adhere to this Risk Assessment Templates. Ready to use risk assessment templates and examples, based on UK regulations, pre-completed for your activities. Edit online and download for your business. Risk Assessment

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Countless companies in the manufacturing and construction industries rely on overhead cranes to lift and transport materials. When installed and used properly, these systems make operations easier and safer. But, overhead crane accidents cause severe injuries and fatalities every year. Preventing these disasters requires workers to recognize certain hazards that occur during operation and. 6. Positioning and Installation. 7. Risk Assessment. 8. Equipment Maintenance. 9. Equipment for Lifting Persons. 10. Equipment for Lifting Load. 11. Thorough Examination of Lifting Equipment. 12. Report on Thorough Examination. 13. Powers of a Factory Inspector to Require Testing. 14. Training and Certification ofPersonnel. 15. Operation of. • Sign off method statement and risk assessments. • Ensure access to site is free from obstruction or contaminants. • Identify CDM duty holders and communicate details of other contractors associated with the site. MC CDMC 1 5 5 2 Clearance of installation site • Ensure installation area is free from obstruction after a thorough hazard assessment by Program Management and Employee Safety, and are specific for that equipment and type of work. These requirements shall not be applied to other types of electrical work. The method for all other electrical work in the Department is always to de-energize equipment in accordance with Safety Bulletin o

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Risk Assessments ; Safety Policy ; Toolbox Talks ; Showing 1-16 of 109 results. Sort By £ 2.99. Method Statements Electrical. Info . Add to basket £ 2.99. Method Statements. •Review heavy lift plans and installation risk assessments •Responsible for own and rigger's compliance with company policy, safety guidelines and procedures that pertain to the crane operator's job •Participates in safety meetings and other rigger safety program

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A risk assessment will be carried out for all tasks which will be discussed with members of staff and the sub contractors, any queries or concerns will be raised with the contract manager who will ensure it is dealt with. Staff and sub contractors will be inducted ont installation of security fences and gates. The examples provided in the UFC are for illustration only and must be modified and adapted to satisfy service and installation specific constraints. This document is not intended to address procedural issues such as threat level determination and security operations or to provide specific desig