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MPG I don't really worry about. I went dark side cause I got tired of buying 2 bike tires a year for my Shadow. I gotta admit there is a certain cool factor to it as well. I put new bike tires on the wing when I bought it and 4 months later the rear had worn flat in the middle so I went double dark before the M&G last spring Joined Aug 11, 2018. ·. 61 Posts. Discussion Starter · #9 · Sep 10, 2019. So I took the whole bike yesterday to this old timer and has a small shop but I'll have to buy tools next time around. I'm hoping tomorrow he will have it ready for me. First time i done darkside. 195 55 16. Bridgestone drive guard run flat Tire installations and removals should always be performed by a certified trained professional, always follow the manufacturer recommendations I have a 2013 f6b and the previous owner had a 195/55r16 tire on the rear, I came from a 2000 Valkyrie Interstate with a dark side tire, so when I needed a new rear tire I stayed dark side and the same size tire. My question is would a 195/60 or 65 tire work on the rear, the bike sits low and even lower with my fat butt sitting on it. Also would that affect the speedometer Dunlop D423 Tires for 2018 Gold Wing. By Dunlop. $209.99. Earn 4200 Reward Points. Learn about WingRewards. Purchase Dunlop D423 Tires for 2018 Gold Wing. Choose Size: -- Select One -- Front D423 130/70R18 $209.99 Rear D423 200/55R16 $269.99. Please select a valid combination of attributes

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There is difference in turning with the dark side. Also when riding on pot hole asphalt roads there is a difference. You do have to get use to riding with a darkside. Use less air in the tire than you would if the tire was on a car. I use 29 psi after breaking the tire in. I am running a triple tread good year I am the new owner/admin of the “DarkSide†information website historically located at darkside.nwff.info. This has been a great source for tire size info (for stock and DS alike) for many years. (a big shout out to Mike (Dragonbird)). As the new owner/admin, I want to continue what was started here and expand on it In this adventure Redbeard reviews Darksiding after 1,000 miles. I have ridden my 2010 Honda Gold Wing around the Pacific Northwest, both Oregon and Washingt.. https://www.chriscalientegoldwingride...BUMPUS HARLEY-DAVIDSON OF COLLIERVILLE Address: 325 S Byhalia Rd, Collierville, TN 38017SHELL GAS STATIONAddress: 24..

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I do not advocate Darksiding, but I have yet to test this out, so stay tuned to my channel for future updates Behold, the Dark Side: A growing sect of riders that promotes the use of car tires on motorcycles. A car tire has a flat profile and is designed to stay flat rather than lean over. But Dark Siders. Posted May 3, 2018. Right now tire choice is limited to the Bridgestone tires as the size is different than other bikes of this class. Seems the 2018 Honda GoldWing Tour uses the same size tires as the Yamaha Star Venture only they are using Dunlap tires so that will give us two different tire brands to choose from when tires are needed

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GL1800 Tires were designed and developed specifically for the Honda GL1800 Goldwing. Revolutionary design offers exceptional ride, comfort & handling your powerful GL1800 Goldwing requires on the open road Anybody have any experience with putting car tires on the GW? I've searched thru 10 pages of google darkside, Gl1200 darkside, etc etc. lots of info on 1800's; nuttin on the 1200. My local Hackmeister indicate dthat the rim is usually turned down as the bike bead is too high. Any idea on who can do this custom work? And then what size CT will fit

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I used it to ride to Alaska and it worked great. I rode a BBG with this tire and it felt great. 5. Bridgestone G704 Motorcycle Tire - 13,500 miles - $170 a. The Bridgestone G704 is a good all round motorcycle tire for the wing but is expensive and does not provide the same traction as a car tire We carry a huge selection of tires for the legendary Goldwing. The Bridgestone Exedra is one example of the premium tires we carry. The Exedra was specifically designed for the Goldwing. Of course we also carry all the other brands you know and trust, brands like Michelin, Metzeler and Dunlop to name a few. Don't forget all orders over $89 ship. Apr 19, 2018. #1. i went to the dark side on my ctx 700 the tire size is 175/60/17 v rated i know the world will come to a end and there will be hate mail but i,ve dark sided on a lot of big bike,s my victory cross road,s had 26000 mile,s on a car tire when i triked it it,s not for every body take,s a few mile,s to get used to how the bike. TIRE SIZE, LOAD INDEX AND SPEED INDEX. At the time of its introduction, the GL1800 was the largest, heaviest and most powerful motorcycle ever to be equipped with radial tires. Thinking back to our discussion of sidewall stiffness and tread compounding specific to a particular bike's weight and intended use, we can understand why, though. ALTIMAX ARCTIC 12 - SIZE: 205/50R17. FWIW, darksiders use run flat or winter tires as they have stiffer sidewalls, which is a must to prevent slippage on the rim or squirrely handling. You don't want the tire doing a dance. Austin taxi tires, according to GW darksiders, is the tire manufacturer to use

A 195/55 car tire is similar in height to a 180/60 motorcycle tire, and a 195/65 is similar to the 180/70 tire. I decided to split the difference and try a 195/60 car tire. I found a Dunlop SP Sport 5000 (Ultra High Performance All-Season) in that size at Tirerack.com for $114 Oddometer: 3,137. Location: Between the Great Lakes and Appalachia. I read a review of the newly released Dunlop Elite 4 tires (Rider, August 2018) and they are supposedly good for 15,000 to 18,000 miles with few or no compromises to handling or wet or dry grip. The tires come in 15 to 21 inch sizes and in bias and radial designs, meaning they.

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As far as the tire size chosen goes it is a popular size for the conversion. We do a lot of car tire conversions using the 165 tire on an automotive wheel. Not sure what bike you have, the darkside is a subforum on the GL1800 riders. On the GL1800 (GoldWing) the Mini Cooper tire fits on easily. The issue on that forum is there are a few. Bike size, tire choice, rider/gear weight, bike type, riding style etc will greatly influence this, so nobody can tell you exactly what your best pressure will be. The good thing with the Goldwing is it has a 16 rim, which allows much easier mounting than a 15 rim

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I'm sure you will enjoy being on the dark side.. I am running the 205/55 16 G-Max @ 38 psi on the rear and a Avon Roadrider 150/70 18 rear tire @ 40 psi on the front.. Good luck with yours.. Gunny out Front tire size corrected 03/04/17 Gunny ou On a Goldwing, the rim is 4.5 wide and 16 in diameter. Your CTX1300 rim is much wider (6.25) and 17 diameter. Finding a rounded tire for a Goldwing that fits, is much easier than one for the CTX1300's wider rim. If you were to size a tire proportionally to fit the CTX1300 rim for the rounded tread, it likely would not fit on the bike Darkside and the 18 DCT Wing. Thread starter Bigmak96; Start date Jun 28, 2018; Bigmak96 Mark Kunath/ST 1800 As a precaution the owner's and service manuals have warnings not to change tire and sprocket sizes from stock but small changes do not seem to trigger a code(s). SMSW. Joined Sep 4, 2013 The 2018 Goldwing DCT is the 9th model.

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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709. By Bridgestone SKU: WSBRCOMBO. $329.99. Save $168.91. MSRP: $498.90. Earn 3300 Reward Points. Learn about WingRewards. Purchase Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709. IN STOCK Ships in 1-2 Business Days Many of the catastrophic motorcycle tire failures I've witnessed have been because the bead separates from the rim. Not to mention $112, 3oz of balancing beads and 35k miles. Darksiding's been around for e a long time. I ran a 15 inch Michelin radial on my rigid Harley 45 years ago

5.0 out of 5 stars Best tire for goldwing. Reviewed in the United States on October 19, 2020. Verified Purchase. I have been using this tire for about 10 years on my 1800 Honda goldwing. I have ran just about every brand tire and this is the best. It is easy to find a tire that handles the dry elements, but makes a tire excellent is how it. We specialize in Honda Goldwing Parts and Accessories for the GL1500, GL1800 and more. You can find discount motorcycle tires from Bridgestone, Dunlop and many others. We carry everything from air horns to windshields. You'll find our prices are very competitive Like already mentioned it's cost and tire life. I'm tired of spending $4/500 on a set of tires that last anywhere from 10 to 18k miles. If you research it, the Honda goldwing riders are getting up to 30k miles plus on a car tire for a quarter of the price. I paid $67 for my tire I have put over 30,000 on 2 different car tires on my honda goldwing. i would not put another mc tire on the rear of my wing if you GAVE me the tire!!! the car tire is so superior to.

the Bridgestone 709G is the tire the OP is running on his front at the time this thread was created. So i would imagine it's gonna get a thumbs up. Home Forums > Victory Forum > Victory Cross Country > Look what I did Yesterday - Cross Country on the Darkside Discussion in 'Victory Cross Country' started by dentdave, Apr 6, 2012. Page 2 of. It had a fat 180/55 17 tire on the rear. Through 3 tire changes I kept that size. I thought the bike handled very well. Then I discovered the standard size tire for the bike was a 160/55 17. I ordered one and discovered to my amazement that the bike was quicker to fall into the turns than ever before Hi fellow Shadow owners. I own and love my 85 VT500 Honda Shadow. I use it almost every day unless hailing or snowing. I've noticed a few motorcycles with good quality car touring tires instead of the regular bike tire. I'm interested in trying this. Has anyone done this and does the investment.. I have researched this site for recommendations on front tires for my 2012 Honda Goldwing Trike (Viper sidecar). My current tire is an OEM Bridgestone 130/70R/18M with 5000 miles. I will be going to the Wing Ding in July and have decided to replace this tire with a Michelin Pilot Activ tire. I found one on BikeBandit.com for $114.00, size 130/70/18, Bias Ply The front of a 1980's Goldwing has a larger wheel/tire and about 2 more inches of travel in its front springs but the rear of the 1980's GL1100 are about the same as our 650. So a bigger wheel/tire and a thicker seat is about the biggest difference from them and us

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160,000 miles on a CAR TIRE/DARKSIDE. If you're getting bad info on the tire sizes, you might be looking at something inaccurate for your model year regarding the bulbs too. New for 2018 on the Burgman 400 is a 15 front tire. The rear tire remains a 13 tire as on the previous generation 400 1,382 Posts. #2 · Jun 4, 2018. I've never seen a run flat for bikes. To accomplish a run flat the side walls would have to be very stiff, too stiff most likely for a bike. However, a flat on a bike like the Goldwings is easy as they have tubless tires. Carry a small.compressor and tire sealant, it'll get you somewhere 386. Location: California. Type of Motorcycle Currently Riding: Vision, Vrod, Vstrom. Thanks to Rollin for bringing this up in another thread. The Vision is my first big bike I have owned so car tires on the back are a option on the table now. I read an article a long long time ago about a guy on a Goldwing that tried this and he liked the.

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  1. Well I have gone the dark side on both my motorcycles Victory Cross country tour and a Honda Goldwing. Been from North Carolina to California to Canada and all in between. Rim size is rim size I have had talks with men about car tires and their explanations change each time
  2. I wish I could go darkside. b400 doesnt have many options for mfr but more then that I would pass registration test. you need to use the size the mfr put thats listed in the registration papers. care tires are with X5 in size and ours are 00 150/70/-13 vs 155/70-13 wouldnt work with papers. B
  3. Joined Jun 14, 2016. ·. 628 Posts. #21 · Aug 24, 2016. manfromoxford said: 195/55R - Pirelli winter snow control series 3 run flat 210. On line at Tirerack.com. $130.14 shipped right to my door next day

2010 CSC Cobra. Current tire size 205 60R 15. I want to change tire size to 205 70R 15 to increase gas mileage and top end speed. Will the larger tire fit the fender area and is there a way to adjust the speedo/odometer to correct for the change Re: tire size for rear tire on front? 2007 goldwing trike. If you are still unsure just look at the size of the tire you have on there now. It will be printed on the sidewall. That will be what you look for only in a rear tire. You can buy with confidence from Motorcycle Superstore, Jake Wilson, WingStuff,Dennis Kirk,Competition,and Chapperal I installed this on an '08 Honda Goldwing GL1800. I just returned from a 3,800 mile trip to PA, VA, WV, NC, TN, and GA. Did The Dragon, BRP, Moonshiner 28, and the Gauntlet. The tire performed flawlessly and I think I like it better than my previous Michelin Alpin. I would recommend it to anyone considering the Darkside

2018 Goldwing Tour DCT w/Roadsmith Trike Kit. 01-06-2021, 01:54 AM #12. CrystalPistol. View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries View Articles The AV-91 in the 16 size for the HD front is a Bias ply tire, the 18 used on Gold Wings is a Radial. Not the same tire. I had the hum with a Bias ply rear tire run on the front too, took it. When did mine I first made sure I got a tire with the biggest inside diameter I could find. I visited 6 tire stores and measured probably 15 tires different sizes and brands. They ranged from 14 3/4to 14 7/8 roughly. I bought a Firestone Affinity 195/65/15 80,000 mile tire $ 68.00. I used WD 40 silicone lube,115 psi pressure Currently using BFG Radial T/A size P 225 / 60 R15 which are the original brand and size. Has anyone switched to a narrower size and or different brand. Wondered if Michelin's would give better rain traction. Any input would be appreciated. Trike is a 2010 Motor Tike adventure with independent rear suspension

there is a lot of manufactures of tires for dark siding 195/55/16 is the preferred size. Do your research and knowledge is power good luck be safe. and btw I dark side 05-01-2019, 09:49 PM #1 Sat on a 2018 Goldwing DCT at the dealer. Jump to Latest Follow let them feed it. If you want a lawn ornament to show off, I'll send you a life size poster of me, i'm purtier . Kat wanted his pic on avatar. Reactions: R1200, 160,000 miles on a CAR TIRE/DARKSIDE. Currently Achilles ATR-K Economist 155/65 HR 14 DARKSIDE tire size - TheGLForum. So I put a pair of Beachcomber Highway boards on my 2018 Goldwing. They are very comfortable and appear to be well constructed. They can be bought at Cyclemax.com for 254.99. One has to be careful on any highway peg that mounts on the engine guard. When you lean the bike over Yeah, can't remember if it was you or another member that I looked at darkside tires for and the 700 was a weird size. 140/90/15 stock size does not really have a comparable car tire size. My Shadow is gone but not forgotten, I now have a GL1500 Use Ride-On tire sealant. to help with rebalancing. Right now using Michelin Commander II rear tire that has seen 29 states coast-to-coast and. down the Blue Ridge Parkway from NJ. Still looks great! Have had tires mounted both forward and reverse, but found. no difference. Commander is mounted in forward direction. Edited July 8, 2018 by leo3whee

Looking for Honda Goldwing Parts and Honda Goldwing Accessories for your GL1800, GL1500, GL1200 or GL1100 - Cyclemax has a huge selection and low prices on all the major brands Darkside Riders The owners of this website does not endorse the use of any car tires on a motorcycle. This board has been created so that there is no confusion that the owners of this site does not recommend, advocate or encourage the use of car tires on a motorcycle. All car tire threads will be moved here 4.5 (4 reviews) Sale: $112.95 Regular: $181.41 Save 38%! Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Learn more. FREE Shipping! Bridgestone Exedra G709 OE Motorcycle Tire. 4.8 (15 reviews) Sale: $158.78 Regular: $243.25 Save 35%! Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50

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20,253 Posts. #2 • Jul 9, 2018 (Edited) In the past my local Multi Brand dealer would charge me 1.25 hours shop time to remove the wheel, dismount and mount and balance 1 tire. So back then it was around $95 to $110. I think their shop rate is now $110 per hour but they are closed on Mondays so I can not call Swapping out standard shocks for Wilbers on a K1600GTL 2014. PRS. 1 mo ago. 8. 552. 27 d ago. by st13phil From what I have found, 205 is the smallest tire made in 17 wheel size. Now I know there are some 155, 180 and 190S listed but those are temp spare tire and not suited for our use. I am looking to go to a GW 16 wheel and then a 195 may work. I am open to ideas but not criticism for running a car tire, please I decided to update my ride to a 2018 Goldwing Tour DCT. My 2009 SW has 83,500 miles on the clock. I bought it in 2010 with 3700 miles on the clock. I took the GW out for a test ride last September for a short jaunt. I also tried the Africa Twin DCT. I liked the GW better. Last Saturday I took the GW out for almost 200 miles and 4/12 hours

I have a Jackpot. Which calls for a 250/40R18 rear tire. My question is would a car tire with either size of 245/40R18 or 255/40R18 fit my wheel? I was at Sam's club today and seen Pirelli had a car tire that was fairly rounded and I thought it might make a good bike tire. And I see they don't sell tires exactly the size I need of 250 Its official, i'm now on the darkside. Thanks for those on the site that gave the advice (especially Rollin') Ride home felt good, PSI was said to be at 40 at the shop, after i got home and cold it measured at about 35. 205/50R-17 GENERAL ALTIMAX RT43 (H- OR V-SPEED RATED) XL From Tire Rack.. Gold wing tour, gold wing tour dct: What would be the best darkside tires for my 2010 goldwing. 2018 goldwing tour dct in pearl white. Do not contact me with unsolicited services or offers. Left front brake pad worn, will have to ge a new. ⭐ ebay's #1 source for used powersports parts ⭐ GL1800Riders Forums Since 2003 A forum community dedicated to Honda Goldwing owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, touring, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more 19,500 miles and I'm getting ready for a new front tire. It will be... a rear tire. It looks like 2 popular choices for the GW 1800 are: BT 45 Battle Ax 130/70H-18. Some claim it to be smooth and quiet. Michelin Pilot Activ 130/70-18. Comments include noisy but last a long time. I would appreciate your suggestions/comments on the selection of a darkside front tire

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  1. After years of riding my V1k (and loving every mile of it), today I picked up my new 2020 Goldwing Tour DCT. I have to tell you it's an amazing machine in every aspect. On long road rides, the wings have no equal. So, naturally the question came up about selling my personal V1k. I have to admit..
  2. There are threads here, on Darkside tires, if interested. Personally, I've run Pirelli MT66(?) tires which had fantastic grip, control, etc. in great shape (approximately 80% life). Prior to owning this Kawasaki the only touring bike that I rode was a 2004 Goldwing with Dunlop e-4's. June 25-28 2018 ↳ 28th Annual AVA Rally Nashville.
  3. 75 Goldwing 72+74 Sportsters 83 Wide Glide 75 Kaw 500 triple 72 Suzuki TS 125. Top. Pbpd183 Cruiser I've been thinking of going over to the dark side for a number of years, but never got around to it. As most of you use the Nexen SB-802 tyre, I thought lets find them on the Nexen web site for more info on the tyre. I got burned when I.
  4. Yokohama tires are great tread too, been running car tires since 03 some people call it (the dark side) no big deal. Some car tire sales places won't put it, ask for a waiver, may happen, BUT go Z rated hi-speed. Never had a problem with any of them. Had one on the Rune The Valkyrie the Rocket III
  5. If I want to get a car tire put on the rear of my tea what size do I put on the back or is it the same exact sizes that I would use with a regular motorcycle tire for a t Post Dec 04, 2018 #12 2018-12-04T14:3
  6. Todays automotive tires are so good, its possible to use them in ways that were never intended. That's where the Darksiders, heretics on two wheels, come in. They're riding Gold Wings, and they.
  7. The difference is that the tire size 180/60-16 its little bit wider but lower profile than the 170/70-16. We recommend to use the OEM tire size of your motorcycle for safety. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you by contacting us by email at [email protected] , Live Chat or by phone toll free at 1-888-339-3888

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6,404 Posts. #6 · Aug 5, 2019. I've had the E3s that the bike came with, E4's, Bridgestone Excedra G704/G709 (Goldwing tires, NOT Excedra Max), and Michelin Commander II. Out of all those, I liked the E4's the best. Just bought a set of Avon Cobra Chrome. They have a $60 rebate going on so about $350 shipped You can, I guess, but why? You can't plug a tubed tire if you have a flat. I have been Dark Side since the 70's. On wheels that can do tubeless. I was so happy with my 76 Goldwing because that was the first car tire size that I could get for a scoot at Sears. It is a lot easier to find car tires now than you could 40 years ago

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I've been on the fence about going to the Darkside and putting a car tire on my 14 R3T. I can see how it would get better tread life on flat Street roads but I live in Eastern Tennessee and the roads are far from straight. I ride the Tail of the Dragon, Copperhead run, the snake and all the.. Registered. Joined Sep 1, 2014. ·. 25 Posts. #25 · Jan 24, 2015. gfm52 said: The stock rear tire size for the Chieftan is the same as the GoldWing (180/60R16). I traded my GoldWing for the Chieftan and have a brand new Avon Cobra but it is a 180/70R16. I ran this size as it corrected the speedo which was about 3-5% off The edges on car tires are more rounded which helps on the cornering. Many think that because they are flat that you ride up on the edges. This is where the right size and right shape tire along with finding the best pressure makes it work. Bikes don't wieght 1500 ibs like a car, so you don't run 32 or 35 psi in the tire 5 Posts. #15 · Sep 12, 2017 (Edited) I was hoping to go to the darkest side and put a car tire with studs on my front and rear wheels for the winter weather. I know this is one of the best handling big cruisers out there, and now it'll steer like a bus, but I will be saving some almighty cheddar with this mod 2 bike shops 3 tire shops. Most said they didn't have the equipment. The Honda dealer said no, as in go screw. Finally, Yamaha in Flemington NJ did it. He mentioned they do car tires for a lot of Goldwing guys ;-) Don't give up. Maybe go to a Goldwing forum and ask there for a DS installer

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Achilles MAA195516 ATR Sport Tire- 195/55-16 87V. 4.8 out of 5 stars. 142. 129 offers from $52.18. Federal Formoza FD2 All-Season Tire - 175/60R16 82H. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 56. $78.96. Federal Formoza AZ01 All- Season Radial Tire-195/60R16 89H Rotation offers the best pricing and selection on custom motorcycle wheels, including our Metric Cruiser wheels. For more information, click here or call us today at 321-821-7777 Had 955 miles on stock tire when I pulled it. and Murgie the keeper of the darkside list on the Gl1800 forum has modified my DS num,ber with a .1 after the 1413 to signify my DS on the new CTX1300 I am still searching for the sweet spot on riser position BUT so far have not found a BAD spot. Can't post after logging to the forum for the first time... Try Again - If you can't post in the forum, sign out of both the membership site and the forum and log in again. Make sure your COG membership is active and your browser allow cookies I have been on the Darkside on my GL1800 for years now. I was one, like some of the posters here that would never dream of using a car tire on a motorcycle. After I had my second mc tire separation in 2 years, the 2nd one running about 85 down the interstate with my wife on back, that was it for me. I went to the darkside and have never looked.