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The Chattooga River offers exciting trips for rafters of all levels. Section 3 is the perfect trip for novices, for families with children or those seeking a fun and relaxing river experience. This section increases from class I to class III rapids, and includes the option to run Bull Sluice, a class IV drop Tackle the Section II Rapids of the Chattooga River. A former staffer with The Miami Herald, Marie moved to SC in 1992. She is passionate about the outdoors, and enjoys exploring the state's many natural treasures from the Lowcountry to the Upstate. Most of Section II is a scenic float trip with Class I and II rapids, making it a great paddle.

We offer trips on two distinct sections of the Chattooga River. The Mild & Scenic Section III includes swimming holes, Class II-III rapids, and a Class IV grand finale. The Wild & Scenic ride on Section IV provides big splashes and culminates in the infamous Five Falls, five adrenaline-pumping Class IV rapids in quick succession While well-known rapids like Jaw Bone and Seven Foot Falls are obvious choices for best whitewater rapids on Georgia's scenic Chattooga River (made famous in the movie Deliverance), Charles Conner from Nantahala Outdoor Center thinks Bull Sluice deserves the official title. The grand finale to rafting on Section 3 of the river, this Class IV+. The Chattooga provides miles of Class II to Class V whitewater rafting for both the first time rafters and ledge dropping risk takers. With the Sumter and Chattahoochee National Forests surrounding the river, we guarantee that your Chattooga whitewater rafting experience will be packed with beauty and excitement Chattooga River, Ga.: The Chattooga divides Georgia and South Carolina, the Sumter National Forest on paddler's left, the Chattahoochee National Forest on paddler's right. In between lies a free-flowing, federally designated Wild and Scenic river with a plethora of class IV-V drop and pool whitewater This natural beauty, along with the river's many world-class rapids, makes the Chattooga a real paradise for whitewater kayaking. The river has multiple sections, each suited for different skill levels.This gives beginner, intermediate and advanced kayakers equal opportunities to have fun and improve their skills

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Whitewater rafting in this area is on the Chattooga River. There are two sections of river that offer exciting and engaging rafting in this area: Section III and Section IV (note that these are the names of the sections, not the class of rapids on each section) The Chattooga River Section IV is the Southeast's most definitive whitewater rafting experience. This section boasts some of the most iconic rapids like Seven-Foot Falls, Raven's Chute Rapid, and the famous Five Falls—where five Class IV-V rapids unfold in 1/3 of a river mile Chattooga River rafting is one of the most popular river trips in the country. The river has something for everyone, ranging from beginner Class II to advanced Class IV+. This Wild and Scenic River also provides excellent scenery for most of its length. The Chattooga River is the longest undammed river in the southeast Discover the rolling Class I-III rapids of the Chattooga River during a fun-filled full day Smoky Mountain Whitewater Rafting Trip. As a free flowing River the Chattooga runs high in the spring for an exciting adventure, and lower near the fall for a more relaxing scenic ride 365 Excellent reviews on tripadvisor speak to the greatest adventure in North Georgia White Water Rafting - Book Fun, Adventure and Overnight trips here! Great rates on Chattooga River White Water Rafting. Weekday rates starting at $80pp for groups of 12+. See all our rafting rates here

The Wild and Scenic Chattooga River is the Southeast's iconic river rafting adventure, rich in natural beauty and acclaimed rapids. Bordered by both South Carolina and Georgia, the river winds its way through dense national forests, with larger than life boulders, rock formations and dense flora and fauna The Chattooga was designated a wild and scenic river in 1974. It is one of the longest and most spectacular free-flowing mountain rivers in the Southeast. Over a distance of 50 miles, the river descends an average of 49 feet per mile from its headwaters in North Carolina to the state line between South Carolina and Georgia Conclusion: Rafting the Chattooga is an exhilarating experience. Experiencing the beauty of the the wild and scenic Chattooga River for a few hours, mixed with the adrenaline rush of running the rapids is a wonderful combination. We can't wait to go back and experience the next level on Section IV of the river Not everyone is going to muster up the mettle to raft or kayak the Chattooga River's infamous Bull Sluice. After all, this Class IV rapid has been known to humble even the cockiest of adventurers. Dropping 14 feet through a narrow jumble of boulders, Bull Sluice serves as the grand finale to Section III of the National Wild & Scenic Chattooga Welcome to the Chattooga River Watershed Interactive Map! Tips for using this map: Zoom in and out using the +/- buttons in the top left of the map screen.; Change the background basemap by clicking the button with four squares below the zoom keys.; View specific projects or layers by clicking on the double arrows in the top left of the map screen.All available layers are listed in the Legend

Death on the Chattooga River - Divorcing God and Starting Over. Tony Oliva August 23, 2018. June 15, 2021. There have only ever been two deaths on the Chattooga River while on a commercial rafting trip. July 14th, 2012, I was on the rafting trip when the first death occurred. This is my story Chainsaws and the Chattooga. Steven Foy knows well the magical feeling of paddling down the legendary Chattooga River. A Texas transplant and veteran river guide, Foy returns to the river's roaring rapids each year. The river's channels-and all their twists, turns and dips-call to him as they do for so many other whitewater fans, who. Chattooga River Class 4 rapids on 27 Oct 14 near Long Creek, SC. It was a beautiful fall day for a rafting trip

The Chattooga River is legendary for its intense rapids and rugged scenery and abounds with untouched wilderness, incredible sights as the gorge walls rise above you, and exciting rapids full of drops and whitewater! The Chattooga, divided into 3 raftable sections, is a free flowing river and water levels are subject to seasonal rainfall

Navigate Class I, II and III rapids down the Chattooga River - the whitewater crown jewel of the southern U.S. - with this family-friendly rafting adventure near Atlanta! Have a blast with this TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence recipient; Paddle along in stable, easy to paddle rafts, perfect for beginners and pros alik The river however is a classic section of whitewater that is known for its dependable flow. If the river is raging, head upriver to the upper sections, if it is low, put in at Woodall for the main gorge at the bottom. The thing though that jumps out at me is that the river for only being class IVish, it quite dangerous The primary advocate for the preservation and protection of whitewater rivers throughout the United States and connects the interests of human-powered recreational river users with ecological and science-based data to achieve goals within our mission White Water Rafting Classes of Rapids. White water rafting rapid classes were initially created and defined by the American Whitewater Association and are commonly used to label and describe rapids found across the US (sometimes internationally).. There are six categories of rapids, beginning with Class I (Easy rapid) and continuing up the scale to the most difficult and dangerous rapids. Whirlpool Rapids Gorge — Niagara River, New York. (Photo: Wikipedia.com) Currently off-limits to paddlers, the Niagara Gorge is a deadly section of exploratory Class VI rapids. The deep rapids.

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Granted, it's easy to overlook the breathtaking scenery when you're blasting through a thundering river of class 4 and 5 rapids. And therein lies the wild component of the designation. Sections III and IV of the Chattooga is where you'll find the biggest and baddest cascades The Chatooga River has something every level of boater. The character of the Chatooga is drop-pool, meaning after each rapid there is a calm, slow moving pool, allowing for a swim or collecting ones gear after a rapid. Section 1 offers up to class II whitewater and is ideal for tubing or beginner boaters. Section II is a great class II float

The grand finale of a rafting trip down Section IV of the Chattooga River serves as a final exam for paddlers who have been honing their skills and teamwork all day The Chattooga River, classified as a national wild and scenic river in 1974, is one of the few remaining free-flowing streams in the Southeast. Group rafting trips or individual canoe or kayaking trips promise wet thrills along the river's class III, IV and V rapids Experience Class IV thrills along the most exciting section of the Chattooga River on this epic whitewater rafting trip! Have a blast with this TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence recipient; Paddle along with experienced and certified guides; Take on heart-pounding Class IV rapids with steep drops through a wild gorg The Chattooga is the best of the three if you have experience. Section 4 might be a little rough for smaller kids. Nevertheless, it's a fun river. If you want the higher class rapids go for this one. I wouldn't recommed starting on section 4 if you've never been rafting

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Chattooga River with paddlers in Georgia Credit: Getty Images Georgia's Chattooga River has some Class V rapids, but most people plan out a more family-friendly trip that traverses Section 2 and 3. Chattooga River -- Located at the South Carolina - Georgia border, the Chattooga River is famous for its Class III & IV rapids and for its picturesque, albeit eerie, backdrop in the movie Deliverance. For experienced rafters, the Section IV of the river is the most extreme rapids in the Southeast Intermediate Canoe, Kayak Clinics on the Chattooga River. Intermediate clinics on the Chattooga are designed to increase your confidence on the White Water of Georgia. They begin on Sect III with Class III whitewater in Georgia. If you feel comfortable, you can even run Bull Sluice, a double drop class IV rapid Overview. Feel the rush as you escape to nature and enjoy an overnight adventure of whitewater rafting and camping under the stars! Have a blast with this TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence recipient; Start off easy with Class I through III rapids along the Chattooga River

The Chattooga is a free-flowing river (not dam controlled) which means the water level depends on the amount of rainfall the area receives. The water level affects the logistics of the rafting trip. Where to put-in and take-out, and the amount of time it takes to float a section of the river is dependent on the water level on that particular day -Chattooga Section IV Guest, Wendy. The river was so much fun. The rapids are a blast! I also like the steep, high banks that melt into the fog overhead. With the fog, the river valley surrounds you completely. Its an awesome experience.-Chattooga Section III Guest, Byron. We always felt very safe and informed with Danielle. He is a real pro

Whitewater Classifications. Rivers are rated using roman numerals I to VI according to the International Scale of River Difficulty. Note also that a river's level of challenge changes with fluctuations in water levels; a river rated Class IV at medium water levels might resemble a Class III river at lower water levels, while at higher levels, it might look more like a Class IV+ Chattooga River Rafting. There are two outfitters nearby that we recommend for Chattooga River rafting: 1. Wildwater Limited. Wildwater Limited is a great place to go for Chattooga River rafting. They have expertly trained guides that will take you down the wild rapids of the river safely Chattooga River Section III. Section III of the Chattooga is the perfect trip for novices and family groups. Most of the rapids on this section are Class II and III, gradually increasing in difficulty as the trip progresses. Bull Sluice is the highlight of the trip. Trip Length: 7 Hours Minimum Age:

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  1. The Chattooga has several sections known to rafters/kayakers. Bulls Sluice is the last rapid in Section III and the prelude to Section IV, the river's high-adventure section. Section IV boasts Seven-Foot Falls, Raven's Chute Rapid, and the famous Five Falls, where five Class IV-V rapids unfold in 1/3 of a river mile
  2. Volunteers with the Chattooga Conservancy hauled the weathered wooden canoe out of the South Carolina side of the Chattooga River on Tuesday. The State newspaper in Columbia reports that a group of canoeists discovered the craft last fall. Archaeologists say the boat could be 200 to 250 years old
  3. The Chattooga River is the boundary between GA & SC. It is nationally designated as Wild and Scenic and is protected from development. Known for whitewater rapids, and meandering, mountainous woodland passage. The lower sections of the Chattooga are considered among the best whitewater in the SE with heart-thumping Class III to Class VI rapids
  4. Chattooga River Location: Georgia/ South Carolina border Chattooga River rafting is one of the most popular river trips in the country. The river has something for everyone, Colorado River Location: Southern Utah The Colorado River stretches through three states, creating some of the world's most unique and invigorating whitewater along the way
  5. Rafting the Chattooga. Experience the thrill of rafting down South Carolina's famed Chattooga River, a 50-mile whitewater adventure that flows from the Appalachian Mountains to Lake Tugaloo. With rapids ranging from Class II to Class V, guided trips are offered for all stages of rafters. Read Mor
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The Chattooga River. The Chattooga River is the crown jewel of southern whitewater rivers and a symbol for wilderness river lovers throughout the United States and Canada. Its high rainfall, unusual geology (with many cliffs, gorges, and waterfalls), and steep gradient place it in the world class category of rivers This river runs along the South Carolina and Georgia border, amidst the unspoiled wilderness and peaceful scenery. The river is divided up into three areas. One only has Class II rapids, another has mostly Class II and III rapids with one Class IV area, and the last has Class IV and V rapids Right at the border of George and South Carolina, off US Highway 76 on the Chattooga River, is a class 5 rapid known as Bull Sluice. Popular with kayakers, this interesting spot along the Chattooga isn't just for experienced adventurers who chute the rapids The Chattooga River is relatively calm for about 7 miles. Shelf-like rapids and only one Class 3 rapid (Big Shoals) make this portion of the river an excellent area for novice whitewater boaters. The major put-in point: State Highway 28 where a 30-yard portage is required Whitewater rafting trips on the Chattooga River range from self guided Class II runs to Class III & IV overnight wilderness adventures. Go Rafting with A Commercial Outfitter in South Carolina Wildwater Limited is widely recognized as one of the finest whitewater rafting outfitters in the country

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Wildwater was founded in 1971 as the very first commercial rafting outfitter on the Chattooga River, and we have been leading the way in guided adventures for over five decades. In 2009 Wildwater built the very first Zipline Canopy Tour in the Nantahala Region Rafting Bull Sluice rapid on the Chattooga River with Wildwater Ltd. Rafting Bull Sluice rapid on the Chattooga River with Wildwater Ltd

38 reviews of Wildwater - Chattooga Just completed the Section III full-day Chatooga River adventure with the family. Morning started out about 9 and we hit the river after a few safety lessons. Lunch was half way through the day on the side of the river. The tour guides worked hard to make sure everyone had a fun time and was kept safe. After a full-day of rafting, they provided us with a. Chattooga River. The Chattooga is about two hours from Atlanta with gorgeous scenery, easy to moderate whitewater, numerous swimming holes and the infamous Class IV Bull Sluice rapid. When we arrived at NOC, our friendly and engaging guide, Dylan, led us through river and rafting safety guidelines before we geared up and headed to the river Bull Sluice is a benchmark Class IV+ rapid as rated by American Whitewater during normal flow of 1.8 to 2.4 feet. It becomes easier at lower water and significantly more difficult at higher water. Bull Sluice is the largest and final named rapid of Section 3 of the Chattooga River. Since it is one of the more accessible rapids on the river. The Chattooga is a gorgeous wild and scenic river (protected buffer 1/4 mile on either side). All of the staff were professional and helpful, with thorough safety procedures. Bull Sluice (class 4) was the highlight for us, very exciting :-)

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  1. The Chattooga River flows through northeast Georgia and into South Carolina. This river is part of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System meaning it is a beautiful and scenic trip. Along the Chattooga are gorgeous patches of rhododendron and mountain laurel soaking in the sun and beautiful waterfalls
  2. Chattooga River cuts such a deep gorge though the Blue Ridge Mountains that almost every creek that flows into it has one or more gorgeous waterfalls. Kayakers love this river for its Class IV rapids. It is known as the CROWN JEWEL of Southern white water. The river drops from 3,000 feet to 950 feet over a 50-mile journey, creating some.
  3. Flowing across both Georgia and South Carolina, the Chattooga River is divided into 4 sections with section 4 being probably the hardest in the Southeast. The class III section increases in difficulty from a mild beginning to a challenging final rapid at Bull Sluice
  4. The Chattooga River is a federally designated Wild and Scenic River. It is a whitewater kayaker's paradise, as there are many Class IV and Class V rapids throughout the river's course. In fact, you will get up close to Bull Sluice - a Class V rapid - on this hike, and you may even see some kayakers make their way down it
  5. The following day, the group traveled upstream to paddle part of the Chattooga Cliffs section and all of the Ellicott Rock section of the Chattooga. Once on the water, the Chattooga Cliffs section treated paddlers to class IV and V rapids set in a stunning gorge with bedrock walls constricting the river
  6. Whitewater Rafting the Chattooga River a Great One-Day Getaway. Riding the rapids both safe, fun for adventurous families But the roughest stretch of the river, featuring Class IV and V rapids.
  7. Experienced and certified guides lead you expertly down the river. Enjoy gorgeous views of the Chattooga River between tackling the rapids. Munch on riverside snacks and go for a swim during your 4-hour trip. This whitewater rafting trip is fun for the whole family - No experience needed! From: $90

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Shoot the rapids of the Chattooga River. March 18, 2016 Newberry Observer News, Top Stories 0. By Kasie Strickland - kstrickland@civitasmedia.com. From 1970 to 2003 the US Forest Service reported 39 deaths that occurred on the Chattooga River. Eleven of those deaths — just over 28 percent — happened at Bull Sluice Parts of the river include Class I and Class II rapids. Chattooga River. offer tubing in tamer waters known as Area 2 of the Chattooga, with no more than Class II rapids..

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The Chattooga River is a well-known whitewater experience in the South. The gorge offers 26-miles of rafting thrills. The river is free-flowing and a designated Wild and Scenic River. As such, the rapids depend greatly upon the time of year and the level of rainfall. With Wildwater Rafting, there are several options to experience the. 1. Upper Tuolumne River (Cherry Creek), California. Coffin Rapid on Cherry Creek. Cherry Creek is the gold standard for Class V and is the hardest section of commercially rafted whitewater in the United States. Rapids like Mushroom (V), Toadstool (V), and Lewis's Leap (V) challenge even the most experienced river guides In the lower Chattooga corridor, over 43,000 paddlers each year enjoy legendary class-V rapids like Five Falls, Seven-Foot Falls, and Bull Sluice. There are days when you'll see a lot of people, but the river corridor is all that ever gets used, says David Heddon, Forest Service ranger for the Chattooga

River and Whitewater information for Chattooga River - Burrels Ford to Lick Log Branch (Section 1) - United States South Carolina United States Georgia . Get info on rapids, camps, access, and anything else you want to know about this section of the river We loaded up our raft and embarked on our journey through class III and IV rapids on a 12-mile stretch of the river. This was the boys' first time rafting, but their faces showed no fear when we crested our first class IV rapid called Bull Sluice, a six-foot vertical drop into a narrow channel surrounded by jagged rocks SC Chattooga River lawsuit settled in case of watery death at Sock-em-dog rapids. Jan. 15—It took seconds for Thomas Hill to be thrown from a raft in the Chattooga River at raging Sock-em-Dog.

The Chattooga River. The Chattooga is just as legendary (maybe even more so) than the Nantahala. Running a steep and gorgeous course from Blue Ridge headwaters near Cashiers to Tugaloo Lake, the Chattooga was classified as a federal Wild & Scenic River in 1974, and part of its rapids-strewn course figured prominently in the classic film. The Chattooga River is well-known for its rapids Jaw Bone and Seven Foot Falls. The 'Piece De Resistance' to rafting on Section 3 of the river is a Class IV+ thriller. This rapid delights with a 14-foot elevation drop that is combined with a tricky line that includes a difficult to manoeuvre ledge, called Decapitation Rock

Chattooga River. Water Level Data. Click here for mobile display. Charts display mean daily gauge height recorded at the US Hwy 76 gauge. All data downloaded from waterdata.usgs.gov. Hover cursor over chart to view specific data points. Select lines in the legend to highlight all data for a specific year The Chattooga is a deadly serious river in terms of the degree of difficulty, with some stretches including Class VI rapids which are just too dangerous to be commercially rafted. For most people, Section 3 which includes many Class I to III rapids and one Class IV, Bull Sluice, should be ideal Class IV rapids are strung together over a 1/4 mile gorge, where the river drops more than 75 feet through Entrance, Corkscrew, Crack-In-the-Rock, Jawbone, and Sock'em Dog. Watch the video for the rest of the experience! Amazing trip! Part of our adventure included a trainee that made a couple mistakes and almost had us dumped out

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The Five Falls are the crowning achievement of the 250 million year old, geological processes of the Chattooga River. Five class IV-V rapids; Entrance (First Ledge), Corkscrew, Crack In The Rock, Jawbone and Sock-em Dog, in rapid succession, in a narrow, boulder-strewn strip of whitewater emptying into a pool of water known as Dead man's Pool It has an excellent mix of rapids, mostly class II and class III, however many of them require scouting for the Chattooga novice. Some of those recommended for scouting include: Dick's Creek (aka First Ledge) the line is about 20' off shore, river right; Second Ledge, the line is about 10' off shore, river left; and Painted Rock, the move is. The Chattooga River is considered the crown jewel of wilderness-rivers in both Canada and the United States. Designated by Congress in 1974 as a National Wild and Scenic River, the river has been placed in the World Class category of rivers due to its unique geology and high percentage of rainfall. Due to its order of preservation the. Most guides and raft companies apparently exaggerate the class rating of rapids. The ratings you find below are the actual International Scale of River Difficulty ratings of Middle Ocoee rapids according to the leading authority American Whitewater for normal flows between 1,200 and 1,600 cubic feet per second. Some rapids do become more.

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Rafting, canoe, and kayaking trips promise exhilarating thrills along the river's Class III and IV rapids. Born in springs and rivulets high on the south side of Whiteside Mountain, near Cashiers, NC, the Chattooga River flows some 50 miles south-southwest forming the border between Georgia and Oconee County, South Carolina, ending at Lake. The best rivers in WNC for whitewater rafting Chattooga River Section III is more suitable for families and includes many swimming holes. Section III is Class II-III. Section IV has bigger. The Chattooga River is without a doubt the Southeast's premier whitewater rafting adventure. In fact, Southern Living called rafting the Chattooga The #1 Thing Every Southerner Ought to Do. The Chattooga was federally protected in 1974 by the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act, thus forever preserving its rugged river gorge from development

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Oh damn, I got distracted from the story of the river the other day. Sections 00, 0, and 1 of the Chattooga are very cool. The character is similar to the sister tributary, Overflow, but the rapids are much more spread out. There are long stretches of mellow water with easy rapids. Along those mellow parts stretch miles and miles of trail and. River: Colorado River, Arizona Section: Grand Canyon (Class I-V) The Beta: The Colorado River through the Grand Canyon is the premier, multi-day rafting trip on the North American continent, offering 226 miles of big water excitement set in one of the most beautiful desert canyons on Earth. Trips can range from six-day, motor-driven tours to 16. Squeal with delight on the Chattooga. Wet exit: Whitewater rafters take an unexpected swim on section IV of the Chattoga River. The first river in the South to be designated Wild and Scenic by Congress, the free-flowing Chattooga begins in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina as rivulets and rainwater

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Chattooga - National Wild and Scenic River Map - FIND OutdoorsSherpa Guides | Georgia | Mountains | The Chattooga RiverChattooga Rafting on Section IV | Nantahala Outdoor CenterFabricating Nature with Marilyn Wall: Whitewater RaftingChattooga: Section 4 - Route 76 Bridge to Tugaloo Lake

The Chattooga River is without a doubt the Southeast's premier whitewater rafting adventure. In fact, Southern Living called rafting the Chattooga The #1 Thing Every Southerner Ought to Do. The Chattooga was federally protected in 1974 by the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act, forever preserving its rugged river gorge from development The Cumberland River in Kentucky has some wild parts when you go through Big South Fork National Recreation Area. Stunning images show house-sized boulders and plenty of rapids. 25. Lochsa River. To visit the Lochsa River in the image, head to Idaho. This river includes 40 different class III to IV rapids combined with a longer and larger river The GCA cleans up the section of the Chattooga between Thirft's Ferry and Bull Sluice. All the rapids in this section are class 2 or 2+, except for the last rapid, Bull Sluice, which is class 4. Bull Sluice can be portaged for less experienced paddlers, so class 2 boaters are WELCOME on this paddle