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The entire structure is 135 metres (443 ft) tall and the wheel has a diameter of 120 metres (394 ft). It is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe, and the most popular paid tourist attraction in the United Kingdom, visited by over 3.5 million people annually Often, the results have been spectacular, as in the following examples. 1. The Eiffel Tower. Ian.CuiYi / Getty Images. When it opened in 1889, Paris's Eiffel Tower, designed by Gustave Eiffel, had the distinction of being the tallest man-made structure in the world. Now it's simply one of the most beautiful The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is an art museum in Kansas City, Missouri, known for its neo-classical architecture and extensive collection of Asian art. In 2007, Time magazine ranked the museum's new Bloch Building, # 1 on its list of The 10 Best (New and Upcoming) Architectural Marvels which considered candidates from around the globe The man started to create wonders from ancient time onwards through his unique power of creativity. When you look around, we can see many man-made wonders that meet the spirit and artistic power. Here is the list of top 10 most amazing human-made wonders of the world. This list includes both ancient and modern wonders by the man of all time

Yellowstone National Park's Morning Glory Pool is an attraction that gathers many tourists who think that the distinct color of the pool is a natural phenomenon. This is far from the truth. In the 1960s, the color of the pool was blue due to the bacteria that inhabit the water.The tourists who visited the hot spring threw pennies, rocks, and all sorts of garbage into the Morning Glory Pool. 1. Metaphor: Tree of Utah. Tom Kelly/flickr. Trees don't grow on the Bonneville Salt Flats, but you'll find this man-made tree, created by Karl Momen there. 2. Lake Powell. Wolfgang Staudt/flickr. When the Glen Canyon Dam flooded Glen Canyon in 1963, Lake Powell was created. It's the second largest man-made reservoir in the country

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Man-made attractions are defined as the creation of humans with a motive to leave a lasting mark on the world. Since ancient times, several influential or non-influential people have had a common dream of achieving immortality. Over the course of. 12 Of The Most Enchanting Man Made Wonders In Michigan. Michigan is the home of much natural beauty, but it also has some amazing man made wonders. Whether you're looking for astounding feats of engineering, or want to see the collaboration of nature and art, you'll find it in our towns and cities across the state The 150 year old Big Ben Clock Tower is one of London's top attractions. The name Big Ben actually refers not to the clock tower itself, but to the 13 ton bell housed within the tower and takes its name from the man who first ordered the bell, Sir Benjamin Hall. It is the 3th largest free-standing clock tower in the world Tokyo Skytree is a new television broadcast tower and it's a landmark of Tokyo. It places on the centre of Tokyo Skytree town and there is not far away from Asakura city. The height of there is 634m and there is a meaning that it is 634m. In Japan you can read 634 as Musashi and this name is a historical name of tokyo region) Give ten examples of each, man-made things or natural things - Get the answer to this question and access a vast question bank that is tailored for students

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  1. Top 10 best tourist attractions in Dallas, United States By We Find You Go - 2017-02-15 Constituting of several states and federal territories, Malaysia is a country located in South-East Asia with a population exceeding 30 million citizens
  2. Efforts were made to siphon off some of the water, but it was too late. At 3:10 PM, there was a great roar, and the dam burst. At 3:10 PM, there was a great roar, and the dam burst. Millions of tons of water pounded down the valley at 64 kilometers per hour (40 mph)
  3. Top 10 Famous Landmarks in the World The most famous man-made monuments in the world. Here are the Top 10 famous landmarks in the world. These man-made landmarks and monuments are so well known because of their location or special architecture and of course are famous attractions which would be great to visit with your family
  4. Conclusion Advantages and Disadvantages of Man-made attractions Do you want to see some Man made attractions? GREAT WALL OF CHINA How about the DISADVANTAGES? What do we mean by Man made? Man made attractions are simply made to satisfy the desire of each tourists for ne

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The definition of man made refers to something that was created by humans, as opposed to by God or nature. (adjective) A... Dictionary Menu. An example of man made is a lake that was dug by a company using machines. An example of man made is an artificial fiber used to make a piece of fabric. adjective. 24. 9 Blog. June 25, 2021. What does remote first mean to your organization? June 23, 2021. Mastering the art of becoming indistractable June 18, 202

Image Source: hotelmorgana.com While there's so much natural beauty in the world to see, there are also a great deal of magnificent structures that people have built during human history that should be viewed. These structures are generally considered to be tourist magnets for people all over the world. Here are 7 of the world's most popular man-made tourist attractions Are you looking for exciting man-made attractions that's unique and creative? The Philippines, an archipelago with 7100+ islands offers quite a few of this. From the world's largest bamboo organ to rice terraces to a walled city within a city, here's a list of these unique and spectacular sites: 1. BANAUE RICE TERRACES Dubbed Manila's Walled City, Intramuros by far is still one of the man-made spectacles that figures in much of Philippine history. Dating back to the Spanish colonial era, the story goes that it was built by Filipino and Chinese workers , has more or less stood the test of time, bombings during WW2, and man-made disasters and was restored in. An attraction is an object or symbol of interest that people visit for its inherent uniqueness, beauty, value and significance. Although the classification of attractions differs, there are four main dominant categories. These are Natural, Heritage (Cultural), Purposeful-Built (Man-Made) and Events

San Juanico bridge. Yes, it's only a bridge, but we think it qualifies among the man-made wonders. The graceful San Juanico Bridge is part of the Pan-Philippine Highway and stretches from Samar to Leyte across the San Juanico Strait. With a total length of 2.16km (1.34 miles), it is the longest bridge in the Philippines spanning a body of. 10 Examples of Man made Ecosystems. 7.Managed forestry: A sustainable forest is a forest that is carefully managed so that as trees are felled they are replaced with seedlings that eventually grow into mature trees These and five more strange and dazzling attractions are scattered throughout America, inspiring conspiracy theories, head-scratching and a whole lot of open-mouthed awe. From unexplained archaeological sites to bizarre modern creations, all of these mysterious man-made wonders of America are awesomely weird Man-made definition: Man-made things are created or caused by people, rather than occurring naturally . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The UK isn't short of a breathtaking piece of scenery or two. In these fragile times it can be a blessed relief to take solace in the fact that there are countless sites across the UK that are.

These are the best places for budget-friendly sights & landmarks in Trinidad and Tobago: Fort King George. Dattatreya Temple and Hanuman Statue. Mount St. Benedict Monastery. San Fernando Hill. Fort Milford. See more budget-friendly sights & landmarks in Trinidad and Tobago on Tripadvisor Attraction pebbles are little phrases that you can say to a man, or little gestures that instantly get a man's attention and escalate his desire for you. The best thing is, these pebbles make you look high value high status and make men want to pursue you for emotional reasons Here's our Top 10 list of the famous man made landmarks in Australia which we think are some of the most iconic and amazing places to see Down Under. 1. Sydney Opera House. Sydney Opera House is not only Australia's most famous landmark, this unique structure is one of the world's most instantly recognisable and iconic buildings These and five more strange and dazzling attractions are scattered throughout America, inspiring conspiracy theories, head-scratching and a whole lot of open-mouthed awe. From unexplained archaeological sites to bizarre modern creations, all of these mysterious man-made wonders of America are awesomely weird

An example of one of the biggest man made lake is Lake Kariba. This world largest man made lake is located in Africa and is only one amongst the many. This article will try to give you an insight to the top ten manmade lakes available in the world. All these lakes supply water to the residents residing near the vicinity While touching can indicate that a guy is attracted to you, men use different areas of the body to convey attraction. For example, if a man is interested in a woman he may hold her gently around the waist. (A man that is holding a woman high above the waist and around the shoulders is more likely conveying friendly affection than attraction. Though Men Are Interested In A Woman For Reasons Other Than Physical Attraction, Your Appearance Is Still A Deciding Factor. Because What Men Find Attractive In Women Has A Lot To Do With The Way.

12. Isle of Man Motor Museum. The newest large attraction to set up shop on the island, the Isle of Man Motor Museum in Jurby opened its doors to the public in 2015. Since then this fun attraction has grown to include an impressive collection of some 500-plus vehicles of all types Lake Volta (or Volta Lake) is the largest man-made lake in the world. A passenger boat, the Yapei Queen runs the entire length of the lake between Akosombo in the South to Yeji in the North. The trip takes about 24 hours one way and departs from Akosombo every Monday. You can book your voyage through the Volta Lake Transport Company

The top 10 English tourist attractions in 2015 include famous London sightseeing destinations, theme parks, World Heritage Sites and plenty of outdoor activities. 1. Tower of London. The top spot goes to the Tower of London, one of the world's most famous fortresses and home to the priceless Crown Jewels. Built as a royal residence and prison. Examples. 1. Stability of the Objects. The objects present on the surface of the earth do not levitate or float in the air. This is because of the presence of the gravitational force present between the objects and the earth. The cup that is kept on the table does not hover in the air and stays in the same position until disrupted by an. The ancient site of Monte Alban commands mind-blowing views across an entire valley, but that's not the only reason you should visit what we think is a shoe-in addition to any list of the top 10 tourist attractions of Mexico. This incredible archaeological feat is a spectacular example of ancient urban development 10 Man-Made Places Nature Decorated. by Steve Wynalda. fact checked by Jamie Frater. No one disputes that humans are capable of creating beautiful things. The Eiffel Tower. The Great Pyramid of Giza. But if you've ever been to the Taj Mahal at sunrise or Petra at sunset, you know that nature adds its own touches to man-made creations

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Vector Wero Whitewater Park is New Zealand's first man-made river and white water course. A world class destination that offers a wide range of safe water activities including rafting, kayaking and much more. In the heart of Auckland, let your ADRENALIN race while taking on Grade 4 rapids or a. attractions and activities » family fun and. Upstate New York has no shortage of wonders, both man-made and natural. Here is a short list of 11 great man-made wonders in the region. The list includes a miniature lakeside castle, a city's. The human and physical resources found in a particular place often influence tourism to a particular destination. Human resources are tourist attractions that have been made by people, such as the. Ireland has some man-made wonders in addition to its natural wonders - some ancient, some medieval and some quite modern. Find out more about Newgrange, Knowth, and Dowth, about the Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery, about Ireland's round towers, about the High Crosses, about the Book of Kells, about the Leviathan, as well as Samson and Goliath Attractions. P1, There are 4There a different types of attractions. There are called Natural attractions, Heritage attractions, Purpose- built attractions and Events. The tourist boards have esitmated that there are around 6,400 tourist attractions in the UK. In the travel and tourism sector, attractions are a vital part as they are what bring.

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The arch monuments we see across the world are built to commemorate a important person or an significant event in the history. Such man made arches also becomes important landmark and best tourist attraction of city where it is located. Followings are 10 popular man made arches across the world But most fascinating of all, perhaps, is that Kovac built it himself in his backyard with no formal training in astronomy, even hand-painting all 5,000 stars. It took him 10 years to accomplish this feat. Browse more of Wisconsin's man-made wonders by region, and find amazing architecture near you in our state directory PowerPoint: Top 10 Australian Man-Made Landmarks PowerPoint: Top 10 Australian Man-Made Landmarks includes: * Australian States and Territories and their C Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising A woman's attraction for a man is something that is scalable. A woman can literally go from feeling no attraction for a man to feeling a 7, 8, 9, or even 10 out of 10 level of attraction for him based on how he talks to her, behaves around her and gets her to behave around him

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  1. The Sherpas and Tibetans worship Everest as Chomolongma, or Mother Goddess of the Earth. Luckily you don't need to actually climb the 29,000 feet to the Top of the World to experience its magnificence and the beauty of the surrounding valleys and forests. Emerald Landscape, Ireland. Though all of Ireland's landscape is stunning, the.
  2. Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Tomar & Easy Day Trips. 7. Bom Jesus do Monte, Braga. Bom Jesus do Monte, Braga. Bom Jesus do Monte, Portugal's grandest religious sanctuary, is located on a wooded slope six kilometers east of Braga and is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the country
  3. g on stage in front of thousands of fans. At this point, she has put in her 10,000 hours of practice. That's attraction. Remember though, for.
  4. 10 Condensation Examples Common in Real Life. Condensation is the scientific term for the process that occurs when a gas (vapor) changes into liquid. There are numerous examples of condensation. Chances are that you've observed this natural phenomenon many times while going about your ordinary activities. condensation on grass
  5. Define man-made. man-made synonyms, man-made pronunciation, man-made translation, English dictionary definition of man-made. or man-made adj. Made by humans rather than occurring in nature; artificial or synthetic: a man-made lake; manmade fibers. See Usage Note at man
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  7. Here are our pick of 10 attractions that have endeared Venice to its visitors. Murano; Murano. The small island of Murano is located less than 2 kilometers north of the Piazza San Marco. Although the island measures just about 1.5 kilometers at its widest, it is a major tourist attraction for being home to the famous glassmaking industry of Venice

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Read on to learn about composite materials and the 10 most surprising examples of composite materials. Examples of Composite Materials. A composite is a material that is made by combining two or more substances that have different physical properties. An ideal composite is made of materials that complete each other's shortcomings 10-20 Wealth playfulness and more. Confidence is a reflection of success and trust, a trait women are attracted to. A confident attitude towards life. Confidence indicates that you are successful and to be trusted. When you trust yourself, others will as well. Women will trust you with themselves

Here are the top 10 freak show acts of all time: 10. The Hottentot Venus. Saartjie 'Sarah' Baartman's stage name was the Hottentot Venus. She became a popular sideshow attraction during the 18 th century thanks to a European fascination with African 'natives.'. Her features attracted men and women who would come to see her in the name. Top 10 Tourist Attractions in the Philippines A hammock on one of many beaches in the Philippines. The Philippines is located at the eastern edge of Asia - it consists of approximately 7,641 small islands (called archipelagos ), upon which a host of diversity can be found

man-made definition: 1. artificial rather than natural: 2. artificial rather than natural: 3. produced or developed by. Learn more These are the top cultural landmarks in The Bahamas. 1. The Cloisters, Nassau. Dating back to the 14th Century, this is one of the most intriguing Bahamas landmarks you'll find. Originally created in France, the buildings of the Cloisters were imported to the Bahamas, brick by brick, in the 1960s, by newspaper baron William Randolph Hearst The main tourist attractions in Port Louis include the Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis Bazaar, Police Barracks, the Mauritian Chinatown and the old Port Louis theatre. The capital has also three museums which are: the Blue Penny Museum, the Mauritius Natural History Museum and the Mauritius Stamp Museum 10 Best Tucson Attractions and Activities You Shouldn't Miss. the university's first building and a great example of territorial-era architecture. man-made habitat that comprises all of. The star of the show is undoubtedly the man-made tropical African rainforest, planted to remind visitors of the rapidly diminishing rainforests of central and west Africa. ECHO CAVES These caves get their name from dripstone formations that, when tapped, echo

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The Big Hole. The world's largest hand dug excavation site and one of the best-known tourist attractions in South Africa, The Big Hole was mined to about 800 metres and, in its time, yielded 2.7 tons of diamonds. The mine closed in 1914 and is now an enormous water-filled crater An archaeological wonder, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and one of the world's most instantly recognizable landmarks, the Acropolis is the star attraction of ancient Athens. Dramatically perched on a jagged clifftop—the so-called sacred rock of Athens—the ruins overlook the modern city and date back to as early as 510 BC

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  1. Things to Do in Duluth, Minnesota: See Tripadvisor's 66,429 traveler reviews and photos of Duluth tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in July. We have reviews of the best places to see in Duluth. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions
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  3. Dark tourism (also Thana tourism, black tourism, morbid tourism or grief tourism) has been defined as tourism involving travel to places historically associated with death and tragedy. More recently, it was suggested that the concept should also include reasons tourists visit that site, since the site's attributes alone may not make a visitor a dark tourist
  4. 10. HomeAway's anti-Airbnb TV spot. Airbnb is the elephant in the room when it comes to marketing most hoteliers and competing services. It certainly is (intentionally so) for HomeAway in the 2016 TV spot below. HomeAway is similar to Airbnb, except guests always rent entire homes (without a host in sight)
  5. The 35 Most Beautiful Man-Made Structures in the World Tina Donvito Updated: Jun. 11, 2020 These monuments defy expectations of what humans can build—and sometimes seem to defy gravity itself
  6. Man made disasters -. 1. London's killer fog: During the rapid spurt of industrialization, London has witnessed an air thick with pollution. Back in 1952, this pollution took turned downright savage and lead to a tragic consequence. During the winter, the weather was too cold to tolerate and the residents burned excessive coal to beat the.

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Pennsylvania is home to many of the most amazing man-made structures in the United States. I recently covered the 7 Natural Wonders of Pennsylvania, and today am going to list what I believe to be the 7 Man-Made Wonders of Pennsylvania.. The criteria for this list was simple The Importance of Mutual Attraction Nature has made us attractive to one another because it's essential for the continuation of the species. You may like someone as a person but if you don't experience a mutual level of romantic attraction, there won't be much hope for the connection In 1996, the structure was totally renovated and converted into a 39-foot tall Goddard-Townsend block front chest with a real chest used as a prototype. To add to the visual impact, two ginormous socks were hung from one of its drawers. The chest has been featured on MTV and numerous shows featuring America's largest man-made attractions

Also read: Things That Make A Woman Emotionally Attractive To A Man. Identifying the signs of emotional attraction can enable you to develop a more intimate and much deeper bond in your romantic relationship as well. Although physical attraction is important, emotional attraction leads to meaningful and lasting relationships From the depths of the human brain, here are 10 fascinating facts about the psychology of attraction. Women with older fathers are often attracted to older men. As it turns out, the common stereotype that women are attracted to older men because they have underlying daddy issues is not totally true 10 Inspiring Examples of Sportsmanship. February 3, 2020. John Landy of Australia is known as the second man to ever break the 4-minute mile. It was an achievement most people believed was not possible, but he did it only 46 days after Englishman Roger Bannister. For Pete Goss, it made all the difference. It was Christmas Day, 1996, and. Examples of male privilege demonstrate how the patriarchy shows up - but they aren't representations of every man's life, at every moment. They aren't things that only men have ever experienced. It's just more likely that you'll get these benefits if you're a man, because they're supported by the system of patriarchy

Example: In the past, I have found it difficult to work with aggressive personality types. While I understand diversity in personalities makes a business strong, I tend to quiet my own ideas and opinions around louder colleagues. To combat this, I have made it a point to spend more time with colleagues I feel uncomfortable working with What is likely the most common fractionation seduction example, even though it's not generally thought of as such, is taking a girl different places on the same night. You talk to her by the bar, take her to a private table, take her to another bar, and then take her somewhere to get a bite to eat. On the surface, it looks like one long night Top 10 Most Popular Attractions in Europe A continent with ancient history, a very rich culture and a tumultuous history. A continent which draws millions of visitors each year, whether they come to see the famous Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum in Rome or to visit the Queen's residence in London, Europe's diverse culture is a magnet to people

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  1. The 10 worst man-made environmental disasters NEW YORK — The oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico is now about the size of Puerto Rico. It's already reached the marshes of Louisiana
  2. Considered one of the greatest man-made structures in the world, the Great Wall of China stretches over 13,000 miles. Receiving 10 million tourists every year, it is beneficial to know the best time to visit. Autumn is arguably the prettiest season in which to arrive, but unfortunately, it is still the peak time for tourism
  3. Here are ten examples of God's ways being different from man's ways. 1. Coals of Fire. Proverbs 25:21, 22 If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink: For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, and the Lord shall reward thee
  4. The 7 kilometers-long isle of white sandy beaches is a favorite summer getaway of local celebrities and foreign tourists. The influx of tourists every year has made the White Beach one of the top holiday attractions in the world and it remains to be the most-visited among the top 10 attractions in the Philippines in this list
  5. What are Natural and Man-Made Resources? Resources provided by nature are called Natural resources. Example - Air, Water, Petroleum, Coal. Resources made by human beings are called Manmade resources. Example - Machines, Vehicles, Roads. Note. From Natural Resources, Manmade Resources are Made. Example. Tyre is Made from Rubber

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10) Tadrart Acacus, Ghat District, Libya. Tadrart Acacus also known as the Acacus Mountains is a mountain run in Ghat, Libya. It structures some piece of the Saharan Desert. There are many hole compositions and rock craft in the region, made in different styles. The area is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site The first is the attention getting phase. Young men and women do this somewhat differently. As soon as they enter the bar, both males and females typically establish a territory—a seat, a. 10 Most Breathtaking and Tallest Statues in the USA. America is home to thousands of unique statues and monuments around the country. Las Vegas, for example, has a lot of outstanding pieces, but we're on the hunt for the tallest classic pieces of architectural beauty.. The small town behemoths and record-breaking works of art are some of our favorites However, these timeless Attraction Marketing principles work for ANY business in ANY niche. Whether you want to get more coaching clients, get more speaking gigs, or get more customers & buyers for ANY business, the following 7-Step Attraction Marketing Method is the best way to build a stable, successful, long term business in ANY industry

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Here are the top ten tourist attractions in Greece that you should never miss while visiting Greece. 10. Samaria Gorge. Samaria Gorge. The Samaria Gorge lies in the southwest Greek on the island of Crete. It is a valley running through the White Mountains and was created by a river that once used to run through it. The gorge was home to a small. For example, beauty is somehow mutually exclusive with godliness, which 1 Pet 3 does not say at all. Another example is that a successful, ambitious man may be looked on as 'too worldly' because money is evil when it is the love of money that is evil in 1 Tim 6. This is a problem because these things are false. You can be beautiful and godly Here are a few things you need to know about attraction. 1. Physical attraction is based on instinct. Most people can tell if they're attracted to someone in the first 90 seconds after they meet. April Masini, who regularly gives relationship advice on ABC Entertainment News and has authored books like Date Out of Your League, suggests that. List of Man Made Fibres. 1. Rayon. Rayon and acetate are man-made fibres manufactured from a cellulose base, the cellulose being normally obtained from wood pulp and cotton linters. Invented by Chardonnet, a French chemist rayon was made cotton or wool pulp. He found that nitrocellulose fibres found in cotton or wood pulp can be chemically. 20 synonyms of man-made from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 36 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for man-made. Man-made: being such in appearance only and made with or manufactured from usually cheaper materials

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Get directions. Chobe National Park lies in Botswana's Okavango Delta and covers four distinct eco-systems. The SavutiMarsh in particular offers some of the highest concentrations of wildlife in Africa year round. Chobe boasts around 120,000 elephants. The park's vast herds are best seen from the water on a sundown river cruise 2. Man-made Resources. The things that do not occur in the natural world but have value to human life is defined as Man-made Resources. Some examples of resources are paper, rubber, plastic, etc. All the things where human beings can interfere, intervene, generate, modify, and control are also known as Man-made resources Definitions of the Law of Attraction and How It Manifests: What is the regulation of appeal definition? Here are a few definitions and clarifications that give an explanation for what is the regulation of appeal and how it manifests. 1.Manifestati.. Top 10 Eco Disasters Caused by HumansSubscribe http://goo.gl/Q2kKrDA man-made disaster is one in which many deaths and destruction are caused by error or neg..

An easy way to ask for what you want is to write a letter to the universe. Ask the universe for what you want once a day makes your requests clearer and clearer. Step 3: Work toward your goals. Manifesting is the art of co-creating with the universe. Working toward your goals increases your chances of receiving what you want Man-Made Features of Brazil: - Statue of Christ the Redeemer, This 130-foot tall statue sits at the top of Corcovado Mountain and overlooks the city of Rio de Janeiro.-Brasilia City Plan, Brasilia is the modern-designed, totally planned capital of Brazil.-Church of San Francisco, Salvador de Bahia. The Baroque interior of this church is unequaled in all of Brazil A man-made material is one that is manufactured through human effort. These materials are usually made using natural, raw materials. Examples of man-made materials are glass, rayon and nylon. Paper, steel, synthetic rubber, polyester, wax paper, concrete and silicone rubber are all man-made materials as well Man-made definition, produced, formed, or made by humans. See more

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2: Birmingham Zoo. Rate attraction: 327. 44. View Map. When planning a visit to Birmingham, Alabama, the Birmingham Zoo should be at the top of your list of places to visit in Alabama. Spread over 122-acres, the zoo boasts more than 200 species of animals, including numerous endangered species from around the world 10. DREAM BIG! Ask for more than you need. You are the child of a rich father in heaven - claim your Divine birthright to unlimited Prosperity, Peace, Joy, Love and Harmony. Ask for all that you desire (in alignment with your values) and have the faith to relax and enjoy the journey 10. Isaac Boro Garden Park. Photo Source: Punch.ng. Isaac Boro Garden Park is situated opposite the Mile One Bridge along the Old GRA in Port Harcourt. Today, it has become a tourist location where baseball and softball are played and a center for trade fairs and live entertainment