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Best Fly Fishing Flies for Bass Most bass flies will be either streamer flies or topwater flies. Bass will also take small nymphs in rivers and creeks, along with some surface insects such as mayflies, caddisflies, dragonflies/damselflies, and terrestrials. For topwater flies there are 3 main varieties that bass cannot resist which ar Catching bass that are five pounds and up is possible for fly fisherman using dry flies, bass bugs, and plenty of other options as well. Bass Fly Fishing Techniques As with all other types of fishing, the technique you use focuses on the type of lure you're using Fishing for Bass on the fly is oftentimes an angler's secret addiction. The entire process is great fun and can be a more than satisfying relief from targeting finicky trout or non-existent musky. So, when prepping to land some of these underwater bullies, there are a few things to remember off the bat

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  1. Don't lose any sleep over the type of rod you use for bass fly fishing, just make sure it has enough backbone to handle a strong fish - a five to eight weight, nine foot fly rod works very well for most bass
  2. More information can be found in Dave Whitlock's Fly Fishing for Bass. This has great instruction on methods, casting, flies, and reading the water. Whitlock himself, does most of the illustrations which are unusually helpful. This is the definitive book on Fly Fishing for Bass
  3. dset of saltwater fly fishing (even though you're not). When it comes to larger bass, you will want to avoid lifting your rod after you set the hook. This will send your prize away quickly
  4. Just like when fishing a Texas or Carolina rig, it's important to keep constant tension on a subsurface bass fly. Strikes can be super subtle, even those from big fish. If you're crawling a..
  5. The foam popper is a classic bass fly
  6. The Clouser Deep Minnow is one of the best bass flies in existence. It imitates a wounded or dazed baitfish, and the weighted eyes lend the fly a jumping and diving motion that smallmouth and largemouth bass find irresistible
  7. g is important to make sure you fly fish in the right places throughout the season

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  1. Click Here To Subscribe http://goo.gl/9Z5dTuAlpine Bass - Bass fishing with a top water flies in a remote alpine lake does't get any better. Watch largemout..
  2. Fly rods for bass fishing will let you throw larger flies than you normally would for trout, while also having the backbone to tire out some of those bigger smallmouth and largemouth
  3. gham, Alabama. An excellent treatment of tactics for fly-rodding for bass in rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds by the world's foremost authority on fly fishing. Rounds, John
  4. Fly fishing is the newest trend in getting the biggest bang for your buck while bass fishing. Fly fishing is known for its super light tackle, which makes fighting small but energetic fish an absolute riot
  5. There are many types of fly lines, for bass fishing a weight-forward bass bug taper is a good start. Fly line is expensive but with proper care it will last for years. Line cleaner and dressing is inexpensive and it will keep the line working like new. Also, to aid in casting performance stretch the line before fishing
  6. I attempt TOPWATER fly fishing for bass with poppers! I used a small bass popper fly and tore them up! If you enjoyed this video please LIKE, COMMENT, and SU..

Bass are one of the most enjoyable sportfish to target with any type of tackle. For hardcore bass anglers, fly fishing can be a fun and sporting new way to pursue their favorite species. For fly anglers, bass are a readily available and challenging fish that are guaranteed to offer a new thrill An iconic streamer fly developed by Left Kreh. Designed for chasing after saltwater striped bass in saltwater. The fly works just as well when fly fishing for smallmouth bass. Lefty's deceiver has so much going for it. It does a great job of mimicking a wide variety of baitfish, and the design allows for flexibility in color combinations Popping-bug fishing is the most exciting fishing you can do for both smallmouth and largemouth bass but bass also rise to dead-drifted dry flies, much like trout. On big and small rivers and lakes where there are mayflies, caddis, and other aquatic insects, bass seek out drifting adult insects and sip them from the surface The aim with fly fishing for bass is then to find shoreline that is likely to hold bass within your casting distance

With splashy takes and hard fights, fly fishing for bass is exhilarating and requires a different set of flies than typical trout fly patterns.While bass are not the most popular sport fish to target on the fly, it is quickly gaining eyes in the fly fishing community for its topwater action.. Whether you are looking to discover new patterns as a fly angler or are wanting to catch something new. BREATHTAKING ACTION --This 10/24-Piece Popper Fly Assortment will allow you to discover the breathtaking action of exciting topwater fly-fishing. FISH LOVE THESE FLIES. -- Everything you need for spittin', splashin' surface action for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, trout, bluegills, crappie, bream, etc Fly Fishing for bass. Apart from lure fishing, fly fishing for bass has got to be one of my favourite forms of fishing. Using such a light rod and minimal tackle make these easy options as far as locating and finding the fish, bass in this case. How I got started fly fishing Black. Olive. Crayfish Bunny Brown // Bass Fly by Solitude. Quick View. Crayfish Bunny Brown // Bass Fly by Solitude $3.33. Brown. Best Bass Fly for Smallmouth and Largemouth. Quick View. Jawbreaker // #1 Selling Bass Fly by Solitude $3.33 Photo via Cabela's. While bass are generally considered the ultimate game fish in the fishing sport community, they are still a fringe species when it comes to fly fishing. In most cases, fly anglers are going after trout, and as such, most typical fly patterns are designed specifically with trout in mind

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Fly fishing for bass in lakes definitely involves hunting for fishy places, but I think fly fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass in rivers is more active and thus more exciting. What Fly Rod and Line for Swinging Streamers. Both largemouth and smallmouth bass are meat eaters, and swinging or stripping streamers is a great way to entice. Largemouth bass can be found in 49 of 50 states (not in Alaska) and in large numbers in virtually every one. The bass' accessibility makes it an easy, fun target, particularly for novice fly fishers. You don't need a boat. Grab a rod, a few basic flies and go to your closest pond Fly fishing is associated with trout because in it's early days, trout were about all the light horse hair lines and delicate rods could handle. Modern fly fishing rods, reels, and lines can handle just about any fish that swims anywhere. Fly fishing for bass is one of the fastest growing types of fishing there is Fly fishing for bass on ponds is a great way to get into the sport. There's usually plenty of fish, and you always stand a good chance at catching them. One of the greatest things about ponds in my opinion, is that most of them are small enough to fish their entirety from the bank. And the smaller the piece of water you're fishing, the.

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  1. East Alabama Fly Fishing provides one-of-a-kind fly fishing experiences in East Alabama for a variety of species, especially black bass species. Whether you are an experienced angler looking for something new, a die-hard bass on the fly angler, or a beginning angler, EAFF can tailor a trip to your desires
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  3. Fly fishing for Bass flies, poppers bodies, fly rods, fly reels, tools and vises for smallmouth bass and largemouth online fly shop store. Toggle menu 218-831-228
  4. ology, gear and tactics to succeed at catching America's favorite fish on the fly
  5. Fly Number 1: Meat Whistle. The smallmouth season begins and ends with deep water and lethargic fish, which means flies need to get down, stay down, and exude plenty of subtle action. John Barr's Meat Whistle is just what early-­season anglers need. Fish this fly in a river with a floating line and straight mono leader of 7 to 12 feet.

Thankfully, fly fishing for bass is not a new concept and more anglers around the world are embracing these incredible fish. The bass family is widespread and includes many familiar species like smallmouth, largemouth, black, spotted, white and more When bass fishing for bass, an added benefit, other fish species like bluegills and crappie inevitably caught while targeting bass. The largemouth bass and smallmouth bass is the top freshwater game fish in the United States.. Florida and Texas are well known for their excellent largemouth bass.Anglers choose when catching bass in several different ways, spin fishing and fly fishing are two of.

Smallmouth bass are the best fish to catch, and fly fishing is a superb way to catch them This is the place for accurate and helpful information on fly fishing for smallmouth, without the jargon or hype. The mighty smallmouth is found in over 2,000 rivers and thousands of lakes across North America, and readily strikes flies year around.. Check out The Fly Fishers' list of the best 10 fly patterns for topwater and subsurface largemouth bass fly fishing to become a true ace bass fly fisherman. Better yet - get FREE shipping on orders of $35 or more For shallow water fishing, nothing can compare with the thrill of watching a bass bust a popper or deer hair bug twitching on the surface. Size 6-2/0 bugs are useful, but the specific pattern or color of the bass bug isn't usually too important. Frog colors, white, black, orange, purple and chartreuse have all been productive for me If fly fishing for bass is on your list, then this book should be on your shelf. Read more. 16 people found this helpful. Helpful. Report abuse. Gerald L. DeGraff. 5.0 out of 5 stars Very detailed all you need to start bass fly fishing. Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2019 Fly Fishing For Smallmouth Bass. Most people associate fly fishing with trout and haven't ever considered fly fishing for smallmouth bass? If you have, you might be aware that these little guys put up a relentless fight on the fishing rod. Although fly fishing for bass may not be the easiest, the fight is totally worth it. Furthermore, trout.

Fly Fishing for Bass. Coty Perry. Coty Perry. August 19, 2020. Colorado is famous for its mountain trout streams, but don't overlook the thrill of catching bass on the fly out on the Front Range and eastern plains. Our bass fishing expert—who's learning to love fly casting—give you top techniques for success on the water A stout 6WT fly rod is a good weapon of choice for chasing both smallmouth and largemouth bass. Generally, floating fly lines are used when trout fishing. If you decide to give bass fishing a try, you may want an extra spool for your reel line up with a full sinking or sink-tip line Bass often grab the fly when it is on the drop, so make sure you have a tight line. Another useful technique is to dead-drift a bugger through a likely holding area and occasionally twitching the fly with my rod tip or stripping in a bit of line to move it. If the line stops at all, raise your rod

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6 Top Fly Fishing Spots in Alabama. Find trout in the Sipsey Fork branch of the Black Warrior River. Alan Cressler. While Alabama is mostly known as a hotspot for spin fishing, it's also home to several good places for fly-fishing, and you can chase everything from sunfish to rainbow trout to bass, stripers, and redfish Mark, fly fishing is a method of fishing where: 1) we cast a weighted fly line rather which delivers your fly to the target fish, rather than casting a weighted lure using monofilament weightless line; 2) we use hand tied flies to catch the fish rather than using bait

In this basic bass fly fishing video, we give a quick introduction to fly fishing for bass. Get an idea of how easy it is to target this highly popular gamefish. Watch Next Video. Embed Video. Video Transcript: Welcome to the Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing. I'm your host, Tom Rosenbauer. Bass are the number one sport fish in North America and for. Fly Fishing Bass Flies for Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass: Bass Poppers, Bass Streamers, Nymphs, Skaters and Dry Flies. Many standard bass fly patterns as well as custom patterns developed by Harry Murray Your online source for fly fishing lures. Bass, bluegill and bream poppers. BreamBugs.com is a small family owned and operated business. Being small allows us to be responsive to your needs and to give you personal attention. We can help you catch more fish! Soft Body Poppers From RIO. Three styles of soft body poppers from RIO.to choose from

BASS FLIES. Anglers target both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass on flies on both lakes and rivers. While Largemouth are most commonly found in lakes, anglers will fish Smallmouth in rivers. Anglers should have bass flies that both float and sink. Poppers and unweighted flies fish well on the surface, and are especially exciting when a big bass. In simple terms, a fishing leader is an extra piece of line that you add at the end of the main fishing line. Thus, the only two things that you should look into when choosing a fishing leader for bass is its length and diameter. Fishing Leader Thickness and Pound Test: Typically the leader weight is the same as, or greater, the main fishing line Fly Fishing for Spawning Bass: Part II. Spring has started. It's time to dust off the fly rod, and there's no better avenue to break in the new season than by sparring with spawning bass. We caught up with TFO supporter Greg Smith of River Hills Outfitters for a few tips on largemouth on the fly Smallmouth Bass offer some of the best fishing when things get hot. July and August fishing for our resident Smallies in the Manistee River is a great way to spend a day. Whether you are an angler looking to improve your skills, or you're an advanced fly fisherman looking for fun, then smallmouth fishing is for you A Simple Guide to Choosing Your First Fly Fishing Outfit. Whether you're new to fly fishing or just want to know more about fly fishing this guide will help you get started in selecting the basic collection of fishing accessories including the right fly fishing gear, selecting flies, leaders, fly line, fly rod and reel

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Hey all! So Ive been fishing my pond a bit with the spinning rod and catching some nice largemouth. But I need to start using the fly rod. Whats are some of the best topwater and subsurface flies for largemouth, and the best ways to make the as weedless as possible? Show me whatcha got The fly fishing rod movement is commonly referred to as 10 to 2. This means that the rod's movement on the forward cast is arrested at the 10 o'clock position and the backcast at 2 o'clock. Well worth checking out the video at the bottom of this article for some fly casting tips. Before we go on to describing the different flies. When choosing the right fly rod, deciding the correct fly rod line weight is something that you have to determine based upon the type of fish you are targeting and the areas in which you will be fishing. My general recommendation for fly fishing for trout is to start with a line weight of either 4 or 5. 2. Fly Rod Action Standard Fly Fishing Leaders - Trout and Bass. The leader plays a critical role in your fly fishing success. Don't cut corners here! Featured here are some of the leaders that we use on a regular basis...and sell on a regular basis....from some of the best in the business..

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Bass caught on a popper tied with a Surface Seducer Double Barrel popper & slider body. Bass like to party, which is what makes them the most chased game fish in the United States. Aggressive eats, jumps, and willingness to eat on the surface make bass a fun fish to chase, especially on the fly. Personally, I thin When fishing flies for striped bass, mix and alternate retrieves, fast and slow, one-hand and two-hand, steady and erratic. And for when you're not on a fly rod, check out these striped bass lures for proven results. Many truly large striped bass are caught along the beaches at night. Ed Jaworowski

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Fly fishing for bass with poppers is probably one of the greatest and addicting forms of dry fly fishing. As the heat of the spring and summer drive bass closer to the surface, get your bass boxes ready for some fierce strikes and wild fights with these tips for fly fishing poppers for bass The Bass Popper - Frog is a top water fly, so look forward to eruptions from Bass, Pike and other predatory fish, grabbing this fly. Fish the Bass Popper - Frog with short, fast strips. The splash and pop from this strip really attract fish

The key takeaways here are that choosing a fly line for Bass depends on fly choice, fishing conditions, and rod choice. If you have questions and want to discuss fly lines for Bass in greater detail, please feel free to reach out via email to [email protected] or by phone at (888) 413-5211 Texas Fly Fishing: My Top Bass Flies. Living in Texas, I am surrounded by bass. I fly fish for what are known as black bass. The black bass: largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, Guadalupe. All bass species are astonishing and unique to me. Fly fishing to me is about getting on the water and connecting with nature and the creatures that lie within

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Paddlers will find great fly fishing opportunities from the park down to Highway 437. If you live in St. Tammany Parish, the river park on the Bogue Falaya in Covington is a great place to wade or. South Texas. Jun 26, 2012. #2. On a 4wt, you can easily throw size 8 beadhead buggers, damsel nymphs, and foam terrestrials. You'll get into PLENTY of bass and sunfish with those. Just focus on putting your fly into a shady spot, and strip setting instead of the typical trout lift Carolina Rig. Fishing the Carolina rig for largemouth bass is about as common as fly fishing for trout. If you're unsure how to rig a Carolina worm properly, there's no need to worry. The goal of this rig is to separate the weight from the worm because it can mess up your presentation For fishing deep cover, such as lily pads or submerged wood, you need a lot of pulling strength. Luckily, bass in these situations are not usually leader-shy. Likakis uses a 3-foot butt section of 30-pound-test Mason Hard Mono attached to 3 to 4 feet of 15- to 18-pound-test fluorocarbon. He attaches the tippet with a blood knot

Fly fishing for bass is an exciting way to catch them. Bass, compared to most other gamefish, will eat just about anything: crayfish, aquatic insects, sunfish, mice and other rodents, shad, minnows, and frogs, to name a few. Because of their diet, they are one of the most adaptable, and, therefore, most widely available species for fly fishing. Fishing for bass in the 1,000 Islands is a thrilling experience, as the St. Lawrence River offers a near perfect habitat for smallies. A depth finder is a valuable tool for catching bass, as smallmouth bass like to stick close to shoals, rocks, but can venture into deeper water The Gurgler: A Great Topwater Fly for Stripers, Bluefish, and Albies. The Gurgler fly is a foam pattern that can be tied in many ways to catch everything from striped bass, to pond bluegills, and Florida tarpon. Jack Gartside was an interesting, innovative guy. Some called him quirky or a character, but it was always in a kind and reverent way When fishing subsurface flies, these often resemble leeches, crawfish and other fish. When fishing these types, the hook should be in the 4 to 6 range with weed guards to prevent the hook from getting caught on weeds and other plants. Even though the fly is very important, the retrieve is awful close to being just as critical Learn about fly fishing for smallmouth bass. 106 Town Square Drive P.O. Box 505 Townsend, Tennessee 37882 865-448-9459 Open 7 Days - Free Ground Shippin

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Jan 24, 2021 - Explore Rusty Stever's board Bass flies, followed by 259 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about fly tying, flying, fly fishing Catch the fish other anglers can't with these impressionistic patterns. [by Steve Culton] I REMEMBER BEING SO DISAPPOINTED by the flies in the saltwater bins. I'd just started fly fishing for striped bass. Coming from a trout background, I'd cut my teeth on traditional flies like Hare's-Ear Nymphs and Usuals - patterns that at best gave an approximation of what a bug might look like

While the fly fishing traditionalists continue to fish exclusively for native, natural trout with only dry flies and bamboo rods, the modern fly fisherman has turned his high-tech gear and unprejudiced attention to new quarry: the freshwater bass.And if you've ever caught one, even with sacrilegious non-fly tackle, you understand why Panfish Fly Fishing Gear, Flies, and Techniques Panfish are one of the most accessible types of fish; 19 Great Fly Patterns for Targeting Carp Fishing for carp is a blast on a fly rod.; 4 Great Fly Fishing Video Games Fly fishing video games are few and far in-between. Even Smallmouth Bass Flies - The Best 21 Is it your first time fly fishing for smallmouth bass My bass fly box has far fewer fly patterns in it than does my bluegill fly box. I have found that bass aren't as selective as bluegills and therefore I need fewer fly patterns to be successful throughout the season. Since the waters I fish have good populations of both bass and bluegills, several of my favorite bass flies will take both species

This underappreciated game fish is a great fly rod quarry, especially during the spring spawning run. [by Phil Monahan] The white bass (Morone chrysops) hails from parts of the Mississippi and Ohio drainages where fly fishing was never the predominate method of angling, as well as from the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest, which are inhabited by other, sexier species such as trout, steelhead, and. Fly Fishing For Smallmouth Bass. Fishing Hub. 11 min read. March 27, 2020. December 16, 2020. If you've ever fly fished for Smallmouth bass, you can attest to the fact that they deliver a relentless fight on a fly rod. A three pound smallmouth on the end of your leader will make you think you've accidentally wandered onto a marlin fishing. First person in United States to win a major conventional bass tournament using a fly rod. Tournament Results; Rio Pro Staff; Introduced to the fly fishing community the float & fly. Ryan, among a few others, have largely introduced the options of Spotted Bass on the fly rod, and California's warmer reservoirs in general, to the fly community

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Fly Fishing Basics Fly Fishing Flies Fly Fishing Gear Fly Casting View All. When the next front comes through, pack up your gear, and then put these cold water bass fishing tips to the test. Cold weather fishing can be more of a challenge, but there's nothing like the reward of a catch in tough conditions Nebraska Fly Fishing. This area includes about 45 miles of navigable water from the Ft. Randall Dam to the head waters of the Lewis and Clark Reservoir and has 8 different access points on the Nebraska side of the river. A popular access point is the Niobrara boat ramp. It is located just North of the old Niobrara townsite and has a triple-wide. Generally I do not use a tapered leader as I find the weight of the fly combined with using a good quality bass fly line will make it easy to cast poppers. This is what I used at Hawk Lake; I caught lots and lots of big aggressive bass on poppers. To me this type of fly fishing is total nirvana and why I like Northwestern Ontario so much Rods suitable for pike fly fishing generally range in weights from #7-10 with the most versatile rod being an 8- or a 9-weight. Both of these rods rod allows you to cast all except the largest pike flies and the 8-weight also have the added benefit of doubling as a rod suitable for bass fly fishing. Fly fishing for pike requires heavier rods.

STRIPED BASS ON THE FLY. The Striped Bass, or striper, are one of the most avidly pursued of all coastal sport fish. They are highly prized for their size, battle on the line and culinary merit. Stripers are native to the Atlantic coastline of North America from the St. Lawrence River into the Gulf of Mexico to approximately Louisiana Since casting a fly rod is more active and dynamic than lobbing a bait, most kayak fly anglers choose to stand up while fishing. Many fishing kayaks on the market can be used for stand-up fishing, but it all depends on the dimensions and shape of the hull Here are 3 of the most common reasons you might not be catching as many bass as you could be. 1. Your flies are too small. Mike Smith of New River Fly Fishing caught this smallmouth bass on a streamer tied with a Fish-Skull Fish-Mask, Living Eyes, Big Game Shanks, and Body Tubing. These fish are aggressive New Jersey bass fishing trips can mean catching largemouth bass on a reservoir or lake, fly fishing for smallmouth bass while wading in a river, or saltwater surf fishing for striped bass off the coast. If you want to know how to catch bass, one of the most important things to learn is about the. Fly fishing is a technique that utilizes a light-weight bait, called an artificial fly, to get fish. Anglers cast the fly using a rod, reel and concentrated weighted line. The flies may look like familiar spineless creatures, baitfish, or other organic food entities

BASS ANGLER MAGAZINE - BAM - Helping You Catch More Bass Since 1992! Summertime is here again. Time to get back on the water from dawn 'til dusk or maybe through the warm night. Enjoy the wonderful weather and some great fishing action. And BAM has you covered with all you need to know to catch more and bigger fish this warm and sunny. If you are starting out fly fishing for smallmouth bass this book is a must have. The information is very good. The real primary target is smallmouth bass fishing in rivers but there is a lot of good tips and information in general. A person can save a lot of time and expence with the right information, and this book has just that Expressly designed for bass fishing, the Orvis Hydros Bass Fishing Line is an expert at getting big flies into tight spaces. Ideal for heavy nymph rigs at short to medium distances, the compact head and short front taper allow you to direct flies between heavy cover and into the shaded holes where big bass hang out without fouling up

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The Guadalupe River is one of the most popular spots for fly fishing in the Texas Hill Country. This spot is ideal for catching brown or rainbow trout, and further along the river, you can catch Guadalupe bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, Rio Grande cichlid (the only kind of its species native to the U.S.), striped bass and white bass. 5 Frank and I had been fishing for a few hours with very little luck this day. Frank cast a black Knucklehead next to the bank near a fallen tree. A bass took his fly. The fish jumped and we both thought he had a nice largemouth bass. But then, the fish dove for the bottom, bending his 7 weight rod double. It had to be a smallmouth

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Last season, this fly caught me a 40 bass that was laid up in 3ft of water on an oceanside beach. As soon as the fly hit the water the smaller 40 bass beat a much bigger fish to the fly and the fight was on. I landed this fly two feet in front of the fish and immediately got the fly moving with medium length strips at a moderate pace July 10, 2021 By: Spencer Durrant. In another installment of the Pro Tips series over at the Orvis blog, Phil Monahan goes into some great detail on fishing for bass and panfish among the weeds. With summer temps making trout fishing a less-appealing proposition lately, the opportunity to learn new ways to chase warm-water species is something. One of the main characteristics that separate fly fishing from other forms of fishing is the fly line. Fly fishing line is a heavy line that uses its weight to propel the flies. Fly line is usually 80 to 100 feet long and comes in a variety of colors. Fly lines are measured based on their grain and typically marked by numbers ranging from 1 to 12

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If you are new to fly fishing then you are probably overwhelmed with the amount of new tackle and terms you need to understand just to get started. Fly fishing, like most other types of fishing, really is quite simple once you get past the learning-the-gear phase. To start, fly anglers need to understand that fly fishing requires a balanced system. The fly rod weight and line weight need to be. Super Flies from FlyBass.com! These assortments are all hand-picked by expert anglers and guides to bring you the best of the best. Rest assured when you're getting ready for that next day trip or week long flog-fest, you'll have everything you need to score consistently Fly fishing for the Guadalupe Bass in Texas is one of the best places to learn how to fly fish. The Guadalupe bass is a river fish and best caught with flies when fished in rivers and streams. However, it can also be fished in lakes and reservoirs. When the water temperature heats up in the early summer, the Guadalupe Bass migrate from their.

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Fly Fishing Knots. This page features fishing knots that are commonly used by fly fishermen and women. Many of the knots are general purpose fishing knots with good reliability that are also used for fly fishing and many are more specific for fly fishing. Knots like the Davy Knot, the Harvey Dry Fly Knot, and the Turle Knot are used more by fly.

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