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  1. Most likely a darker grey color like cement. 2.Rip large pieces of sponge or foam into various shapes and sizes. 3.Dip one side of stone shapes into desired paint color. Preferably a lighter grey resembling stone. 4.Place shapes all over patio in various ways and places
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  3. This is my bathroom floor that I painted to look like stone. You can get stencils or just draw free-hand if you're artistically inclined. Clean the floor very well first. Then, lightly sand it and clean again. I used Patio Paint from the craft store. When I had the stones looking the way I wanted, I put on three coats of polyurethane
  4. You can paint a concrete patio to look like stone, but it will weather, fade and chip over time even if you seal it. Before you spend all of the time and trouble to paint a flagstone patio, consider using concrete stain instead. It is a beginner-friendly way to up your curb appeal without breaking either your budget or your back
  5. Step 1: Etch the concrete. This process roughens the concrete to improve adhesion of the paint. I bought my concrete etch at Bunnings. You mix it up with water in a bucket, then slosh it on and use a stiff-bristled broom to kind of sweep it round and cover the whole surface

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Step 5. Define different rocks by adding shadows to outline them. Use a large flat-brush and side-load a dark grey color to the brush by dipping one corner into the paint.Use palette paper to blend the paint into the brush using a back and forth motion. Use the side-loaded paint brush to outline each rock. This technique will create a soft. Paint Cement Patio Floors to look like Cobblestones - Decorative Faux Craft Tole Painting on Cement and Concrete, Glass Jars, Walls, to Create Rock Homes and Stone Houses in the style of Thomas Kincaide, Thomas Kinkade, Thomas Kincade, The source for information on speakers, and speaking, seminar leaders, humorists and experts Using a stiff paint brush, spread the Rock Paste over the entire surface. Leave light or create heavy texture depending on your personal preference for a weathered rock appearance Step 1: I'm using some of my own cast concrete pieces like the Critter and the Hands. Concrete is very porous and will 'suck in' any paint quite readily which will not allow you to control the amount of colour coverage. To maintain most of the concrete colour on the surfaces I give it a dry-brush type scrubbing with matt medium Please be aware: We choose water-based concrete paint since it is simpler to deal with and more environmentally conscious. Acid stain calls for numerous treatments. That is how-to-guide refers to concrete stains made from water: If you use a current concrete base, scrape all sealers utilizing 60 grit rock with a mixer

Make your existing concrete look like wood, even if it has paint or imperfections on it. Easy step by step instructions How to Paint a Surface to Look Like Stone. 1. Place a dollop of paint from each color of craft paint onto a plate. In the middle add about 1/8 of a cup of glazing liquid. 2. Dip a wet and then rung-out sponge into the paint a few times to mix the colors just a bit - not too much as you want to have color variations Paint Cement Patio Floors to look like Cobblestones - Decorative Faux Craft Tole Painting on Cement and Concrete, Glass Jars, Walls, to Create Rock Homes and Stone Houses in the style of Thomas Kincaide, Thomas Kinkade, Thomas Kincade

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Concrete outdoor surfaces can face a lot of wear and tear over time, but a fresh coat of paint can provide a welcome makeover. The best concrete paint or stain conceals discolorations and signs of damage while providing a protective coating that extends the life of the surface You can also paint the concrete white, beige or dark brown to look like tinted mortar. Brush or roll paint, stain or dye onto the sidewalk, following the flagstone pattern. Start with a medium.. Time to paint! I used some basic black acrylic paint. I had marvelled how some rocks my kids painted eons ago held the paint, so I knew it has staying power. There is also great outdoor paint like this. It doesn't take that much artistic skill to fill in all the shapes with a fine brush. It is forgiving since it is stone More Lovely Days Reusable Floor Stencils for Painting Floors, Wall Tile, Wood, and Concrete - Tile Stencil 12x12 Inch (2 Pack) - Floor Stencil Large. 4.2 out of 5 stars. 10. $14.95. $14. . 95. Get it as soon as Tue, Apr 27. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon How to Paint Concrete to Look Like Stone Clear any furniture or other large materials off the concrete, then sweep it clean of debris and, if necessary, scrape off anything. Tape off any areas that aren't meant to be painted, using either masking tape or painter's tape. Paint the concrete with two coats of the primary stone color you've chosen

Paint Concrete Patio To Look Like Stone. This Paint Concrete Patio To Look Like Stone graphic has 9 dominated colors, which include Kettleman, Aged Chocolate, Cab Sav, Tin, Chinese Black, Limone, Uniform Grey, Pompeius Blue, Blue Fjord. It makes so beautiful color combination inspired from this image. Color This is a BIG area, y'all. Step 1: Etch the concrete. This process roughens the concrete to improve adhesion of the paint. I bought my concrete etch at Bunnings. You mix it up with water in a bucket, then slosh it on and use a stiff-bristled broom to kind of sweep it round and cover the whole surface Make walls and fireplace surrounds that look like natural stone or brick by applying a vertical concrete overlay mix that you then hand carve, stamp and stain. Create unique rockscapes for outdoor pools and patios by molding, texturing and coloring concrete to replicate real rock formations

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What you are left with is covering the concrete foundation with realistic faux stone, rocks or brick. You have already spent a considerable amount of money to build the house and the foundation so, most likely, you will want to find an affordable faux stone cladding solution. Available stone cladding options. 1- Paint If need be wipe some off. It should look quite mottled and rough. The larger particles in the calcium carbonate will look like the sand of the concrete; perfect. If you prefer an even more antique look you could also give it another wash of a thin runny paint to darken all the crevices and wipe off. This will accentuate the texture similar to. Getting the rock surface smooth with the trowel is the trickiest part - it's almost like icing a giant cake. It depends on your level of skill and comfort with DIY, as well. I wouldn't say it's for a beginning DIYer, but can definitely be accomplished if you've done similar types of projects in the past It's best to use a dry brush technique, because you can always build up your colors. I like to use at least 3 colors to give as much depth as possible. The Secret to making your DIY Concrete Garden Rock look real! OK so now I'm going to share with you the Secret ingredient to making your DIY Concrete Garden Rocks look like the real thing I found that on one of my rocks that I did, the walnut minwax stain was just what it needed to simulate a more rock like look. It was pleasant weather here, relatives live in B-ham and say it was not as nice there. If you have a way to post pics it is really nice to be able to see what you are working on. den

Wet your small paint brush with a mixture of brown and black and paint a rock shape on the paper. You will do this by drawing many lumps and bumps to make it look like a natural rock. Use white paint on the side of the rock to give it a light glare where the sun would naturally hit it. To finish the rock, paint on browns to it, to add a dirt. I used a whitewash painting technique to lighten up the wood walls, while still keeping the rustic farmhouse look. My friend Jacki from Crazy Life With Littles (she's a DIY boss, y'all) suggested a dark paint color on the half concrete wall, to add some contrast. It ties in so well with the darkness of the reclaimed wood and just makes everything pop

Begin applying primer by using a paint brush on the corners and edges of the concrete floor or surface. Use a paint roller to apply primer throughout the floor. Two coats of primer are recommended for best results. Allow the primer to dry for at least two hours after each coat. Repeat the same method above to paint the concrete floor This, of course, meant we would be working with the long ago painted concrete walls. Instead of just repainting over the concrete, I decided to add a knockdown texture to the walls. I was aiming for the look of a craggy stone wall rather than look of popcorn or orange peel that textured walls often have

Use Concrete. Written by Concrete Decor Staff on December 1, 2002. ArcusStone for the limestone look. A California company has created a clever disguise — a concrete product that looks like quarried limestone block. ArcusStone, based in Oakland, Calif., manufactures crushed limestone coatings and plasters that produce the finish of quarried. This faux brick column now stands in the fellowship hall of Trinity Worship Center. Recently I told you about Painting a Concrete Wall to Look Like Stone. We decided the columns needed a bit of detail as well so we chose to paint them to resemble brick. This is not a difficult process it just takes a bit of time and patience. Before l-r Sherwin Williams Keystone Gray 7504, Macadamia 6142 Step 5 - Painting Prepared Concrete Surface. Start by painting the edges of the concrete surface. Use a bigger paintbrush for this. Use the paint roller for painting the areas away from the edges. Allow the first coat of paint to dry for about 10 hours. Apply the second coat after the interval. Allow the paint to dry for about five days How to Paint Concrete to Look Like Wood. Concrete is tough and durable, and it's a construction material with many virtues. Beauty, however, is not one of them. There are many ways to make plain concrete more attractive, and one method is to paint it. You can even faux paint concrete to make it look like something. A few years ago I wrote about a distressed glazing technique which has a distressed feel to it, a way we developed to add visual texture to your walls that doesn't like a stock rag rolling. Here, we take this process one step further. The look is both soft and contemporary, works well in urban environments, and is still livable. It's unique every time, and in this example we're.

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Priming before you paint concrete floors helps ensure that your new look will stick. Select a primer that's compatible with both concrete and the epoxy paint that you'll use as a finish coat Dominic Stanley, owner of Dominic's Paving in Frederick, Maryland, says gravel driveways typically cost 90 percent less to install, compared to asphalt or concrete. Some Angie's List members reported paying between $300 and $600 for maintenance services. Because the gravel needs to be compacted, it's recommended to hire a professional Concrete is a great material but if I can dress it up and make it look better, then I'm all for that. I had been reading up online about staining concrete and taping off squares like I've done before on my old screened porch. Concrete stain was one of the things I had in mind and I figured it would give me somewhat of the look I was going for Protect the Unpainted Areas. To create a red brick effect, go over the stenciled area with a light coat of red. Have someone protect the unpainted areas by holding cardboard over those areas. The stencil is held down by 2x4s. Let it set for a few hours before pulling off the tape. The material should be dry before pulling the tape

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I had lots of ideas - I would clad it all in pallet wood, or 1 x 4s, or pleather with nailhead trim.. Then, I had a better idea, I wanted to make it look like soap stone. I would paint it black, then come back with a tiny paintbrush and maybe add some grayish-whiteish veining. Pssssshhhhhh..As if I actually have the patience for all that Best Concrete Floor Paint. When choosing your paint, you'll want to pick one specific paint for both indoors and outdoors. Epoxy paints are best. If you're doing a pattern or design that involves multiple colors, be sure that both are concrete paints. As far as color, most concrete paint colors are neutral. For a natural look, stick to gray. Apr 25, 2012. #7. PiratesLoveBacon said: I just bought a foreclosure where apparently *they* spent all their equity on the pool. Not that I mind, I like to think I bought a pool with a house. Anyways, my rock looks exactly like yours. I've been told to use BEHR concrete stain. There are opaque and semi-transparent versions This paint will cover all of the defects that made the porch look bad, and after you paint it you will see that it looks like a completely new porch. Of course, you can't rely on the paint to cover every crack, so if there are many imperfections in the porch, consider fixing them first before painting it

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Paint with Model Masters old concrete and finish with a wash of alcohol and india ink. Wipe it with a cloth and it should be starting to look like old concrete. add a little grass or dirt to some of the cracks if you wish for extra interest. The dental plaster we also used packed into homemade latex molds to simulate rock Asphalt can look bare and dull if no paint has been applied to it. It doesn't matter what you want to paint onto your asphalt, you can apply either water or oil-based paint to make it look a lot better. You'll need to rigorously clean your asphalt beforehand, using a hard-bristled brush and a power washer Acid, or chemical-based, concrete stains are an economical and highly versatile way to color both new and existing concrete walkways. Stains can be applied by hand after the concrete sets, giving contractors the ability to add subtle hints of color or bolder design accents. Acid stains penetrate and react chemically with the concrete, creating.

CONS: you better like scraping and painting because you'll be doing it every year or two. Putting stone or tile or brick over the concrete porch. Adding a veneer over the porch can look great, but you need a mason who's good. Someone who is willing to really look at the existing conditions and will tell you if it's a bad idea brush. optional: gold paint, or other accent color. Start by spreading a layer of Smooth Finish over the foam using a flat tool like a spatula, or a putty knife. Don't worry about getting it completely smooth - the texture and drag marks will make it look more like concrete later. When it's totally dry, sand lightly. Then cover with. Painting Faux Stone Wall. Want to know the trick to painting the faux stone wall effect? Painting stone blocks is very unique because it is often used as a decorative technique and is used to create a beautiful illusion. Painting a wall to look like stones is easier than you might think For example, deep reds, coppers, and yellows blend nicely to create a warm slate-like look. Meanwhile, light and dark grays can be used to create faux marble. Clear or shimmery topcoats can be applied to concrete paint too. These topcoats create depth and texture. Interior Concrete Paint Color Idea The rock is likely made up of a rainbow of colors in varying amounts. It is very common to find yellow, red, blue, black, white, tan and brown speckles in what appears to be a predominantly grey rock. You will want to mimic this layered, freckled look with your painting technique. The tools you will need to paint your artificial rock

Brawn put rocks from the surrounding landscape on each faux stone and used concrete stain to color it and mimic those real rocks. He has four colors of concrete stain. If you look you can see the rocks on each stone - he did a pretty good job copying the colors - they are hard to see Concrete sidewalk getting you down? Spruce that bad boy up with this simple DIY idea! Some paint and a mini roller (and a steady hand) are all you need to turn boring concrete sidewalks into inviting brick pathways. From MyHomeIdeas: Claudia Darr mixed a batch of brick-red paint and rolled it right onto a concrete walk. After painting a 100-foot-long path in an afternoon, she was so pleased. Blending is key to making the wall look more like concrete than just layered streaks. The fun part about it is that every wall will look different and unique. If you like art and creating things, you would love to try this out. Just remember, a wall can always be repainted or fixed if you don't like the end result Artificial Rock Painting. Synthetic rockwork is very common in backyard pools, but the paint, which is used to replicate natural color of rocks, tends to fade away with time. Rock painting and rock touch up is an art all in itself. We have the ability to approach any pool with artificial stones or rock features, and bring them back to life Paint and Pattern While wall-to-wall carpeting tends to be monochrome, a stenciled floor acts almost like a custom room-sized rug, bringing loads of color and pattern to your space. Here, a delicate-looking floral stencil over a painted blue floor completes the vintage look of this rustic space

To apply this cement, first prepare the concrete mixture. Thoroughly wet the whole cinder block wall, then re-wet a 3 to 6 sq. ft. section of wall. The wall must be wet to allow the mixture to adhere properly. Use a trowel or paint brush to apply a 1/4-inch layer of mixture as evenly as you can to the small section you re-wet Painting; The Best Concrete Paint for Indoor and Outdoor Projects Concrete surfaces require a different approach to painting. These top products are tough, durable, and won't crack under pressure

2. Unleash Your Creativity With Paint. Another clever and affordable way to spruce up your patio's concrete is by painting it. Some creative homeowners paint their patio's concrete to resemble a rug by using paint and stencils. For a long-lasting finish, we recommend using porch paint because nature's elements won't impact it What looks like a cast concrete or stone planter is really just a plastic flower pot painted to resemble something much more hefty and pricey. A planter like this one will look great in a staged home, either indoors or out, holding real plants or silks Instead of using stamps, Robert Lavin of Spektrem Concrete gave this concrete patio overlay the look of natural stone by sawcutting the joints into organic shapes and then using sponges and other tools to apply several colors of stain. To create the faux grout lines, he used tape as stencil while applying the topcoat of stain Inside: How to paint wood to look like concrete, plus other ideas to get the concrete look for less. So, here's the thing. This project was a complete and total experiment. I have been lusting - LUSTING - over concrete planters lately. I wanted something BIG. I have been trying to figure out how to snag myself some substantial concrete.

When we painted our concrete patio, I opted for stripes and it seemed easier than a complicated pattern. With all the choices of stencils on the market, you can definitely make any pattern you'd like with a stencil or just painter's tape! Look at how A Beautiful Mess updated this stunning concrete patio I'm up for painting just about anything — wood, brick, concrete, new, vintage, antique. It doesn't matter to me. There's nothing so precious or sacred that I won't put paint on it. I'm a wood-worshiper and antique-lover's worst nightmare. I'd buy a 150-year-old Victorian house and paint all of the stained oak wood trim, walls, staircase railing, etc., bright white in a. 01:35. Learn how to paint a concrete patio floor and create a faux rug. Use porch and floor paint made to go over concrete to cover your concrete patio.Use paint that is self-priming and self-sealing, to save yourself a few layers. Give it overnight to dry, then use tape to mark a border and create your rug design

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  1. Painted brick and scored concrete walls create an interesting visual dynamic in this bright home. These distinctive surface treatments lend themselves to a softer look when paired together, far more comforting than either wall treatment could be on its own. The eclectic furniture and decor certainly help to enliven and energize the whole room
  2. The added texture far exceeds what any luxury paint color can achieve, similar to the effect of Venetian plaster. Texture, in fact, is what spurred Tali to look into faux concrete
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  6. 25 River Rock Garden Ideas for Beautiful DIY Designs. 01-15-19 Joe Hats Decor, Featured. River rock is highly versatile - it can be used for art or for landscaping, and so it remains one of the hottest garden trends. Often sold as Beach Pebbles in hardware stores, they are great for unique and creative garden DIY projects

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  1. To make this rock, I started with a small corrugated cardboard box. I use lots of cardboard, so have a good supply on hand as well. Old newspapers for filler, some chicken wire, and of course cement/concrete tools such as spreaders, trowels, buckets, access to water, cement, sand and or mortar mix, etc
  2. Use 3/4—1 inch for smooth block and 1-1/2 inch on split-face block. Apply a thick even coat and immediately use the roller to push the primer and finish paint into the pores of the concrete block. The goal is to produce a surface that is completely filled and sealed against moisture
  3. Stone Paint is a water-based paint for internal and external use. After application, it can leave a hardwearing, weather resistant. stone effect finish that not only looks like stone, but feels like stone. It can be used in many different ways; old and. weathered stone/concrete can be rejuvenated or given a new look, areas such as windowsills.
  4. 20 Clever and Cool Basement Wall Ideas. Have a look at the clever and cool collection of basement wall ideas below for inspiration. Some of them give more space in the room. Some of them are fun idea to show off your awesome relationship with your family members

I've long loved concrete floors. I like their zero-maintenance appeal, their industrial look that gets better with time, and—though they work well with radiant underfloor heating (see our Remodeling 101 on the topic)—I even like the feeling of a cool floor underfoot, especially when temperatures rise.. But I've recently found a flaw in concrete floors—something that had never. Concrete is a versatile surface that can be transformed with concrete paint. Look for paint that is weather-resistant, washable, and lasting. and crevices, a concrete driveway can be a pain to paint. For uneven surfaces like a driveway use Daich's RollerRock Paint, which is is a pre-mixed self-priming formula that adds color and texture.

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Best Concrete Paint - Reviews and Buyer's Guide. It's important to understand that concrete isn't like wood. It doesn't break down as easily, isn't susceptible to the same flaws and doesn't require as much care or treatment down the road as a result 15 Gorgeous Painted Floors: Ideas for Every Type of Flooring. These beautiful painted floors include ideas for every type of flooring: plywood, hardwoods, concrete, vinyl, tile, and more. Several years ago I was wracking my brain, trying to figure out a way to replace our nasty carpet without spending a lot of money Use as little stain as possible because too many layers of stain make the surface look pasty and will age faster than light staining. Keep from freezing; stains have a one year shelf life. Our acrylic stain is designed to add accent colors or antique artificial rock, but can be used for stamped concrete and other concrete products First option, a concrete overlay that can be enhanced with stained concrete, stamped decorative concrete patterns, or hand-cut for realistic faux stone designs like flagstone. Second option, a decorative river rock overlay with multiple color options in real stone

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Integral color is added to concrete during the mixing process. Stains produce a translucent finish with a one-of-a-kind look. Dyes, often mixed onsite, lend more vibrant shades. Colored hardeners are added to fresh concrete for surface-level color. Paint can also be applied to concrete A key advantage of concrete floors is the immense design malleability. And because of custom decorative graphic designs like in the photo here, interior concrete flooring has increased in popularity. Fine saw cuts help to create this white and metal grey chevron pattern, a classic look with 21 st century flair. The cementitious coating applied. Etching is a crucial step in preparing concrete for painting. It gives the surface tooth to adhere to, so your paint is more likely to stick for a long time. Most concrete paints require etching and if they don't, do it anyway. Don't skip this step if you want a long-lasting painted concrete floor. Step 1: Clean the concrete. Power wash. Painting the base coat. No, I didn't paint with my baby on my lap the whole time! He had to come visit occasionally. Finally, at the end of this step we begin to see some progress! The completed base coat! Now, if your concrete is in pretty good condition, you could always stop here. The base coat looks a bit like newly-poured concrete I think your porch would look great with the same stone that's on the rest of your house, and it wouldn't require further maintenance like painting the concrete or using lattice will. Once you have landscaping in place, getting in there to repaint the concrete or lattice in the future is going to be a pain

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Jenna removed the cracked and flaking layers of old paint with a power washer and putty knife. She then used concrete crack seal on the multiple cracks she found. To paint the stripped and prepped concrete, she used Behr Concrete & Garage Floor Paint in a gray color and a nap paint roller made for textured surfaces How to Paint a Concrete Patio - Small Batches = No Clumps. We poured it into the paint can in little batches and mixed well to keep it from clumping. Then the easy fun SUPER satisfying work began! The painting!! I started by cutting it in on the edges, and then rolled the center For example, if the look of wood paneling is appealing, but the expense of having it installed is too much, consider faux painting walls to look like wood paneling by following the easy guide below. Prepping the Walls. Before the faux painting can begin, the walls of the room must be primed and painted Apply the Faux Surface. Squirt a blob of each shade of green paint on a plastic plate. Dip the sea sponge into all three colors at once and dab the sponge lightly on the tabletop. Dab and smear the paint to create the look of marble. For a lighter look, sponge off excess paint onto a paper towel as you work

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This fake moss recipe sticks to concrete, rocks and tree bark. I find that applying the mix thick, makes it look like moss. Smearing it thin, makes it look like lichen. I plan to use this faux moss recipe on many of my garden sculptures. I think it would help age my concrete Japanese garden pagodas, and help blend them in with the natural. Allow this mixture to dry and then rub all the cement coating off the high points of the ornament with an old sponge sanding block. Now stir one dessert spoon of PVA glue in 150 ml of clean, cold water. Paint this solution onto the ornament to seal the cement coating. When it is dry, give the ornament a second coat Simulated Rock or Block Finish. On the most interesting shotcrete finishes available is when shotcrete is mixed without using coarse aggregate. This allows contactors to cut, mould, and colour the shotcrete so it looks like rocks, shale, sandstone or blocks. The results are so impressive that the finished product doesn't even look like.

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Yes, this looks like mold growth. It is quite common for cellars to suffer from mold growth. This is due to the cool temperatures and high humidity. Regularly cleaning the concrete can help (which admittedly is not a fun activity). Also, painting the concrete with semi-gloss, mold resistant paint will make it easier to clean Learn the sponge paint technique: tools and materials needed, glaze recipe, step by step directions, tips for choosing the color and paint finish. Molten Metallics paints by Benjamin Moore boast the most authentic hammered texture we've seen yet. Brush any of the six intense colors onto plaster, wood, or drywall for a textured metal look with a.

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Painting the brick really updated the area and I love the color. I would like to give a shout-out to Sherwin-Williams Duration Exterior Paint as well. Hands down its been the best exterior paint we ever used. Our house was painted over 12 years ago and still looks great. My hubby power washes it once a year and after it looks like it was just. Pour your chalk paint into a tray and get to it! Lay your stencils side by side and gently brush over the top of them creating an imprint on your floor. The chalk paint should feel like jelly. The thicker your paint is the better. Chalk paint generally dries very fast - so work quickly! Steps 10-11. Repeat the process until your floor is covered 2. KILZ L378601 Decorative Concrete Paint. This is another paint from KILZ that will give your patio and concrete surfaces the protection they need. Also, it is a produces a very attractive look and is suitable for your patio, garage floor, driveways, and porches. The paint is slip-resistant, making it perfect for places high traffic areas View all 3D paint roller patterns here. The brick paint roller size is 7 inches across with embossing that creates the pattern. Just dip it in your paint and roll it along your wall to create a perfect brick-like pattern. Rollers like this one make it easy to create unique patterns that will make any room stand out. Image Via Universo Da Pintura This type of decorative treatment has become so popular that some homeowners are actually taking up floor coverings and staining the concrete underneath. Application is simple and fast. To get the full picture, take a look at the video. For more information on concrete stains, visit these pages: Translucent Stains Penetrating Stain

I have painted my red fireplace bricks an off-white/cream color. I was going to do the same with my concrete slab hearth. However, I think I would like to stain it now. Do you think it probably has some sort of seal on it that would interfere with staining it? (I need it to be as labor-less as possible, since I am disabled-but doing the work. Moisture in concrete can come from two main sources. The first is the volume of water used to mix the cement into concrete. Second, external sources of water may be an issue, such as water that can migrate from the ground to the concrete slab in the absence of a vapor retarder. Both evaporating water and pooled water can interfere with a stain.

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